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13 Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

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Pitbulls are the most exciting dog breed, keep good care of their health, they can turn into a valuable breed. When you bring a new Pitbull, you might be looking for the best suitable food.

Because you want to have food that will nourish them with an appropriate number of micronutrients, how are you going to find the best food? For this, you require to spend much time researching to see which food would be perfect for your Pitbull dog,

However, the things that matter a lot are brands, the one you choose to find food in the range of prices and varieties, but probably the quality is not as good as desired. So, a prerequisite is to find a brand that goes well in all aspects, either its reasonable prices or high-quality, nutritious food.

Let’s take a look at the best dog food for Pitbulls:

1. Taste of Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food


The Pitbull terriers, either adult or puppy, need high-calorie food full of nutrients that keep them growing. Rather than relying on beef or chicken, the Taste of Wild High Prairie brings a protein-enriched and grain-free diet full of fresh proteins, real buffalo, which also includes meat, venison, and bison.

Meanwhile, this formula contains more than 25% of the recommended amount of protein for Pit bulls that are 30% giving a hypoallergenic plus to keep up with the immune system.

Moreover, dried chicory root, vegetables, and fruits aid in digestion, and Omega-3 and Omega 6 keep the skin itching free, providing 10% moisture, 5% fiber, 17% fat, and 28% protein. Clienteles love to buy this product because their Pit bulls enjoy its delicious taste, which also helps gain weight coupled with healthy ingredients.


  • Protein-enriched aids in gaining muscles mass
  • Real meat combined with fruits: a source of fiber
  • High-quality proteins with a blend of wildfowl, venison, and bison
  • Grain-free with vegetables: a source of carbohydrates


  • Heart disorder or dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Digestive issues with irregular sets

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Denali Dinner, High Protein, Grain-free Dog Food


The evolutionary diet encourages healthy digestion and enhances the working of the immune system with meat as its main ingredient. Blue Buffalo Wilderness is made with real chicken having an optimal amount of amino acids (protein), endorsing the Pit bull’s energy and long life.

There are no artificial ingredients that are either allergic or harmful for your dog; instead, it’s a complete blend of veggies and fruits combined with anti-inflammatories, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Additionally, it provides support for stronger teeth and bones and healthier joints, whereas refining your Pitbull skin helps him boost against any infections.

Besides this, its formulation is a higher protein profile than the Taste of Wild High Protein, i.e., 34%, containing chicken and fish sources. Although it is not allergic, it removes the effects of grains, but the allergenicity of chicken remains.


  • Real chicken loaded with vitamins & minerals: a source of protein
  • Highly consumable kibble along with DHA for a delicate stomach
  • No grain but full of healthy carbs
  • Support for dog’s immune system by enriched antioxidants


  • Probably cause skin reactions in dogs
  • Harder for an old dog to chew because of flakey kibble

3. Natural Balance L.I.D Dry Dog Food


The less brings the best; Natural Balance L.I.D is perfect for medium breed Pit bulls who have allergic reactions because of its limited ingredient diet espoused by fish and sweet potato.

The formula includes chicken like Taste of Wild high protein or Blue buffalo wilderness neither allergic grains, relatively formed with more simple ingredients with high nutritional value.

Furthermore, this limited ingredient has 10% fat and 15% protein content, less than the required protein ratio. Still, if your dog is suffering from any digestive or kidney problem, this solution serves them most likely.

Your Pitbull will get an abundant amount of energy, a better skin coat, improved musculature, and overall fitness through this.


  • An extensive array of flavors for all tastes, i.e., fish, sweet potato, bison, and venison
  • Single source of protein: Salmon
  • Premium source of carbohydrates: Sweet potatoes
  • Perfect food for sensitive or prone to allergic dogs
  • Ideal for all Pitbull terriers, i.e., puppies, adults, or seniors


  • It might cause discoloration of the dog’s skin coat
  • Probably still not best for extremely sensitive Pitbull

4. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food


A premium picks food that comes in various protein sources than the Blue Wilderness but harder to accomplish the protein profile of the Taste of High Wild Protein and is a contender in the list of dog foods. 

Wellness core natural has similar protein part that of Blue wilderness as 34% but more fat part than Natural balance as 12%. For optimal joint health, its nutrient content rises than the Blue wilderness, adding glucosamine and chondroitin.

The package is full of goodness made for energetic breeds with no wheat, additives, soy, by-products, or preservatives. It contains chicken and turkey with many blends of poultry, wild game, and fishes that give full advantage of the wholesome value of grain-free formulation.

Boost your Pitbull’s health, digestion, and immune system through this probiotic; a prebiotic batch of dense nutrients ends up with a balanced life.


  • Chicory root, plenty of fiber combined with prebiotics and probiotics make digestion easy.
  • Pack includes Blueberries and Spinach, enriched with antioxidants
  • Primary ingredient chicken: the prime source of protein


  • Might give bad batches due to moldy food
  • Sometimes ends up with diarrhea

5. Diamond Naturals Adult Large Breed Real Meat Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals
$73.99 ($1.85 / lb)
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10/23/2022 03:39 am GMT


Are you in search of high-quality Pitbull dog food that helps in gaining weight? Then, the best choice is the Taste of wild high protein than the large breed Diamond Naturals pet food. However, its fat content is significantly lower, i.e., 13%, than 

Wellness core, while protein content is more, i.e., 24%, than Natural balance. However, the features are the same as Wellness with the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin, but only available in chicken, lamb, and rice preparations.

Moreover, we can’t say it gluten-free, as it’s free from wheat, soy, and corn (the allergic grains), but it has healthier ones that are barley and brown rice. It is perfect for Pitbulls of all ages, having 329 calories and probiotics that ensure proper metabolism and digestion.

For general health and overall stamina, the formula includes minerals, vitamins, and balanced fat levels with carbs, facilitating joint problems.


  • 13 grams of healthy fats and 329 calories per serving
  • The mitigations of join issues are done by glucosamine and chondroitin
  • To get bigger and looks muscular, protein-rich cage-free chicken is perfect


  • Unhappy customers with the new formula
  • Quite pricey and only available in bigger packaging

6. Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food


A performance dog food product for highly active dogs undergoes training a gain weight having real meat as a primary ingredient. Bully Max High Performance is the best option for dog owners due to the meat-based recipe and high calories.

It’s free of additives, preservatives, allergic grains (soy, wheat, and corn), and artificial flavors but has 535 calories per serving to keep the dog energized.

According to an analysis, 10% moisture, 3.8% fiber, 220% fat, and 30% protein formulation.

Likewise, a grain-free and calorie enriched pack is best suited to athlete dogs or the ones who needed to bulk up with stiff muscles without becoming obese. You might have bought other brands because of their low prices and left it over, but its triple-layered monitoring made it’s the prominent one – offering the best high-performance food for Pit bulls.


  • Number of calories than another array of food in the same class
  • Durable quality with the triple check monitoring system
  • Best for athlete dogs for gaining weight
  • 30% amino acid content to give the power from all-natural sources


  • Overly expensive
  • Need to reconsider the investment, if yours is not active

7. Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE
$72.99 ($2.03 / lb)
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10/23/2022 03:38 am GMT


The best affordable dog food is becoming a part of households for Pitbulls and other dogs enriched with glucosamine to keep the joints lubricated, healthy, and supportive. 

Purina, one smart blend is an excellent energy source for dogs having no preservatives or by-product meals; instead, it includes the mixture of venison and real turkey. However, other options are available, but this one of the high-end dog foods.

Similarly, get strong support through a 30% protein recipe combined with the primary ingredient, i.e., real turkey, 3% fiber, 17% fat, and 12% moisture. While this formulation contains grains, the central component is the meal, which helps resolve problems like stomach gas or upset digestion.

Besides this, it has vitamin-B supplements (power-packed ingredient) and gluten plus some soy by-products, so buy only if your dog can slurp all and feel the benefit.


  • Tender morsels, easy to chew, balanced diet pack
  • A complete nutritional value: Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants
  • No allergic or unhealthy ingredient, wholesome perfect
  • Pack more muscles with 30% real Tuna and Salmon


  • Food has a strong smell
  • Buy from local stores; quality might be comprised by buying online.

8. AvoDerm Natural Advanced Senior Health Dry Dog Food

AvoDerm Senior
$69.99 ($2.92 / lb)
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03/01/2024 03:41 am GMT


The older Pitbulls need more care and nutrients for added joint support with advantages of glucosamine and chondroitin braces with high protein content. 

Avoderm Natural Health consists of both docosahexaenoic acid (best for brain and eyes) and avocadoes (for additional vitamins and antioxidants).

The grain-free meat prioritizes chicken and lamb as primary ingredients for senior dogs to retain weight and health.

Though it seems to be the best dog food on the earth, having 28% protein, 6% fiber, and 10% fat and moisture to keep the dog lively, keep going, and bouncy even at an older age.

With this, avocado oil in the recipe keeps its skin fresh, itch-free, adequately nourished, and comfortable.


  • Avocados work to boost your aging dog’s coat and skin
  • Free of wheat, corn, and soy whereas filled with vitamins and minerals to zing up your dog’s system
  • Best for Senior Pitbull Dog
  • Protein from lamb and chicken to convey your Pitbull all the ability he desires


  • Large pieces of kibble, hard to swallow sometimes

9. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Dog Food


Sometimes it becomes difficult for older dogs to chew and swallow the chunky and moldy food, then this diet serves their craving needs with enriched protein and complex carbohydrates. 

Buffalo Freedom Grain Free does not pose any problem for you, Pitbull, because of hearty stews and wet food, forming a balanced diet for adults. But how? Because of 78% moisture, 1.5% fiber, 6% fat, and 8% protein, an effective way to add extra moisture.

Occasionally, dog owners face the problem that their old dogs are not taking enough water, so this wet food fulfills the requirements by keeping them dehydrated as water sources plus protein sources.

Chicken is a primary ingredient paired with veggies and fruits for antioxidants and nutrients and easily digestible potatoes and oatmeal.


  • Gluten-free, highly digestible
  • Minimal Blotting as compared to other dog foods
  • Easy going recipe for fussy dogs and best for active dogs


  • Food gets spoiled if left unused and opened, save it, or use the full portion.

10. Instinct by Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe


Do you have Pitbull with food sensitives? Or your Pitbull suffer from chronic digestive problems? This Limited Ingredient Diet contains duck as a single protein source and only on vegetables, which makes it full of nutrients and easy to swallow and digest.

The limited ingredients in this formulation help you keep your dog from taking eggs, dairy, or grains, which are the major causes of bloating or stomach upsets.

However, plenty of protein through freeze-dried cage-free duck and richer omegas and antioxidants makes your dog energized and playful.

It works as a wonder for food-sensitive dogs due to the natural diet without any additives, coupled with 10% moisture, 3% fiber, 17% fat, and 27% protein that helps provide lean muscle mass.


  • Highly suitable for large, medium, and small breeds
  • Grains-free with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Raw formula along with probiotics for an ideal diet


  • Chicken fat and the chicken meal might cause allergies.

11. Supreme Source Premium Turkey meal & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Supreme Source
$20.63 ($0.43 / ounce)
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10/23/2022 03:37 am GMT


The most inexpensive Pitbull dog food that every owner loves to take away because of its composition. Supreme source premium is made with flavors of turkey with the combinations of veggies and fruits and sweet potatoes to provide minerals and vitamins essential for your pup.

Not only this, but Vitamin A, E, and flaxseeds, and salmon oil are also enriched with Omegas and a Long chain of DHA to ensure eye and brain development, healthy and nutritious skin coat.

Pit bulls have natural athletic propensities to keep them up. Sweet potatoes with chickpeas give instant energy without fillers like wheat, soy, corn, or other by-products.

A complete nutritional package that aids in digestion with a fusion of deboned chicken, full of amino acids, wholesome vegetables, and zero grains to have your dog free of any issues and mollify his nutritional desires.


  • Gluten-free, grain-free, protein-enriched recipe
  • Made for adults of life with enhanced fiber
  • Available in different bag sizes


  • Not favorite of picky eaters
  • Not suitable for the preferences of non-GMO food

12. Merrick Grain-free Dog Food

$47.98 ($4.00 / lb)

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10/23/2022 03:39 am GMT


Merrick Grain-free has developed a high-quality formulation that is helpful for breeds that build muscle, grain-free combined with protein-based and rich in fat, creating it extraordinarily edible and easily absorbable by the body.

It is designed with freeze-dried raw chicken items to deliver a flavor your Pitbull can love. Boneless beef is the main ingredient, followed by wholesome fruits and vegetables, including peas, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and apples.

This formula delivers a style handily prepacked for you, the adult life stage dog, that excludes any filler as wheat, soy, or corn, preservatives, and additives to keep up the growth and maintenance of the pooch.

The recipe is full of savory and lip-licking taste, paired with probiotics and minerals.


  • Created with 96% chicken ingredients, loaded with macromolecule and fats
  • Incredibly edible, rich in wetness, and chelated minerals
  • Fiber for healthy digestion
  • Answer for gluten intolerances, allergies, and chronic illness


  • Contains some thickeners
  • May cause diarrhea

13. Orijen High Protein, Grain-Free Premium Quality Dog Food


Buy Now On Amazon
08/10/2022 08:46 pm GMT


Orijen Dog Food becomes one of the best dog food because of its quality ingredients that make the price worthy. It includes fresh ingredients as chicken, meat, and turkey sourced from US Ranchers, fishers, and farmers that never got frozen.  

Moreover, an animal-based protein with a grain-free meal has 33% protein sourced from fresh chicken and turkey to serve your dog in the best delicious way and keep him or her healthy.

Besides this, the diet contains 20% fat and 15% fiber for healthy tissue development, strong bones, easy digestion, and energy providers for all stages of life. It structures with an ideal protein profile and nutritional value with appropriate portions of carbs, proteins, fruits, and vegetables for the dogs to be playful and active.

Therefore, there are no other foods, especially kibbles, that serve dog owners with natural formula and fresh meat.


  • A testament to resolving any digestive issues
  • Freshly sourced high-quality ingredients
  • Includes organic ingredients like pumpkin & kale
  • Grain-free, high protein formula


  • Customers reported their dogs don’t like this switch in a recipe
  • Little pricey but reliable
  • Difficult availability in local stores

Buying Guide:

Pitbulls are best known for protecting people with certain tricks and having strong muscular strength. Most of the time, they are used as guard dogs by police and bomb sniffers by searching teams due to their high energy and ability to lean against reprobates.

However, they must be healthy and gain a proper, healthy, and nutritious diet to please their owners and succeed in every physical activity, such as competing in the dog shows.

  • Features to consider

Although a healthy diet is essential and is an imperative component that many dog owners ignore, by getting an appropriate amount of supplements and meals, you can make a significant difference in their living.

Whenever you go to buy dog food or order online, please take into account all the goods and bad, as well as their suitability for your dog breed. Keep in mind the weight, energy needed, and nutrients to your Pitbull dog for a balanced life.

  •  Protein Share

Proteins are highly significant because they help in the creation and development of structure and supporting tissues. The primary component is an amino acid, which is also present in enzymes, hormones, and other body secretions.

Moreover, one gram of protein provides 3.5 calories and gives excellent benefits because the body does not prepare these amino acids.  So, to keep up the ideal nutritional value, they should be provided from an external source.

Poultry, meat, and fish are high-quality animal proteins, but make sure that you have made a proper protein profile containing portions of various proteins to avoid any allergic problems and keeping up a balanced diet.

  • Fat Portion

We all know water and oil are not mixed, and we consider fats as ‘bad.’ However, everyone perceived them wrong because they are as essential as other items.

They help in making the cell membranes and can only be dissolved entirely at that place. Diet fats include triglycerides, free fatty acids, and glycerol and serve as the protective barrier in the cells to keep water retained inside.

Additionally, they aid in the development of the nervous system, production of prostaglandins (mediator of inflammation), and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins that can’t be dissolved in the blood.

  • Carbohydrates Content

Before buying any dog food, make sure it has an optimal amount of carbs because most of the meals have a high carb portion and only fiber, which is insoluble and has fewer calories.

Thus, inactive dogs should be given a high fiber diet, while playful should get a low fiber diet with soluble carbs. Healthy carbs are the foundation of the dog’s food and can be obtained from wholesome grains, fruits, vegetables, or simple sugars but should be given according to the weight of the Pitbull. The primary purpose is to keep them thrilled and lively.

  • Grains-free formula

The healthy tummy of your beloved dogs can get disturbed because of fillers, additives, and grains in the recipe that cause digestive problems and make it harder for them to consume food. You should also avoid soy, wheat, and corn and depend upon lean meat dog food for their fitness.

Although we see all food contains protein, grains, and carbohydrates that are a high energy source, and you might think if all can cause allergies, what should I give my dog? The best way is to figure out the triggering allergen food and then choose the meal that doesn’t cause allergies to him or her.

  • Mineral & Vitamins rations 

This is a notion that veggies and fruits only have vitamins and minerals, while meat has fats and protein. But it all goes wrong; fruits and vegetables have other micronutrients, whereas beef also contains a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.

The essential minerals for the growth of Pitbulls are iron (known for the production of hemoglobin and transport of oxygen in the red blood cells) and calcium plus phosphorus (helpful in skeletal development). Similarly, the necessary vitamins are A, B, C, and E, where Vit-A, C, and E are known for general health Vit-B for optimal metabolism.


Taking care of Pitbull terrier depends upon several factors; the food you feed them entirely depends upon age, size, activity level, metabolism, or build. Each dog is inherently different from a varied pooch breed, having varied eating and digesting frequency, so all of them can’t have some kind and amount of food. While approaching the best food for your dogs, keep the pros and cons of the available range of products in the market.

So, for your easiness, presented a buyer’s guide for the best Pitbull dog foods available because we can see some food are full of ingredients. Still, they are not as healthy as they look, some are having a smaller number of nutrients, and few are mixed up with fillers and by-products.

Do you like to serve your dog unhealthy food? Doesn’t it will create health problems? How will you be able to enhance its activity levels? Therefore, before purchasing any meal, give an in-depth look into the best ones with contented supplements and the right ingredients.


How many times should I feed my Pitbull?

Puppies are fed 2 to 3 times a day while the adults are fed one to tew times a day as per their weight. It would be best if you got a chart giving information about the serving according to the Pitbull’s weight because the ones with 50 pounds require more food but with 30 pounds require less to keep up their energy.

Why some dog foods have harmful impacts? 

A: Some new formulas have particular ingredients that don’t suit your dog because of their sensitive stomach or body’s condition. So, always try to test the original food recipe in small portions or bring their health adapted to the best food in the market.

What should I do if I find something wrong with the dog food? 

A: Some dog foods are shipped from farther regions, and they got spoiled due to their poor packagings, so you must check the parcel when you receive it at your doorstep. It is recommended to buy from local stores rather than online.

Which foods develop allergies in Pitbulls?

A: All dog breeds are prone to allergies, but the Pitbulls have a higher probability of getting into that due to chicken, corn, beef, dairy, meat, or any additives. So try to protect your pooch from any allergies by switching to novel protein and carbohydrates formula.

How should I feed my Pitbull so that he/she can gain muscles? 

A: Every Pitbull owner wants that their Pitbulls should be fit for any running competition or guarding their homes. For this, follow the instruction manual on the food box, make a proper schedule for feeding times, get them checked by their vet for adequate diet intake in optimal amounts, and add some wet meals to keep them well hydrated in dry seasons.

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