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The 10 Best Dog Supplements to Gain Muscle

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If you are a dog parent and conscious about your bully’s health and muscle growth, muscle builder for dogs are an efficient way to get him muscular. These dog muscle supplements can work wonders on your bully’s health. They not only offer energy to your pet but also different health benefits with fewer efforts.

However, it is a bit challenging to try a new supplement for your pet. This is why we have reviewed the best muscle gaining formulas for your bully that guarantee miraculous results in a matter of a few days, followed by a comprehensive buying guide that will help you to make a reasonable decision.

Here Are The Best Muscle Builder For Dogs

1. Muscle Bully Muscle Builder for Bullies

If you want to buy a safe muscle builder supplement for your bully, try these USA-made supplements that do not have any side effects. This supplement shows proven results and is recommended by the approved veterinarians. This supplement is exclusively formulated to support fast muscle growth so that you may be able to see the difference just in a few days. In addition, the supplement contains premium-quality nutrients that have a very positive impact on your dog’s health.

This supplement is designed explicitly for Pitbulls, bullies, and all bull breeds. This muscle-gaining supplement helps several dogs in different countries to get muscular. It is easy to use supplements that are available in the form of tablets. Each bottle contains 120 tablets you can feed every day before the workout.

Muscle Bully Muscle Builder contains a unique compound named CreatineCreatine in combination with the amino acids that help the dogs to support the use of Soy, Whey protein, and colostrum that may be harmful if taken directly. Moreover, the blend also contains DMR that improves metabolism and encourages better oxygen absorption in the muscles. However, this supplement is not FDA-approved. Therefore it should be fed if the dog has a particular medical history.


  • They are specifically designed for muscle growth.
  • Improves metabolism and lactic levels
  • Suitable for pit bulls, bullies, and all bully breeds
  • Show fast results


  • It is not FDA-approved

2. Bully Max The Ultimate Canine Supplement

If you want to buy a versatile supplement that not only encourages muscle growth but also increases strength and power, the Bully MAX Ultimate Canine supplement is the ultimate solution. The supplement is suitable for all types of dogs and of all ages. It improves your dog’s immune system and keeps him healthy and fit. In addition, it prevents your dogs from different infections and enhances their overall health.

Another notable benefit of this supplement is the improvement in your dog’s vision. It also increases the metabolism in the body. Moreover, it nourishes his bones and tendons, builds muscle, and nurtures the skin and coat. The supplement has miraculous advantages. It features better speed and endurance and works as an anxiety and stress reliever. It is an excellent medication after surgery.

This supplement is formulated using 19 muscle-building ingredients, one of the rare supplements with an abundance of such ingredients. It does not contain CreatineCreatine or any harmful ingredient like wheat, soy, Trans fats, sucrose or corn syrup, etc. That is why it is recommended by most of the approved veterinarians. The best thing about this supplement is that the formula is very transparent, and the company discloses all the ingredients on the label.


  • Rich in muscle building ingredients
  • Tested and approved for quality and reliability
  • All-natural ingredients that are 100% safe
  • Show fast results.


  • It causes diarrhea to some dogs

3. Bully Max Muscle Gain Power Chews

If you are looking for a powerful supplement suitable for your pup and the bully, this one will work wonders for you. This incredible powdered supplement is more effective than the ordinary supplements available in the market. The power-packed powder is rich in muscle-building ingredients; that is why it shows quicker results in less time.

Bully Max Muscle Gain Power Chews is suitable for all ages and breeds. The most notable feature is its long-lasting results that remain even when you stop its usage. The supplement is safe and made up of all-natural ingredients free from harmful fillers like trans fats, wheat, soy, etc. This supplement is made in the USA and approved by the authorized Vets for safe usage.

All the ingredients are extracted from high-quality natural resources. The human-grade proteins make sure that your dog consumes enough proteins to strengthen the muscles and tendons. Many Doctors recommend it for underweight dogs and pups because of its quick results. The best is the company’s policy to disclose all the ingredients on the label, making it a reliable choice for your lovely pet.


  • It comes in powder form
  • A power-packed nutritious supplement rich in muscle-building compounds
  • All the ingredients are pure.
  • Suitable for all dogs and ages


  • Cause wounds and sores

4. MYOS Canine Muscle Growth Formula

When your lover starts to lose muscle mass, pamper him with this nutritious formula that uses fertilized egg yolk combined with several other powerful ingredients to improve your friend’s muscle mass. Adding a daily serving of MYOS canine muscle formula in his food can help the dog build the muscles quickly and heals his health. It is a clinically proven formula that is suitable for all breeds and ages. However, the quantity should be given as recommended by the manufacturer or VET because it varies from breed to breed.

It is also a very efficient formula for aged dogs who lose muscles because of their age. It uses all-natural ingredients extracted from the best resources. As a result, it improves the mobility of your dog and keeps him active. Moreover, the formula is 100% safe and free from all toxic ingredients that are difficult to digest and may harm your dog.

This formula is clinically tested and approved by the VETs for safe use. It is a life-changing solution for your aged dog who acts sluggishly and loses muscle mass. This formula is a reliable choice, and the 100% satisfaction-free guarantee also confirms its reliability.


  • The miraculous formula for muscle gain and quick results
  • Made up of fertilized egg yolk
  • Clinically proven and recommended by vets
  • Helps to regain weight and muscles in the aged dogs also
  • 100% safe from all toxins


  • It is a bit expensive.

5. Muscle Bully Muscle Gainer Stack

This supplement is designed for very skinny and underweight dogs who want to gain weight and muscle mass. The set includes a mass gainer, a muscle builder, and Vita Bully Vitamins containing multivitamins to keep your dog healthy. This is a complete health solution for your dog. The package is super-safe and easy to feed. Approved Veterinarians recommend it for quick and efficient results.

It supports metabolism, promotes muscle growth, and reduces stress and anxiety, leaving positive impacts on your pet’s overall health. This set of nutrients is suitable for all breeds and ages. However, should feed the dog according to the dosage recommended by the Vet. Moreover, the pack of these nutrients contains high-quality ingredients, all extracted from natural resources.

Muscle Bully Muscle gainer stack contains ingredients free from soy, wheat and Trans fats, etc. Also, it is certified as 100% and tested by the approved USA labs.


  • A complete solution for a healthy and active lifestyle
  • For the skinny and underweight dogs
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages


  • Cause sores on the body

6. Puppy NATURAL Puppy Formula Stack

If you want to buy a suitable mass-gaining formula specifically designed for your puppy, this puppy natural puppy formula stack is an incredible mass-gaining formula. This unique formula supports your puppy’s immune system and promotes muscle maintenance. In addition, it is rich in nutritious ingredients, including vitamins and amino acids that keep your puppy healthy.

The antioxidants present in this supplement improve the immune system, while certain fatty acids promote glossy skin and a healthy coat. The supplement also contains digestive enzymes that help the puppies digesting food and keep their gut healthy.

These multivitamin chews and powdered formula is easy to feed and safe for your puppy’s health. Many vets recommend this formula because it is clinically tested. The usage shows quick results that last for a long time. However, should give the dosage.


  • A complete mass-gaining formula for puppies
  • All safe and natural ingredients
  • Supports the immune system and muscle maintenance
  • It also promotes a healthy skin coat.



7. MVP K9 Formula Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs

MVP K9 Formula Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs
$49.99 ($2.25 / Ounce)
Buy Now On Amazon
10/23/2022 03:39 am GMT

The formula is made for your picky friends that do not eat everything of your choice. The formula uses 40% crude fat so that your dog or puppy may gain mass quickly. The results are long-lasting and can be seen within weeks. It is extremely easy to use, and you also confirm its reliability from customer reviews. The formula comes in powder form, so it can easily be combined with any dog food so that your dog may eat it conveniently. You can also sprinkle the powder on the food to avoid wastage.

The formula works wonders on skinny and underweight dogs. It contains a unique blend of proteins and nutrients that are highly digestible. In addition, it contains carbohydrates that sustain energy. Moreover, all the ingredients are extracted from natural and high-quality sources. Each serving of this weight gainer contains 28% whey protein for muscle gain and 50% fats to gain weight.

Most dogs love the taste of this formula. It does not contain additives, sugar, and useless fillers. Moreover, it is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The formula is safe and proven, tested by a third party, and recommended by several known Vets for its quick results.


  • Weight gaining formula for skinny dogs
  • Sustains energy in the body
  • It helps to gains muscles
  • Free from fillers and additives



8. PetCare Sciences Dog weight gain supplement 

The PetCare Sciences Canine weight gainer is a very effective supplement if your dog is injured and in a recovery phase. The formula helps to build muscles and also encourages several health benefits. The formula is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs. It comes in tasty bacon flavor dogs like a lot. It helps maintain healthy joints, bones, and muscles, enhances the dog’s skin coat, and helps the dogs recover from injuries.

The formula has a high nutritional value. It has an abundance of vitamins and amino acids. The USA-made weight gainer has the quality to increase your dog’s appetite so that he may be able to put on weight quickly. It improves strength and sustains energy. The supplement has anti-inflammatory qualities. It is made by a very trustable brand that ensures its quality and reliability for your pet’s wellbeing.


  • Efficient weight gain formula
  • Anti-inflammatory supplement
  • Improves strength and sustains energy
  • Enhances dog’s skin coat
  • High nutritional value



9. Dyne High Calorie/Weight Gainer Liquid for Dogs

Here is another dog food. We are sure your dog won’t resist because it comes in Vanilla flavor, which is super-tasty. Mix it with the kibbles or any wet food to feed your dog enough calories he needs to get smarter. This food is specifically designed to meet the need of the nutritious needs of skinny and underweight dogs.

This High-Calorie weight gainer is suitable for all dogs of all ages. You can feed it to your injured dog or your cute little pup to provide him the necessary mass and energy he needs to be healthy and active. It is a very convenient way to add calories to your dog’s diet. It provides sufficient energy, promotes weight gain, and prevents dehydration.

This weight gainer looks like condensed milk and has a delightful aroma that attracts the dogs. It works quicker than the ordinary weight gainers and shows results within a month.


  • A liquid weight gainer is easy to use
  • Suitable for all types of dogs and ages
  • It has a sweet aroma and tasty vanilla flavor dogs like


  • It works slower than the other weight gainer.

10. Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer for Dogs

Miracle Vet weight gainer uses Whey protein, one of the finest and energizing proteins globally.

It is made up of safe and chemical-free ingredients. All the constituents are organic and do not harm the animal. Also, it is incredibly easy to use. Just mix it with the kibbles or any wet food to provide your dog with the necessary nutrition and proteins he needs to grow smart.


  • It comes in liquid form
  • Easy to use
  • It contains a high amount of good fats
  • Free from harsh chemicals, filler, and preservatives


  • Smells smokey

A Quick Buying guide for the best bullies supplements to gain muscles 

Everybody wants to see his dog in good shape, especially those who are a parent of a bully because the bullies are usually masculine than the other breeds. However, there are several ways how you can improve muscle mass. First, of course, exercise is a natural way to do so, but using a high-quality supplement that is VET-approved and safe and certified can work wonders on your bully’s body mass.

The following are some of the essential facts and considerations you should go through to buy a reasonable muscle gaining supplement for your bully.

Benefits of Using Muscle Gaining Supplements

Muscle gaining supplements are an easy way to aid muscle growth. They help to maintain muscle efficiently and show quicker results than other strategies. Moreover, they are easy to use and do not require you to make extensive efforts. Also, they have several health benefits that add significant value to their utility. So, let’s dig into some of their interests.

Improves the Stamina 

Dogs are one of the most active partners in adventurous trips, but they get lazy and weak as they age. So, the muscle gaining supplements strengthen their muscles to the extent that they do not weaken so early and keep performing well. In addition, they keep your pets active so that they may contribute to the activities efficiently.

Improves Recovery 

These supplements get your dog’s muscles recovered fast if they encounter any injury or tear. That is why the Vets highly recommend them. In addition, these supplements can be used after the surgery because they help heal the torn muscles.

Strengthen Joints

Muscle-building supplements also strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons. The joints of the dogs weaken with age, but their joints will work efficiently for a long time if you feed them with high-quality supplements.

Prevents Obesity 

These supplements also burn calories and extra fats from the body of your lovely canines that make them sluggish. They increase lean muscles and keep them healthy and active.

Factors to Consider while buying dog supplements for muscle gain

You must ponder several factors when you buy a reasonable supplement for your canine friend because these supplements offer a lifelong impact on their well-being and increase their lives.

Check the ingredients considerately. 

Your bully’s health is your serious concern. That is why you cannot compromise on his health by buying cheap supplements that deteriorate his shape. So, it is recommended to read the information on the label or check out the website for useful information about the product.

Some manufacturers disclose all the information about the ingredients on the label, while some do not. So, it is better to do extensive research before buying a supplement, especially if your dog has a medical history or is allergic to some compounds.

Nutritional Value

A high-quality supplement should be rich in proteins and amino acids because they are the main constituents that promote healthy muscles. Such supplements may include fish, meat, chicken and fertilized egg yolk, etc. In addition, ensure that the supplements are free from additives, fillers, and other useless constituents that do not benefit the body.

Veterinarian Approved

Buy only those supplements that are approved by the Vets or formulated by the experts. These supplements should be lab-tested or clinically proven so that they do not have side effects on your pet.

Dog’s Age   

Consider your dog’s age as the first and foremost significant factor and buy the supplement accordingly. Most of the supplements are age-appropriate, or some may be designed for all ages and breeds. Our collection also includes some suitable supplements for all ages, while some are designed explicitly for pups or senior dogs.

Final Words

Supplements are a useful aid when it comes to your bully’s health and muscle gain, but finding the right one is a bit risky because your pet’s health is something you cannot compromise. So, please find out the bestselling muscle gaining supplements above that offer fast and visible results, and let us know in the comments section about your experience using our top-rated picks.

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