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Bully Box - Power Chewer Box

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Super Chewer – The toughest bully box toys, designed for your super-chewing best friend. A $50 value started at $29 a box.

Design for Power Chewers

The toughest dog toys, designed for your big-chewing best friend.

Toughest & Most Durable Dog Toys

Power chewer toys that give your dog the playtime of their dreams!


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My Bullybox Best Dog Subscription Box

How to Choose Dog Subscription Box

With so many brands and high-quality products available in the market,  it can be a little overwhelming, which is the most suitable subscription box.  If you are also confused about which subscription box to choose,  we have compiled these important factors and features to consider before making a final decision.

  • Overall cost

A subscription box for your dog will depend upon the types of products you want for your furry companion.  However, the average price for most of the subscription boxes out there is $30 a month.  You can get the cheapest box for about $20, but the most expensive boxers can cost you as high as $50 per month. 

The overall cost mostly depends on the type of surprise you want your dog to enjoy for the month. It might also depend on how frequently you want the box to be delivered to your house. Subscription boxes are usually cost-effective if you get your dog some toys and treats regularly.

  • Products that come in the  dog subscription box

Top subscription boxes are available in all sizes and shapes to suit different dog’s requirements.  Most of them come with a variety of products such as treats, toys, and chews.   Several high-end brands also allow you to customize the stuff you want to receive every month. This way, you can opt for more toys or treat if that is what your dog prefers. Aggressive dogs,  heavy chewers, and dogs with allergies can also benefit from a customizable dog subscription box. 

  • Toys

While some dog subscription boxes available in the market provide treats and chews,  many come with different toys every month.  If your dog is mostly interested in toys,  you can always choose a box that specializes in dog toys.  Having customizable options is great for dogs who quickly need frequent replacements of the toys through their fun stuff.

  • Quality of the treats and chews

Before choosing the one-time dog gift box, it is very important that you know where the chews and treats are coming from.  You have to make sure that the trees are made from quality ingredients at a safe facility.  This feature is very important to consider as a lack of high-quality ingredients may become a problem for your dog and may lead him to severe illnesses.  

  • Ease of canceling 

It is also important to know how easy it is for you to cancel the subscription when it is not needed.  Many brands allow you to cancel on their website, while others may make you contact their customer service department for the purpose.  If you or your dog are unhappy with the product for any reason,  you should be able to ask for a refund or a replacement product with new items.