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Shorty Bull: Dog Breed Information

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Shorty bull is a small, muscular breed with a round head and typical bulldog features. In this breed, the eyes are kept away and come in all colors are accepted with the exception of merle or black and tan They are bred in minimal size due to their working abilities and physical traits. Shorty bulls are muscled with a dense structure and have witty character traits to show rich energy in their action.

Interesting Facts About Shorty Bull

Country Of Origin United States
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris 
Group Working dogs 
Breed Kind Pure/crossbreed
Height And Size 15 ” or less
Life Span 10-12 years 
Weight 45 pounds and Under
Competitive Registration  BBC, BBCR, ABKC, BRC, USBR & ABR
Fur Type Dense, short, and glossy
Shedding Average 
Litter Size 4-10 pups 
Most Similar To English Bulldogs 

History And Origin Of Shorty Bull 

The origin of the shorty bull lies in Kansas, United States. During the late 20th century, Jamie Sweet (as Kansan breeder) had dogs that took part in weight-pulling sports. She saw that the bulldogs with a small physique did exceptionally well in the game and contests. Later, She decided to grow a new dog breed with a small body, even temperament, and fewer health problems.  This breed is a cross of English bulldogsStaffordshire bull terriers, and French bulldogs.  

The result of their constant hard work came what they consider a purebred shorty bull.  

Physical Traits of Shorty Bull

  • Height

The shorty bulls are not more than 15 inches in height at the wither. The most preferred height for a male shorty bull is 14 inches. Female shorty bulls are slightly smaller than the male bulls but only limited to 13 inches. 

This dog breed’s height is the impression of the dog is short, as indicated by its name. However, the dog must not be dwarfish with a large, full body.  

  • Overall size

Shorty bull is a small-medium breed with painstaking efforts to produce and keep the size within the specified range. 

  • Weight

A shorty bull can weigh up to 40 pounds. The preferred shorty bull weight range is 30-34 pounds for a male and 28-32 pounds for female dogs. There is no minimum weight requirement, but the maximum weight is a strong measuring tool for this dog breed. 

  • Head

Shorty bulls have a round head with standard bull features. The eyes are set apart and do not protrude. There is a fullness to the face. The overall head has a bulky appearance to keep up with the standard. The head joins well to the neck, and there are no apparent differences near the joining areas. 

  • Nose And Jaw

The nose of a shorty bull is slightly turned up. It can be liver, black, or any other color that is in possession of the coat’s color.

The jaw is straight and not curved. 

  • Eyes

Shorty bulls’ eyes can be of any color, but many pet parents prefer brown color the most. The eyes have an oval shape and don’t protrude from the dog’s skull.

  • Body

The shorty bull size and body are short from the back of the neck to its tail. The chest is usually broad for the height and features depth reaching the elbow. A compact look for the body is the most desirable one. The torsos are slightly longer, especially in female dogs. The torsos are well-balanced concerning width and overall body weight. The torso’s barrel must be dense, well-bounced in the ribs, and heavy for the dog’s size.

The overall impression is of a solid dog with heavy muscles and strength for its size. 

  • Legs, Feet, and Tail

The legs are heavily boned and in direct fraction to the body. Feet with tight and straight pasterns are more desirable. The tail of a shorty bull must be short. Docked, natural bob, and screwed tails are all preferable in this breed. 

Personality And Temperament Of Shorty Bull

Shorty bulls have a pleasant personality. This trait is by far the best thing about them. They are also agile, very curious, watchful, and alert dogs with the ability to alarm the owner in case of any doubtful activity.  This attribute makes them a good watchdog as well. 

With their even and calm, shorty bull temperament, they also do very well with the house kids. They can spend some quality time with you and family members and are very fond of other pets too.  Though they have a high prey drive, they might chase your other pets but will never be aggressive towards them. Shorty bulls are fairly suspicious of strangers and may bark on them. However, they will treat them normally once they know there is no danger around them.

They are well-suited for apartment life and even houses with massive yards. Shorty bulls may have dominance issues only when they believe they are significant than their overall size. 

Care For Shorty Bull

  • Exercising

Due to their active lifestyle and high energy life, they want to exercise throughout their day.  This breed is more athletic as compared to other dog breeds out there. You can take them for long walks twice a day or jog with plenty of time to play in the garden.

Make sure that the fence of the garden is 4 feet in height. Shorty Bulls are great jumpers and can easily run over a small wall. If you want to keep your pup mentally healthy, trick games and puzzles are also great to provide mental stimulation. 

  • Grooming

Shorty Bull coat is short, and need is minimal grooming. 

In general, dogs only need baths every three to six weeks. However, you can bathe them according to their activity level and lifestyle. Heat and humidity of your region also play a vital role in this regard.  

If you walk with your dog twice a day, you can clean them every two weeks to keep them smelling great. For bathing purposes, always go for a gentle shampoo made, especially for canines. A dog shampoo has different PH levels as compared to human shampoos. Using normal toiletries can irritate your dog’s skin. Always opt for a product with natural ingredients such as aloe vera. 

Never buy grooming tools with metal spikes as they are too rough for dogs, specially shorty bulls with wrinkled skin. Brushing must be gentle to avoid skin irritation.

Feeding a Shorty Bull

Many shorty bulls wean off the mothers on their own starting at around 3-4 weeks. When this happens, you can start feeding them the standard puppy dog food. You can wean them completely by the end of the eighth week.

Puppy shorty bulls should be fed 2-3 times a day. Shorty bulls with the flat face can be fed using a slip-resistant slanted bowl. These bowls have ridges in them to help dogs access the food without any hassle. Ensure that fresh water is always available to the dog. A High Protein dog food formula is great for shorty bulls. They do not need supplements or additional nutrients as long as you feed them with high-quality food. 

They are very cost-effective to feed. Since they don’t have any potential medical problems, they don’t need any special diet unless prescribed by the veterinarian. 

Training a Shorty Bull

You can start training a shorty bull as early as you want. Make a substantial routine of wreck and housebreaking tactics to orientate your puppy. Early mingling and socializing help shorty bulls mix with people. They might show some aggression towards same-sex animals of the same sex but can be controlled by going out a lot.  

Training these dogs is not really that hard. It is because shorty bulls are eager to please the owners. They respond very well to the positive ways of training. You can reward them with delicious treats and vocal admirations to keep them motivated towards the training. Never treat them harshly, or it may lead to aggressive behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shorty Bull 

How Long Does A Shorty Bull Live?

Powerful and compact, shorty bulls are easy-going, fun-loving animals with plenty of energy and spirit. 

Their affectionate temperament, loyal nature, and low maintenance make them a classic family pet. On average, a shorty bull can live up to 10-12 years. However, with extra care and a high-quality diet, shorty bull lifespan can be longer. 

How Big Can A Shorty Bull Get?

This dog breed has compact but muscular stature. They may be small but are well-muscled and heavily boned. An adult shorty bull can stand up to 15 inches or below with an average weight of 40 pounds on average. 

Is A Shorty Bull Child Friendly?

Shorty bulls behave great around children since they are friendly, loving, and playful animals. They are very entertaining, so kids love to have them around. Though they are a bit muscular and can unintentionally knock over little kids. So, their interaction with infants and toddlers must be closely overseen to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Are Shorty Bulls Aggressive?

No, They are great companion dogs. Their behavior mostly depends upon how you raise and treat them. 

Final Words

Shorty Bulls are a short breed with big personality traits. They are a lot healthier as compared to other dog breeds and have many desirable qualities that a pet owner wants. They are easy to feed with normal, healthy dog foods. But, the quantity should be limited to the exact amount as other dogs of its size. 

This particular dog breed has a determination to please its owner so make an excellent family pet. They also have a strong need for human interaction, and so you can train them without much effort.

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