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Do you want your pitbull to gain muscle mass?  Read on to the extensive article below to know the strategies to help your dog develop more bulk.  There are two solutions to make your pitbull bigger. You

Crate training your puppy takes the most benefit of his natural behavior as a den animal. For most dogs out there, the den is their home, a place where they feel comfortable, raise a family, and

dog crates for large dogs

A Dog Crate, also known as  Dog Cage, is a fabric, wire, plastic, or metal enclosure with a door. It is a coop that a dog owner can use to keep their pet for better transportation

anti dog.barking device

Some people love to keep pets, especially dogs but do not go for it as they are afraid of the unwanted barking of dogs. No matter how well you have kept your dog, some dogs have

Do you have an American Bully puppy? And maybe you’re looking for a great way to spoil them once in a while, right? Any pet owner can understand want to spoil our pets and give them

keep your dog healthy and fit

Having a dog is like having a child, a best friend, and an at-home entertainer all rolled into one. Dogs can be funny, friendly, and the best part of your life, but they are also a

American bully training

How To Train American Bully Puppy The term “bully puppy” can describe several different dog breeds. Among the dogs that are considered to be Bully Breeds are:

add Muscle to your bully

My Bully Shop is all about the American bully dog breeds. We provide the leading accessories, training tips, and other resources for like-minded individuals looking to add to their relationship with their bully.

Training Your Pitbull

There are a lot of different methods and philosophies for pitbull training. Choosing the right method and feeling confident that your training will be useful can be tough. Despite the Pit bulls reputation and mean-mug, they’re