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We know that your dog means everything to you, and that’s what motivates us to provide the product lines we do at My Bully Shop. When you shop with us, you can do so with complete confidence that we care about your dog’s needs. One of the things that set us apart is our knowledge of and love for bully breeds. 

Why You’ll Want to Use Us for Life

We strive to make sure our site is your go-to resource for everything you need for your pet. Everything that we offer is high-quality and sure to meet the needs of customers with the highest standards. We’re confident that you’ll be a friend for life when you see everything we have.

Some of our sale items are 30 percent off, giving you the perfect incentive to stock up and save. Some of our new arrival products are up to 50 percent off, so you’ll want to take advantage of what’s new. You can even search out dogs available for adoption. 

What Sets Our Products Apart

As you browse through our site, you’ll find a wide range of products uniquely suited to the needs of Bullies, pit bulls, and similar dogs. Bullies are lovable dogs with a lot to give, but they need tougher leashes, collars, and toys. They also benefit from high-quality food and treats that cater to their strength and energy levels.

Walking Your Dog in Safety and Comfort

Like any large breed, bullies often don’t know their strength and pull a lot during walks. Younger dogs usually get overexcitable, making managing them difficult when they get distracted. Fortunately, the tools you need to walk your dog safely and comfortably are on our website.

Durable leather and nylon collars that can easily withstand rough play and brisk walks are essential. A sturdy collar also helps ensure that your dog’s identification stays intact. Collars styled like chain necklaces can also be good choices.

Leads in five or six-foot lengths can help easily keep the most unruly of dogs under control while giving them room to explore. Leashes with padded handles help keep you more comfortable while you’re walking your dog.

When a Little Extra Help is Needed

Some dogs are so strong that walking them on just a lead and collar is unsafe for dog and owner. Harnesses made of comfortable material that helps resist pulling are available, and some of our most popular items. Reflective material also makes it easier for you to walk your dog after dark safely.

We also carry muzzles that come in handy for vet visits or trying to perform tasks like nail trims. Basket muzzles are a time-tested choice that comfortably fit the largest of dogs. You can also choose nylon muzzles, offering a greater degree of comfort for some. 

Great Toys for Great Dogs

Most pit bulls have fun personalities, but finding toys for their needs can prove challenging. These dogs often chew through the traditional dog toys used for a lot of smaller breeds. Toys that you use for your dog should be sturdy, as well as being stimulating.

Textured chews provide the entertainment of rawhides, with the dangerous splinters. Rope toys are perfect choices for playing games of tug-of-war. Interactive and extra-strong balls will also offer plenty of amusement for your dog, especially when out in the yard or dog park. 

Treats to Keep Your Pooch Happy

One of the best ways to keep dogs perfectly content and healthy is with treats and supplements. Treats are good training aids, especially for puppies still learning the house rules. You can also use treats as a way to indulge your dog, and our selection is perfect for that purpose.

Supplements created for the unique needs of pit bulls are also a good option. Easy-to-consume tablets make it easier for your dog to get their intake. You’ll enjoy your dog’s better performance and overall health.

Our American Bully puppies

The American Bully XXL puppy will grow into a muscular, stocky dog with a silky smooth short coat. Some of its distinctive features are the very prominent cheek muscles, high-set ears, broad skull, and extremely large size. This type of breed is oftentimes misunderstood, they look intimating at first glance; however, they’re very loving and loyal companions. The American Bully XXL is now recognized by the BBC, EBKC, DRA, UCA, and the ABKC. When you buy an American Bully XXL puppy, it’s just like adopting a child for life.

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