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MelkTemn Professional Dog Bite Training Set



Dog Bite Sleeve
1. Size: 60 * 30*
2. Ideal for Both Left and Right Hand.
3. The materials are eco-friendly and nontoxic. it will not hurt dogs and owners.
4. It can cover the elbow and protect your arm.
5. Made with high-quality jute, give you more reliable protection.
6. Inner handle stronger for holding the whole sleeve for heavy-duty biting training.
7. The bite sleeve better used for young dogs entry-level training.
8. The double seams make the handle strong enough for training.
9. wear-resistance and bite resistance can protect the trainers from the dog’s teeth.
10. long enough,can cover the elbow and protect most part of your arm.

Dog Stick
FLEXIBILITY: it can be folded as you want, never deformed.
They are made with soft and durable materials, No harm to the owners and dogs.

FOR TRAINING OR GAME: Designed for puppy young dogs, 12 months old and younger work dogs , entry-level dog training, such as Malinois Police K9 German Shepherd Mastiff and so on. The wide surface of the sleeve encourages puppies to open their mouths and take a full bite.

DOUBLE USE: The inner sleeve can be used with the biting outer part during training. The biting outer part can also be used separately, such as a biting pillow. The inside handle is engineering wood with soft and anti-slip handle coating, which is stronger for holding the whole sleeve for heavy-duty biting training.

PROTECTION: This training kit is perfect for professional trainers and beginners training dogs. Easy to put on and take off even wearing thick clothes.Ideal for Both Left and Right Hand.

DIMENSIONS: Bite sleeve size is 65cm X30cm, the stick is 57cm long. Long enough to cover the elbow and protect the upper arm. Easy to carry and store.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Made of strong jute.Support 220 lbs(100kg). All used materials are environmentally friendly and nontoxic. No harm to the dogs and owners.