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6 Best Tough Chewer Dog Toys

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Chewing is the dog’s innate behavior, but some dogs are aggressive chewers and demand you to offer them certain bones or hard toys to satisfy their chewing habit. If you don’t give such aggressive chewers a solid chewing toy, you will definitely end up with torn and ruined accessories, furniture, etc. However, choosing the right toy is challenging for new dog parents. 

In this article, we have come up with reviews of the best popular hard toys that are safe and prevent your dog from getting bored and ruining your furniture. We have also addressed some of your queries in the next section to give you a fair idea about choosing a reasonable hard toy for aggressive chewers. 

So, read out below how our top picks can help you to content your pet’s inborn nature and restore the serenity of your home. 

Best Dog Toys For Tough Chewer

1. KONG- Extreme Ball- Durable Rubber Dog Toy for Power Chewers  

If you are looking for the most durable toy for your medium-sized dog, KONG extreme ball is made to engage your dog in endless fun and play. This ball not only soothes your dog’s inner instinct of chewing but also stimulates his brain functioning. It engages your dog when you are not home or somewhere away from him, reduces anxiety and boredom, helps in teething, and improves his motor skills. 

The ball is made up of long-lasting rubber that is safe, eco-friendly, and puncture-resistant. This bouncy rubber ball is the best bet if you are looking for a tough chewer’s tough toy. You can play different interactive fetch games and practice different exercises to make your vanish dog’s boredom away.  The dogs usually love the ball, but they can also love to eat them, which is definitely a downside. This ball is not sturdy enough to withstand the sharp teeth, so you will have to buy another as soon as it gets worn out.   


  • It is a very durable ball
  • The ball is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Made up of safe material 


  • It is not very tough for the rigorous chewers 

2. KILIKI Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Rope Toy is the most durable and long-lasting toy for an aggressive chewer, and so is the KILIKI Dog rope. KILIKI Dog robe is made up of resilient multicolored thin cotton ropes ideal for playing tug-of-war, chewing, and playing other interactive games. The 3 feet long rope is suitable for large and medium dogs. This rope toy offers your dog unlimited fun and helps wipe the boredom away. They love to pull the rope with you, and you must not worry as the thick rope is nearly indestructible no matter how sharp your dog’s teeth are. 

The KILIKI Rope toy is also suitable for weaning puppies and absolutely safe as well. It does not cause any harm, even if the dog manages to eat it. This rope is the best gift for your dog on several occasions. Whether it is the indoor gameplay or outdoor family trip, this sturdy rope always proves to be a pleasing toy. 


  • Cool looks 
  • Thick and sturdy 
  • Made up of safe material 
  • Offers several interactive activities


  • It is too heavy for some dogs

3. Arm & Hammer Super Treadz Gator & Gorilla Chew Toy for Dogs

If your dog has plagued teeth, this toy is the best solution for the tartar and the buildup. It soothes your dog’s instinct and is designed with grooves to relieve the teething puppies and cleans the dog’s teeth. The gorilla chew toy is amazing with a cute color and sturdy build that is tough enough to withstand aggressive dogs’ rigor.  The toy is made up of chewable rubber that is 100% safe and indestructible. 

The stunning gorilla shape and color keep the dogs engaged and stimulate the prey drive. It also freshens up the breath and removes bad breath because it is infused with baking soda.  It also strengthens the gums of the puppies along with play and fun. Also, this toy is straightforward to clean. It is dishwasher safe so that you can clean it up at your convenience. 


  • Best for the periodontal diseases
  • Also removes bad odor and bad breath 
  • Comes in a cute color and design 


  • It has a very strong scent that your dog may not like
  • Large dogs can easily break it off

4. goDog Gators With Chew Guard Technology Tough Plush Dog Toy

Some dogs like plush toys to chew and cuddle, so this pick is for those furry friends who like stuffed plush toys. The large goDog Gator plush toy is equipped with an intelligent chew guard technology that prevents the toy from being torn. It can easily withstand your dog’s tantrums and the rough playtime you cannot expect from an ordinary plush toy. Usually, plush toys are not suitable o dogs because they chew very hard and rip the stuffing out, but this is a safe bet. It has double stitching that adds more value to its durability. 

The large blue-colored cool stuff toy engages the dog for hours, diverting him from ruining the household stuff. It is stitched with a double lining and a safe material that is safe for the dogs. It is available in two sizes so that you can choose the size according to your dog’s choice or size. The toy has a squeaker inside, puncture-resistant, so it stops squeaking even after the aggressive chewing. 

However, practically speaking, this toy is not actually made for tough chewers but is a reasonable choice for small chewing puppies


  • It has cute looks and attractive color
  • Comes with a squeaker
  • Equipped with a chew guard technology 


  • It is not made for tough chewers

5. MewaJump Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Small Breed

MewaJump Durable Rubber Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers
$17.99 $11.96 ($11.96 / Count)
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10/23/2022 03:37 am GMT

MewaJump Dog toy is a durable Cactus Tough Toys for aggressive chewers. This hard toy is made up of natural rubber that does not harm your little furry friend. The material used in the making is free from Phthalate and 100% safe. It fulfills your dog’s desire to chew and stimulates his brain cells to function efficiently. Some toys encourage destructive behavior in dogs, but this simple rubber bone reduces boredom and destructive activities.

Moreover, this toy also cleans your dog’s teeth and strengthens their jaws. It also relieves itching and other teething issues in the puppies, reducing anxiety and frustration in young dogs. The small and lightweight rubber bone is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. It comes in vibrant orange colors that the dogs like a lot. The lightweight build allows the dogs to throw and catch the bone easily. This bone helps to develop the appropriate chewing habit in dogs. It does not break easily and is able to withstand sharp bites. 


  • Vibrant color and cool design 
  • Made up of non-toxic and Phthalate rubber
  • Lightweight and easy to handle 
  • Strengthens jaws and teeth
  • Prevents the formation of calculus  



6. EASTBLUE Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Suppose you have a large breed that gets uncontrollable when chews the toy. This ultra-durable Chew toy is the best bet. The ring-shaped chew toy is made for medium to large breeds offering ultra-toughness that soothes your dog’s instinct. The indestructible toy is made up of all-natural rubber that is reusable and eco-friendly. If you have concerns about your dog’s health, you can confidently trust this toy because it is made up of 100% safe and non-toxic material. 

The tornado has a unique odor that keeps the dog attracted. The innovative design is perfect for the large dog breed. The tornado bounces when thrown and encourages the dog to jump and fetch. The bumps and grooves on its surface help clean the dog’s teeth and remove tartar and plaque. 

This sturdy groovy toy is tested for large, aggressive chewers. It is lightweight, and the dog can easily throw or fetch it in the air. On top of that, you can add your dog’s favorite food in the grooves to keep him engaged with the toy. 


  • The design has grooves and bumps that clean the dog’s teeth
  • 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Made up of eco-friendly material 
  • Made for aggressive chewers


  • It does not float on water, so not suitable for water play. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I let my dog destroy toys? 

No, it would be best if you did not encourage your dog to destroy the toy because the toys may be made up of harmful material unsuitable for swallowing. The dogs do so when they get extremely bored or they do not like a certain toy. Try to control aggressive behavior through proper training and grooming. 

What toy will my dog not destroy?

Certain toys are durable and provide a healthy, fun time for your active dog. The rope toys are a sturdy choice. You can also make one in your home without spending the bucks. Playing tug of war is a good idea to engage your dog. The ropes are hard-wearing toys and can last for a long period of time. 

Are hard chew toys good for dogs?

Yes, some toys benefit your dog a lot because they stimulate the brain’s functioning and strengthen and clean their teeth. However, some chew toys can also create a problem for your dog. Ensure that you choose the toys considerately and the toys are not hard enough to break the teeth.  Also, keep an eye on the do when you give him the new toy. 

What to give a dog that chews up everything?

If you catch your dog chewing an unwanted object, try to distract him from chewing and offer him an appropriate chew toy. Try to seek the dog’s attention towards that toy. Praise the dog when he takes the toy in his mount and also uses that toy while feeding.     

Should I take my dog’s toys away at night?

No, you can place the toys in a crate and place the crate in his own safe place so that he may find the toys whenever he needs them. The dogs feel easy when they sleep in their own corner. 

When should you through away dog toys? 

The PETCO suggests that you throw away the dog toys as soon as the dog rips the stuff out or breaks it. The toys that are damaged have sharp edges, so they can cause injury to your dog. 

Why do dogs rip the stuffing out of toys? 

There may be several reasons why the dogs rip the stuffing out of toys. The first reason is boredom. When the dogs get bored, they want to do something, so they rip apart the toys. Another reason may be the prey drive. They consider the stuffed toys as their prey because they usually look like real prey and the dogs tend to kill their prey.  

Are hard Chew toys bad for your dog? 

Ensure that you do not buy a tough toy for your dog because such toys are made up of tough plastic or nylon, and your dog can end up with a tooth fracture. 

Final Words

A good dog parent must understand the dog’s instinctive needs and psychology. These lovely little pets demand your love and attention, so you should be considerate while bringing them up. The collection of these reviewed hard toys satisfies the chewing habit of aggressive dogs, and we hope that one of them will definitely grab your attention. 

Please share your reviews about these hard toys and tell us how they benefited you and your dog. Also, suggest some new hard toys you want us to review in the next editorial.   

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