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Dog Living Space

Discover the best way to have a comfy dog living space, safe place for your pup is with our Buyers Guides! We’ve got everything you need from Dog Sofas and Beds all the way down through Kennels or Crates.

6 Best Affordable Dog Sofas Beds

Are you looking for a dog sofa bed that is both comfortable and affordable? We know how difficult it can be to find affordable dog sofa beds that are also

6 Best Dog Houses for Large Dogs

Dog houses for large dogs can be difficult to find. I’ve compiled a list of the best dog houses that are secure, stable, durable, spacious, practical, and easy to assemble.

dog crates for large dogs

5 Best Crates for Large Dogs

A Dog Crate, also known as  Dog Cage, is a fabric, wire, plastic, or metal enclosure with a door. It is a coop that a dog owner can use to