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Chewing is the dog’s innate behavior, but some dogs are aggressive chewers and demand you to offer them certain bones or hard toys to satisfy their chewing habit. If you don’t give such aggressive chewers a solid chewing toy, you will definitely end up with the torn and ruined accessories or furniture, etc. However, choosing

dry puppy foods

Dog parents are very conscious when it comes to food and nutrition of their puppies, and this consideration is valid when they have a demanding one. Some puppies do not eat wet puppy foods, so there is a range of dry puppy foods easily available in the market. However, there are certain considerations you should


Are you looking to purchase the most high-quality wet food for your puppy? This article is for you! Choosing the best food for your puppy, especially wet food items, can be quite overwhelming. It is mainly because feeding your pup with too much-canned food can double their risk at developing serious underlying health conditions. However,

grain-free dog food

Being a pet owner means you have to treat your pet like a child. Just like you do your absolute best to ensure your child gets the best care in the world, you have to take care of your pet dog’s every need as well. From arranging a comfortable bed for your dog to sleep

supplements to gain muscle

If you are a dog parent and you are not only conscious about your bully’s health but also his muscle growth, supplements are an efficient way to get him muscular. These supplements can work wonders on your bully’s health. They not only offer energy to your pet but also different health benefits with fewer efforts.

best dog vitamins

Is your Pitbull or American Bully thriving as much as you want?  Do you want to give them the most high-quality dog vitamin and supplements on the market? You have come to the right place!  The best supplements with no side effects, no additive fillers, and all-natural ingredients can help your pet nourish and gain

dog crates for large dogs

A Dog Crate, also known as  Dog Cage, is a fabric, wire, plastic, or metal enclosure with a door. It is a coop that a dog owner can use to keep their pet for better transportation and security. These crates are designed and manufactured to imamate a dog’s natural retreat or den and to provide

anti dog.barking device

Some people love to keep pets, especially dogs but do not go for it as they are afraid of the unwanted barking of dogs. No matter how well you have kept your dog, some dogs have the trait of barking according to their breed, and some bark to seek the attention of their owners. Dogs

Dogs, for some people, are more than just their pets. For them, those cute little creatures are their kids. And just like a responsible parent who wants the best for their child, owners of dogs wish the best for them too. It’s especially true when it comes to buying the gear required to groom them.

Pitbulls are the most exciting dog breed, keep good care of their health, they can turn into a valuable breed. When you bring a new Pitbull, you might be looking for the best suitable food. Because you want to have food that is going to nourish them with an appropriate number of micronutrients, but how

A person’s pet is like a member of their family, so having the best heavy-duty collars for their dogs is a must, and pitbull collars can be one of the hardest to find. Pitbull collars are hard to find because Pitbulls are the best-known dog breeds, so heavy-duty collars are the best choice for them.

If you own an American bully, you chose the breed, at least partially, for its looks. Th Your Bully should project power. What if your dog will not gain weight? What if he or she lacks the muscling you expect in the breed?Bully Max dog foods and supplements specifically address issues many Bully dogs have

Are you looking for a large breed dog that doesn’t shed? This article is for you.  Having a dog is one of the best feelings a pet-owner can ever have! Everything seems great until everything you have, be it your shoes, clothes, or furniture, is covered in dog hair. If you also want to reduce

People are quite decisive when it comes to Razors Edge Pit bulls. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that talking about them has been quite controversial. A lot of them believe that they are harmless. However, some believe that Pit bulls deserve love, just like other breeds of dogs.   Contrary to popular

Boston terrier

The Boston Terrier dog breed has become very popular over the last few years. And rightly so. Most of the time, dog breeds don’t have a good reputation that precedes them. That is not the case with Boston Terriers. With their round eyes and adorable faces, people have nothing but positive things to say about

shorty bull

Shorty bull is another newly found, in-growth breed. Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman from the United States are the proud parents of this breed. They are small, muscular bulldogs with a round head and typical bulldog features. In this breed, the eyes are kept away and comes in as many colors as you can imagine.

Staffordshire bull terrier information

One look at a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and people would start thinking all sorts of things about the dog’s breed. ‘Tough’, ‘Aggressive’, ‘Angry’. These are just a few of the terms people would use when describing the breed of dog. And they wouldn’t be wrong. The dog breed has a strong stance and a muscular

Bull Terrier

The Bull terrier is a muscular, strongly built dog. Its long, eye-shaped head distinguishes this dog breed.  They are purebred dogs and a lover, not a fighter. Pet owners classify them as the most comical and mischievous inhabitant of the dogdom.   A well-made bull terrier is an ultimate representation of muscular balance and determination.

Pitbull mixes

Now when you think of Pit Bulls, you think of ‘dangerous dogs.’ Its no surprise to any of us since Pit Bulls receive a lot of bad press. There was a time when Pit Bulls were ‘fighting dogs.’ They were raised to be aggressive so that people could wager money on the fights. The reputation

Crate training your puppy takes the most benefit of his natural behavior as a den animal. For most dogs out there, the den is their home, a place where they feel comfortable, raise a family, and stay safe from danger. Buying a high-quality crate can become your pet’s den, where they can look for isolation

tri-color bully

Tri-color bullies are a unique breed of American bullies that are distinctive due to their looks and coat colors. The coat of these beautiful pets has a three-colored pattern. The colors on the coat are clear and distinctive, and the base color may range from Black, blue, lilac, and chocolate. The base color of the

white pitbull breed

The white pitbull is one of the most exciting and highlighting colors that people look for. Pitbulls have a loving and caring personality, and when you combine it with this coat color, you get the total package! Although you cannot merely judge a dog by its color, you should know that white Pitbulls have quite

black pit bulls

Black Pitbull dogs are undoubtedly one of the most renowned and cherished breeds of dogs in the world. They are amazing creatures and often, people’s first choice as a pet. Though this dog breed had a troubling status due to constant bad press, barbaric sports, and misinterpretations, people who do own Black Pitbull knows how

pitbull typres

Definition of Pitbull Dogs Pitbull dogs are famous across the globe for being descendants of bulldogs and terrier. They are a great animal breed in terms of companionship and support. Pitbull dogs have a friendly nature, and this is the reason why millions of households in the United States keep them as pets. They continuously