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6 Best Dog Houses for Large Dogs

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Dog houses for large dogs can be difficult to find. I’ve compiled a list of the best dog houses that are secure, stable, durable, spacious, practical, and easy to assemble. The reviews also include a buyer’s guide with questions that every dog owner should ask before buying their dog house – it’s worth reading through this before making any purchase decisions!

To help you narrow down your search, we’ve researched the best dog houses available today. Read on for our top picks below and find a great place that suits all of Fido’s needs!

Our Top Picks

10/23/2022 03:39 am GMT

1. Pets Imperial Extra Large Dog house

The Pets Imperial Extra Large Dog House is over twice as big as standard dog kennels! This pet house lets owners easily access inside at any time with the opening roof. The two support rails help take weight up to 154 pounds and provide a safe place for pets to sleep or hideout safely without outside interference. 

This durable solution also features removable floors for easy cleaning, maintenance, and pest control. A rot-free plastic cap foot ensures that your home remains free of unsightly rusting over time – making it an excellent choice if you are looking for a cabinet or furniture piece too.

2. Infinite Cedar Dog House

The Infinite Cedar Dog House is designed to ensure the comfort of your dog. The offset door protects from the wind and a cooler area from the sun, and the large-sized door is lifted for ease at the entrance with larger openings to keep your pet cool with plenty of ventilation. Tremendous consideration was given to insulation.

Premium quality cedar deck boards provide natural insulative properties that help retain heat in winter and absorb excess moisture in summer. The roof boasts UV-resistant panels, which offer superior durability against weather damage, leaks, or cracks with the inevitable wear and tear over time.

3. Petmate Indigo Dog House

Petmate Indigo Dog House is the perfect home for your pet. The construction of this dog house keeps you and your pup feeling insulated in every season, while the offset door provides extra protection from outside elements. The raised floors and side moats will ensure that you stay dry while inside. This heavy-duty outdoor dog home is perfect for anyone who wants their dog safe and comfortable.

4. Starplast Dog House Kennel

The Starplast Dog House Kennel is a lightweight, durable dog home that provides ventilation and space for up to 50 lbs. The UV-protected polypropylene plastic is rustproof, weatherproof, and fade-resistant, and the sturdy design is constructed for long-term use. Assembly is easy with no tools needed. In less than five minutes can be put together in any part of your yard or patio without stressing about finding a level surface to set it on.

5. Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Dog House

The Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Dog House is a stylish cabin design for large dog breeds. Durable and sturdy, it can last for years to come with its high-Quality wood and stainless-steel hardware. The offset door protects you from the weather while your pup rests in peace inside. If you’re seeking a new pet home suitable for large dogs, this cabin-type house has everything you need!

6. Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

The Fit Choice elevated dog house provides a home for your pet friends in the perfect location. The durable deluxe 600D PVC & strong steel frame metal structure is one of the most sturdy. This will keep it nice and tight, not even mentioning that mid beams are included for more weight support. With breathable air mesh bottom, An excellent place for pets to nap, sleep, and shelter from sun, wind, and rain. A fit Choice dog house provides comfort for anxious pets with the feeling of security.

Best Dog Houses – Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what you’re looking for when buying a house for your dog is important. There are many different styles and sizes available, so here is some information on picking the right one!
Many people have questions about which extra large pet-friendly home is best suited just because there are so many options out there today. This buyer’s guide should help answer all your worries by giving you an insight into size requirements, materials used in construction, and factors such as price range or design that might be considered before making any purchases.

Types of dog houses

Wooden dog house

A dog house is made of wood, and it’s the kind of dog house dogs like best.

Wooden dog houses offer excellent insulation and ventilation, and they discourage bugs from bothering your dog. You can choose to have a trained carpenter or contractor build you a wooden dog house. Alternatively, you can buy one that has been pre-assembled. Typically, pricing will depend on the style of the dog house as well as its size. If you’re only looking for something temporary, such as if your dog is staying in someone else’s home or spending time away during the day while you work, this type of dog shelter may not be your best choice.

Plastic dog house

Plastic dog houses are some of the cheapest options you can find, and one of their advantages is how lightweight they are. They’re perfect for traveling because you don’t have to worry about taking too much space. Plastic dogs also clean easily- use soap if needed.

Does the only significant disadvantage plastic have over other materials like metal or wood? It gets hot here sometimes, so make sure not to leave them outside when it’s warmer or too cold.

Metal dog houses

Metal dog houses come in many different shapes and sizes. Most dog metal houses are designed for outdoor use, but they can be taken in during particularly cold/hot months if necessary.

Many dog owners who own larger dogs prefer this type of dog house. They are heavy duty and durable. They are less likely to be pushed over or knocked down by their dogs.

Important Features to Consider when buying a dog house:


The dog house should be large enough for your dog to stretch out without being cramped but not so large that he can sleep on one end and use the other end as a bathroom. If you have more than one dog, the dog house needs to be adequately sized

for the largest dog.


Your dog house should reflect your dog’s breed and personality. Keep in mind that dog houses come in various shapes, colors, and designs to appeal to every dog, from the casual backyard dog to the show dog or working dog. Arrange your dog’s dog houses around your home to create a dog yard, dog park, dog kennel, or dog complex.

Availability of insulation and/or air circulation

Insulation helps to keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also helps to contain body heat from your dog’s bedding material inside the dog house. Air circulation is essential for dog houses that have solid walls. Air circulation also helps dissipate dog house odors from dog waste and food.

Ease of cleaning

Your dog will spend a lot of time in his dog house, so you need to be able to clean the dog house easily. Easily removable floor panels, dog house dog doors, and dog house roofs make for easy cleaning.


The dog house should be weatherproofed to protect it from the elements. Primarily this means insulating dog houses with insulation that is resistant to moisture and rot. The dog house floor should be raised off the ground so that rain, snow, and ice drain away from the dog house.

Paw comfort/Protection

If your dog is digging in the dog house or scratching at it with his paws, you need to find ways to help protect the dog’s pads on his front paws and the dog’s nails on his back paws. Insulating dog houses have a raised dog house dog bed to help the dog’s pad absorb the impact of digging.

Here are 5 dog training tips to help you train your dog to love their dog house.

1. Introduce your dog to the dog house as soon as you get it home

Your dog will need time to become comfortable with their new dog house – do not leave them in there for more than an hour at a time without taking them out and staying near them while they explore it. After getting used to the fact that they have a dog house, try closing them inside for short periods (e.g., 10 minutes) until they remain calm and relaxed when you enter the room and close them in. Then you can gradually increase this period until they can spend 1-2 hours inside.

2. Give your dog a treat when they go into the dog house

If you successfully train your dog to love their dog house, this will ensure that they do not suffer from anxiety and an increased desire to escape. Using treats as a reward for entering the dog house is also a fantastic way of reinforcing positive behaviors – successful training means more treats!

3. Train your dog to enter and exit the dog house by themselves

Make sure you teach your dog the basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ before attempting any complicated tricks, such as closing and opening doors (for example, if their dog house has a door). If you have never trained your dog before or lack dog training experience, visiting dog training websites or dog training groups in your area is best. You can buy dog training books or even pay for training classes.

4. Give your dog attention next to the dog house!

If you leave your dog alone in their new dog house, they may feel lonely and isolated – this might cause them to become distressed and potentially destructive (chewing furniture or digging holes). To avoid this problem, always spend time with your dog next to their dog house – playing games together outside is a fun way of keeping them company. This will ensure they do not develop any negative behaviors due to being left alone for long periods (e.g., separation anxiety).

5. Play with your dog near the dog house

Your dog will quickly become bored if left alone in its dog house for too long without any entertainment. To prevent boredom, try playing games or training them with treats next to their dog house. You will likely have to gradually increase the length of time they spend alone as it is best not to leave them inside for more than a few hours initially. Once they are used to being inside the dog house, you can do so increase this significantly.


These dog houses for large dogs review we’ve talked about the best dog homes to buy if you have a dog that is more than 40 pounds. We hope at least one of these dog house options will work well for your needs and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to making sure your pup has somewhere safe to stay while they are outside or away from home. If not, feel free to contact us so we can help come up with another solution!


Which type of dog house is best?

Every dog is different, so there isn’t one definitive answer that would apply to all situations, depending on the dog’s breed.
The key to choosing the best dog house is to know your dog. Find out what type of insulation they need, how much space they need, and any specific features you might be looking for. Your dog will thank you for being more comfortable in their own home!

How do I choose a dog house?

The key to choosing the best dog house is to know your dog. Their body size, dog type, and shelter needs should be considered when choosing a dog house.

How much does a dog house cost?

A dog house is typically priced according to the size and materials. Dog houses for large dogs can be more expensive than dog houses for small dogs because they are usually more extensive materials. Average Dog House Prices is about 200. Luxury dog houses can cost $500-$3,500 and even more.

Who Needs a Dog House?

Many dog breeds benefit from having a dog house. In addition to providing shelter from the elements, dog houses provide protection from predators and potentially dangerous weather conditions, including rain, snow, or hot sun.

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