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5 Best Dog Subscription Box in 2022

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Are you looking for the best dog subscription box?  Read on to this comprehensive article to know the most popular and well-known dog subscription boxes around.

Dog subscription boxes are all the trend these days, which means it’s time to get your furry friend in action. These subscription boxes come to your door and are jam-packed with treats, toys, and gears to refresh your dog’s entertainment stuff each month.  With their rising popularity, there is one product to suit every type of dog. 

So whether you have an aggressive pet in the house that tears through every toy you purchase or have one that goes for serious snuggles,  know that the market has you covered.   There are hundreds and thousands of dog subscription boxes on the market.  It can make the buying process more challenging.   This article will discuss the five best dog subscription boxes to help you make a wise decision.  

1. Super Chewer – For Aggressive Chewers, Durable Dog Toys 

Super Chewer

The toughest and most durable dog toys, Designed for your super-chewing best friend.

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If you own a moody pet,  this subscription is an ideal choice to opt for!  Every toy present in the Super Chewer by BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box is designed by skillful professionals.  Moreover, every item in the container is tested by the company-owned dogs to ensure they stand up to the toughest use.  The toys are made with strong nylon and rubber material, which means they are solely made for chomping. 

You will receive new dog toys and treats every month.  With this box, you can surprise your pooch with unique and different items to drool over and enjoy. The Super Chewer by BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box comes with 2 rough and tough dog toys that are mostly fluff-free.  Your dog will also get 2 full-size bags of fresh and healthy dog treats as well as 2 meaty dog chews. 

Learning from the previous buyers,  we can say that the subscription box is perfect for your puppies.  It has allergy-friendly options to prevent your dog from catching the reaction.  Moreover, you will always see changing playstyles and materials crafted and designed according to your dog preferences.  The biggest advantage of this subscription box is that it is ideal for aggressive chewers and dogs that prefer to play rough. 

This best animal subscription box is made with high-quality ingredients.  They are free from corn, wheat and soya to avoid any allergic reaction. They are made in the United States and Canada globally source and excellent quality raw materials. 


  • Gives enriching playtime
  • New themes every month
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Tough dog toys
  • All-natural ingredients


  • A bit expensive

2. BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box


Dog Chew Toys, Dog Treats, Dental Chews, Dog Supplies Themed Monthly Box

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This product is a monthly subscription of healthy treats and original toys customized to your dog’s requirements.  The in-house team of the company manufactures every toy with lots of care.  They select the best and all-natural ingredients for the chews and treats. Each box is made around a fun theme, so your dog gets to enjoy a new adventure every month. 

But what comes in BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box?   The box is packed with 2 full bags of treats,  2  original toys, and a delicious chew.  You will also find yummy dog dental chews in the subscription box.  The best thing about BarkBox is that it has energy-friendly options curated for your dog.  The company is always changing playstyles and materials crafted for your dog and their precise demands.  You can choose a Large dog box that only weighs around 20 pounds. 

If your pet loves to trash, tug or tear the toys,  this dog subscription box for heavy chewers has everything covered.  The toy basket is full of squeaky dog toys,  spiky ball toys, interactive dog toys, dog chew toys,  puppy toys,  dog toy rope,  and dog toys for aggressive chewers. 

What attracts the potential buyers the most is that the chews and treats are both made with high-quality ingredients. All the stuff included in the basket is free of corn, wheat, and soy to prevent triggering any type of allergic reaction in your dog.  


  • Healthy dog treats
  • Perfect for your puppies
  • High-quality and great value stuff
  • New theme for every month
  • Allergy-friendly option


  • Toys are a little too large for some puppies

3. Gnaw Box – Nature Gnaws Dog Chew Treats – Subscription Box: Large Dog GnawBox

This Large dog chews subscription box is one of the most prominent products on the market.  The subscription box is filled with about 15 to 20 Nature Gnaw’s most famous and popular dog treats every month. This treat box is a perfect and long-lasting reward for many pet owners for their Large breeds and light chewer dogs. 

The single-ingredient dog chews consist of a mix of jerky chews,  bully sticks,  tripe twists,  beef tendons,  deer antlers,  and salmon skins.  With so many options, we are sure your dog will fall in love with his subscription box. 

The biggest plus that comes with Gnaw Box Subscription Box is that it has the best alternative to chemically manufactured rawhide bones and twists.  The products are cleaned with water and oven-baked to perfection without a hint of artificial ingredients and additives. Daily chewing of the treats helps decrease tartar and plaque to give your dogs strong and healthy teeth and gums.  It also helps eliminate bad breath and keep your dog fresh at all times. 

Every product included in this Best Dog Subscription Box has to go through five steps safety process. The process includes fresh raw material sourcing,  irradiation,  professional lab testing,  hand packaging in the  United States, and UV disinfection of the manufacturing facility.  The company is in partnership with their local farmers to source natural products and help support different communities worldwide.  They use human-grade food testing means to make sure that the shoes are free of bacterial contamination. 


  • Simple natural and delicious chews
  • Long-lasting
  • Supports dental health
  • Dogs  love them
  • Rawhide free treats


  • Too many choices at once

4. The Dapper Dog Box – Curated Fun Themed Dog Toys, Treats, and Accessories

With the Dapper Dog Box, you can now create lasting memories with your furry little friend every month.  This subscription box includes five full-sized goodies.  All the products included in the box are curated around fun themes such as fiesta,  birthday parties, happy holidays, and under the sea.  Every staff member and designer in the company handpick the cutest and most high-quality products that every dog is bound to love and enjoy. 

Every month you and your dog will receive  2 toys, 2 chews or treats,  and a limited-edition Bandana that is only available at The Dapper Dog company. 

This is the only dog subscription box that comes with a special dog bandana every month. Your puppy will surely look adorable in such trendy accessories.  The brand is a dog manufacturer focused on natural chews and treats.  They emphasize products manufactured in the United States.  They know every dog has a different preference, which is why they try to include various types of treats to surprise your dog. With this product,  no that you will never get a rawhide or animal bone in the subscription. 

In general,  this Best Dog Subscription Box 2021 is an ideal choice for caring dog owners.  It is best for people who want to show their dogs some extra love every month and keep them healthy, happy, and entertained. 


  • Custom-designed dog Bandana
  • Adorable plush toys
  • Curated around fun themes
  • Single-ingredient treats
  • Allergy-free content


  • Easy to destruct

5. Bark If You Want Some – Premium Dog Products Subscription Box

Bark If You Want Some Subscription Box provides you and your dog with an enjoyable and unforgettable experience every time you open the carton.  It is because the received box contains premium items and surprising innovations touch your dog will immediately become fond of!

Every box is filled with 6 to 7 high-quality,  durable, and amazing toys specially crafted per your dog’s requirement.  If you are tired of getting old, cheap, and outdated products for your puppy,  it is time to try this box and get the ultimate package of premium items every month. 

With every box, your companion will receive raincoats, jackets, collars, treats, toys, leashes, and several other surprises.  The best thing is that all the items are backed with satisfaction and durability.  It means you never have to worry about dealing with things that are not suitable for your pet. 

The products are treated with silver shield technology.  It helps eliminate foul odors and the accumulation of bacteria to keep your dog fresh.  Cold alert and UV alert technology is also included to protect the dog from harsh weather conditions. 

The box includes Mr. Piggy, a plush and soft toy that squeaks under your dog’s attack.  It is undoubtedly the safest enjoyment for your pet.  The Monster unicorn toy is made of the toughest woven nylon to challenge your aggressive chewer. Some of the items are inspired by TV shows and movies as well.


  • Oven-baked dog treats
  • Highly innovative items
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Tested and pet approved
  • Affordable


  • Does not allow customization

Final Thoughts

There you go!  These are our five best dog subscription boxes for the year.  All these products are the best-selling and highly rated ones in the market, but that real winner for us is BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box.  It has some of the cutest seasonal themes with durable stitching on the toys.  With so many fun-themed boxes and guaranteed satisfaction, this affordable dog subscription box will surely delight you and your dog with every delivery month.

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