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Best Treats For American Bully Puppy

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Do you have an American Bully puppy? And maybe you’re looking for a great way to spoil them once in a while, right? Any pet owner can understand want to spoil our pets and give them a little something that they’re going to love.

Well, when it comes to the best dog treats for an American Bully puppy, you’re going to have a lot of different options because there are plenty of different treats that you can give your dog. It’s not just about the commercial brands and products that you might think.

Our Bully Treats Top Pick’s

1. Wag Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites

Treat your new pup like royalty with Wag Treats, Chicken, and Waffle Bite Treats. These all-natural treats are made in the USA with real chicken, waffles, applesauce, and more!

Wag Treats come in different sizes so you can feed them depending on their size. They’re perfect for pups of any age or breed because they won’t upset their stomach or cause gas issues – just pure happiness!

Pros :

  • US-made
  • Soft and easy to chew.

Cons :

  • A smell can be intense for some

2. Cadet Bully Sticks Dog Treats

Cadet’s Treats for American Bullies are a healthy and delicious way to show your pup that you care.

Cadet Treats Proudly Made in the USA! They’re made from a single ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. Cadets Treats are an excellent reward for training sessions and great snacks between meals.

If you haven’t already stocked up on Cadet Treats, now is the time! Treat your bully pup to one of these healthy snacks every day.

Pros :

  • Dogs love them
  • Big pack
  • Helps keep their teeth clean

Cons :

  • Doesn’t last very long
  • Bad smell

3. Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Treats are soft and chewy dog treats made with real chicken breast, fortified with 12 vitamins. These easy-to-chew dog snacks come in a variety of options for every taste.

They offer the benefits of a daily supplement with vitamins and minerals, yet they can also be used as a dog training aid or just to show affection and love towards your beloved canine friend.

Pros :

  • Little soft
  • easily breaking them in half.

Cons :

  • Strong smell

4. Best Bully Sticks Supreme All-Natural Dog Treats

Treats are the best way to spoil your pup. Bully Sticks are not only delicious, but they also provide an opportunity for you to bond with your dog in a special way.

Treats can be healthy or unhealthy depending on what type of treat is being given and how often it is given.

Pros :

  • Chewable treat
  • High in protein
  • Highly digestible

Cons :

  • Strong smell
  • Not suitable for small dogs

5. Blue Buffalo Dental Chews Dog Treats

Introducing the newest and most delicious way to clean your dog’s teeth: Wild Bones! Unlike these other “bones” they’re not for chewing. Blue Buffalo Dental Chews Dog Treats are grain-free, with an ingredient list that is so good you’ll want to lick it off the floor.

Treat your furry friend with a safe, tasty treat that helps keep his teeth and gums healthy. American Bully Treats

Pros :

  • 100% grain and gluten-free
  • Helps keep their teeth clean

Cons :

  • Some batches are bad

Dog Treats For Bullies Buyers Guide

Finding a Commercial Dog Treat

If you are looking for only commercial options for dog treats, you want to start by looking at some of the features of those treats. You want to look at things like the ingredients and what they’re made of.

You want to look at how much your dog can have before these things are going to be unhealthy or could potentially hurt them in some way.

So, how are you going to do that? The best way is by taking a closer look at the nutrition and ingredients labels.

Made for Dogs

First, ensure that the treats you’re giving your dog are intended for dogs. You don’t want to provide them with something that’s designed for cats, for example.

That’s because these two animals have an entirely different genetic makeup and need different things. If you’re giving a dog a treat that’s meant for cats (or any other animal) you could be giving them a negative balance of specific types of vitamins and minerals or additional ingredients, and that’s possibly going to cause them an upset stomach and who knows what other health problems.

Low Fat/Sugar

You want to find treats that aren’t going to push your dog extremely far into the danger zone for their fat and sugar intake day by day, not just over a week or longer.

You want to make sure that the treats you give them aren’t going to make them overweight, and that means you either need to very strongly limit how much you give them or you need to look for treats that are lower in fat and sugar.

This will ensure they aren’t getting too much of either of these ingredients and aren’t at higher risk for obesity.

Add Nutrients

Some treats are designed to give your dog something that they’re going to love and feel like they’re spoiled, but at the same time, they can get some benefits.

They might be full of vitamins and minerals, for example. Or they might be great for their teeth and help you to strengthen them or to brush them without actually having to do anything.

These types of treats, which are good for your dog, give you the added benefit of passing them out more frequently too.

Whole Foods

Look for whole food ingredients that will give your dog those nutrients that we talked about without all the filler stuff. Sure, treats are meant to be fun, and we probably think of the fact that our treats are full of not-so-good things, but dog treats are entirely different.

Whole food ingredients have been minimally processed and are as close to pure and natural as possible. You want meat rather than a meat ‘by-product’ and definitely over a meat ‘meal.’ You want something that is going to give as much of the full benefit of the product as you can from the start.


Finding dog treats that were made in the States is hard, but it’s not impossible, and you’re going to get some of the best ingredients and options if you take this route.

That’s because these treats use ingredients within our country, and that means they aren’t traveling as far.

When fruits and vegetables and really anything fresh have to travel a long distance, it’s usually picked or processed before it reaches its best, and that means you’re not going to get the absolute best nutritional value from it.

Know What it Is

How often do you look at a nutrition label for yourself and not have any idea what you’re eating? Well, the truth should not be said about your dog treats. Make sure that you can understand all of the ingredients and that you know where they came from.

You don’t want anything that refers to ‘animals’ or ‘meat’ as a blanket statement rather than specifying what type of animal, for example. This is one way that things can be hidden and you don’t want anything hidden from your research.

Organic Ingredients

If you’re looking at the ingredients label, take a look at which ingredients are considered organic.

There are some rules and regulations for this when it comes to dog treats and foods, so if it says organic, that means they have fewer chemicals and other harmful additives.

Plus, they go through a good amount of inspection. More organic ingredients are going to make it healthier for your dog, and you can feel a little bit safer about what you’re giving them, even if this one is coming from a different country or it’s traveling for a lot further away.

Natural Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners can cause an upset stomach and even harsher health problems, but if you have sweeteners in your dog treats, make sure that you’re getting something natural.

You want things that are sweetened with honey or molasses or applesauce. Always avoid artificial sweeteners because many of them can be harmful or even deadly to your dog, also if they’re only given in small doses.

Note that this is one reason some human foods are also considered unsafe for your dog, so be aware of the ingredients list at all times.

All Natural Preservatives

Preservatives are generally not going to be a good idea at all, but that’s especially true with your dog treats.

You want to avoid the artificial preservatives that no one knows because you could be causing health problems for your dog. Natural preservatives, like tocopherols (which is Vitamin C and E), are perfectly safe and healthy, and they’re effective at preserving your dog’s food.

You can also opt for all-natural and fresh treats that don’t use preservatives if you want to get the best out of the process and ensure you’re keeping them healthier.

Passing Out Human Treats

Sometimes, even though the commercial dog treats are good and they’re easy to get to, you just want to spoil your dog a little with some food off your table.

When that’s the case, you want to know what’s safe and what’s not going to be safe. There are all kinds of things that you can give your dog just make sure that you’re doing your research if you try to come up with something entirely different because you could end up with something harmful or just bad for their digestion.

Fresh Vegetables 

Fresh veggies are great for dogs because they can still get all of the nutrients that they would in their regular food. Just like they’re great for us, your dog can get a lot of health benefits this way too.

Plus, fresh veggies will usually have some crunch to them, which means your dog will have no problem chewing and working on their teeth. Not that these veggies are considered all that strong to them, but it’s at least something to use their teeth on rather than a lot of the soft treats that are out there.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and other nut butter variations are great for your dog and can help them get more nutrients and vitamins.

They can have a lot of fun with nut butter, and they love the flavor, so why wouldn’t you want to give them this great treat? There are even toys that help you to provide them with peanut butter and make it even more fun for them. That’s going to be a bonus for both of you. Just ensure you get natural nut butter and not one with an artificial sweetener.


There are a few types of meat that you can give your dog right off your table. Make sure that you’re removing the bones if you cook the chicken first, as cooked bones can be extremely dangerous.

These bones can break into pieces in your dog’s stomach, causing severe health problems. If you don’t want to cook the chicken, that’s just fine too because your dog can eat it raw.

So when you’re making up that next meal, you can pass over a few of your ingredients.


Make sure you check with your dog’s veterinarian to ensure that they aren’t lactose intolerant, but if they aren’t, you can give them many variations of cheese.

One of the best ones is cottage cheese because it’s got a lot of protein. Even better, it has calcium and a bland aspect that your dog will seem to like, but that doesn’t cause problems when their body is working to digest it.

After all, digesting human food is going to be a bit different from understanding their own.


Fish is another one that can be good for your dog in certain ways. Salmon is a really good one and will give them a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, as long as you ensure you’re cooking it properly.

Raw salmon is harmful and should be avoided. But once you cook it and make sure that it’s not seasoned, you can give them this for a healthy snack. They’ll like it because of the taste (just like you), and you’ll like that they’re getting those nutrients with something that they want to eat.


Did you know that your favorite breakfast food can also be good food for your dog? Well, it definitely can. You can give them oatmeal to get many of the same benefits you’re getting from it.

It has a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and it’s full of grain (contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all bad).

If you’re looking for the best treats for American Bully, this could be one of them that you want to put toward the top of your list because it’s going to be suitable for everyone in the family.

Exotic Foods

Did you know your dog can have all kinds of exotic foods? Well, there are. Things like guava and chickpeas are perfectly safe for your dog as well.

Make sure you’re doing your research and talking to your dog’s veterinarian before you decide to give them something that you aren’t sure about, and even if you’ve been told it’s okay, you still want to talk to someone.

Your dog will be different from anyone else’s, and that means you and your veterinarian will know best what they should and shouldn’t be getting.

Wrapping it Up

In short, it’s a great idea to give your dog treats and to spoil them once in a while, but make sure that you know the real best treats for American Bully puppies so you’re not spoiling them with all the wrong things. You could find yourself doing more harm than good if you’re not paying close attention to ingredients labels, even with the treats that you’re giving your dog. It’s good to spoil them; it’s not good to overindulge them or to cause them health problems just because you wanted to give them a little something special. So be careful of that line.

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