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5 Best Dog Food For American Bully

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The American Pitbull Terrier is a beautiful dog that originated from cross-breeding Bullies and Terrier breeds. They were initially bred as farm dogs but have become one of the most popular dog lovers breeds. The Pitbulls and American Bullies have a good temperament. They are friendly and eager to please their owners. They are brilliant but can be strong-willed and require a strong pack leader to train them.

All dogs must understand their position in the pack; consistency is the key to a well-trained and happy dog. Dog training should begin when the dogs are puppies, and repetition is essential to ensure a good temperament and well-adjusted family member. Although Pit/American Bullies have a reputation as aggressive, they’re among the most gentle of all dog breeds in reality.

Let’s look at the importance of nutrition for American Bullies and what foods are best for them.

Nutritional Needs of American Bully

Like other breeds, American Bullies have different nutritional needs at every stage of their life. They need the proper amount of nutrients to maintain lean muscle. An adult dog will weigh approximately 30 to 90 pounds when fully grown and requires higher protein levels than some other breeds.

At the stage when Pitbull puppies are being weaned, which is between four and six weeks, they’re learning to lap liquids and eat solid foods. Puppy food must be mixed with milk formula for puppies or water, making the food easier to digest. By the time they’re six to eight weeks old, they’ve learned to eat and don’t need their food mixed with liquid. However, there should be sufficient liquid in American Bully Food being weaned to ensure they’re hydrated enough.

Puppies grow rapidly between the ages of eight and 14 months and need more fats, vitamins, protein, and minerals for optimum growth. In addition, puppies have a lot of energy and need food that’s higher in calories than food for adult dogs, who are usually active but don’t have the high energy levels of young puppies.

Bullies typically reach their adult height at about 14 months, so it’s time to switch to adult dog food. However, it may take them several months longer for them to reach their adult weight. Check with your veterinarian for recommendations.

Adult American Bully needs a balanced diet, which should be based on their size, age, and amount of exercise they get daily. Older dogs may not be as active and don’t burn calories as easily as younger dogs with a higher activity level. So choose your dog’s food accordingly. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best food for your dog.

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Taste that your dog will love
  • High-quality ingredients
  • No artificial colors or chemicals
  • No fillers
  • Convenient packaging

Here Are The Best American Bully Food

1. VICTOR Select – Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula

It’s a high-protein, tasty formula created with only the best ingredients. The Victor brand is one of the highest quality dry dog foods for every breed and provides your dog with these benefits. The holistic formula, High-quality protein,

Low carbohydrates are fortified with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, and amino acids, promoting healthy immune and digestive systems.

2. Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

has a taste appealing to dogs, is nutritionally balanced, and has an excellent rating among the top dog food brands. Bully Max High-Performance has a five-star rating. The formula is meat-based, so dogs love the taste. There aren’t any soy, wheat, or corn fillers in the recipe, and it’s made with natural ingredients. Bully Max dog food is 20 percent fat and 30 percent protein-based.

3. BULLY PERFORMANCE All Life Stage Dog Food

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08/06/2022 12:09 am GMT

it’s an excellent choice for the dog who’s a finicky eater. This dog food is specially formulated for bully breeds. The main ingredient is high-quality meat protein sources that help develop lean muscle mass. It contains no by-products, corn gluten, corn, wheat, or soy, in BULLY PERFORMANCE Ingredient, and it’s very palatable, so your dog is sure to love it.

4. Taste of Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

The American Bully, either adult or puppy, need high-calorie food full of nutrients that keep them growing. So rather than usually relying on beef or chicken, the Taste of Wild High Prairie brings a protein-enriched and grain-free diet full of fresh proteins and real buffalo, including meat, venison, and bison. Meanwhile, this formula contains more than 25% of the recommended amount of protein for Pit bulls that are 30% giving a hypoallergenic plus to keep up with the immune system.

5. Maximum Bully High Performance Dry Dog Food

Maximum Bully High Performance Dry Dog Food
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it’s an excellent choice for a Pitbull or American Bully at every life stage. The food is created to be nutritionally complete, so you know your dog is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay healthy. Young dogs, as well as senior dogs, can easily digest this high-quality food.

Any dog food on this list provides a Pitbull/American Bully with all the essential nutrients for good health. Dogs are like people since they have different nutritional needs. 

The average caloric intake for an adult dog is 30 calories for each pound of body weight. For a Pitbull/American Bully, this means they must consume between 900 and 1,800 calories each day. Since they’re more muscular than many other breeds, they may be able to consume 35 to 40 calories per pound. 

The average Pitbull could then consume between 1,050 and 2,400 calories per day. The best way to determine your dog’s caloric intake should be to discuss it with your vet.

How To Choose The Right Bully Food

Nutritional Tips for Puppies and Adult Dogs

Every pup deserves a long, healthy life. Pet owners that make an effort to keep their dogs at their optimum level of health will receive the rewards of a best friend that is strong, fit, and happy. The most important factor that affects health is nutrition. The proper diet is essential for pit bulls and the American Bully because they are high-energy creatures who can suffer from particular skin and health conditions.

You should always feed your dog nutritionally balanced, high-quality dog food. Bullies are a high-energy breed, so you may want to consider natural food for Large dogs. The first ingredient in your dog’s diet should always be lean meat, fish, or poultry. If the food contains carbohydrates, it should be easy to digest. Some dogs digest carbohydrates easier than others. You should always choose food that doesn’t have more than five percent dietary fiber. It will be more comfortable for your Bully puppy to adjust to an adult formula if it’s similar in content to what the puppy is accustomed to eating.

Meet Protein Needs

Protein repairs and builds muscle to bully and keeps body tissue healthy. A diet with adequate protein ensures the dog has the amino acids to avoid various health problems. In addition, protein is necessary for hair growth, healthy skin, and a powerful immune system. Energy also relies on protein, and with the amount of energy a pit bull or bully expends each day, their diet must help replenish the loss.

Highly digestible, a good quality protein is necessary for puppies because their growing bodies do not digest or use protein as efficiently or effectively as adult dogs. Choose food that includes products like eggs rather than those that rely on grain or meat by-products. Do not worry about only serving puppies.

Please read the ingredient label instead to ensure they get what they need. An excellent choice for food for adult pits and bullies is 50-70 percent protein. Muscle meat, organ or offal meat, and eggs are good options that include micronutrients and amino acids the dog needs. Fish and poultry also provide a reasonable amount of protein. Pet owners can either select quality dry food with these ingredients or supplement their main food source with these options.

Watch Vitamin Levels

  • Vitamin A helps dogs to have healthy skin, eyes, and immune systems.
  • Vitamin B control metabolism and energy, regulate hormones and protect against disease.
  • Vitamin C helps to improve cognition and can reduce inflammation. Other vitamins keep bones and muscles strong, protect brain function, and reduce the risk of reproductive issues.

Nutritionally complete dog food will include all the vitamins the dog needs. Owners who want to prepare homemade dog food must ensure their recipes include foods that offer these vitamins. Use real ingredients rather than just supplements to make their food nutritionally complete.

Reduce Health Risks

Pit bulls have a high risk of thyroid disease. Some studies suggest that a diet with plenty of protein and antioxidants can reduce the risk of thyroid disease and improve those already with the condition. Organic, grain-free foods are best for these dogs. Hip dysplasia and knee problems affect many larger dogs, but even smaller pit bulls face a high risk.

Dogs that develop these conditions need special diets to help reduce their discomfort and to improve mobility. Avoid processed foods and foods with artificial flavors and colors. Instead, choose whole, natural ingredients when possible. Dog food options that include fish and flaxseed oil help to reduce inflammation. Calcium can reduce arthritis risk, keep bones strong, and prevent further joint damage in dogs with arthritis. Do not give the dog any treats or food, including sugar, corn oil, or salt.

Control Skin Conditions

Unfortunately, pit bulls and bullies have a high risk of skin problems. Some of the issues are genetic, but others are due to allergies. Chemical sensitivity is a common concern that triggers an allergic response. Natural, preservative-free food and treats can reduce reactions. Also, avoid common allergy triggers like soy, wheat, and corn. Fish oil can help to keep the skin healthier. If allergies become a problem, consider a short-term switch to raw beef or poultry to simplify the diet. An allergy immune supplement can also provide relief for allergy-prone pets.

Monitor Food Amounts

Free-eating, the method where the owner keeps dry food always available, is a great way to make a dog obese. Unfortunately, Pitbulls and Bullies can have appetites as large as their hearts, leading to health issues. Obesity causes arthritis and hip dysplasia, a reality, raising the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Feed puppies frequently because their fast metabolism will burn the energy quickly. From 3-6 months, allow the dog to have a quarter-cup of dry food around 4-6 times a day. Increase the amount slightly as the pup grows. Continue with this until the dog reaches about 18- months. Large adult dogs should have about one cup of dry food three times per day. For example, if feeding the dog twice a day, give half their daily amount at each feeding.

Do not give an entire serving at once to dogs that gulp their food. Bloat is a serious concern, so consider supervising their mealtime. Give the dog half their allotted amount, allow them to wait a few minutes, and then offer the rest of the serving. Allow time for the pet to digest their meal before a walk or run. An hour or two of quiet time is usually adequate.

Monitor the dog to make sure the amounts given are appropriate. The dog’s activity level, size, genetics, and age will determine how much the pet needs. For example, an adult Pitbull or Bully typically weighs between 30-90 pounds, although larger. However, weight is not the only guideline, as height and muscle mass can allow some dogs to carry more weight.

An easy way to know if a dog needs more or less food is to look at it and pet it. The ribcage of an underweight dog is easily visible and hard to touch. The ribs on a healthy dog are only slightly visible during certain poses and are detectable to the touch but should be covered with a comfortable flesh layer. A belly that sags and a ribcage hidden under a mass of flesh are signs of extra weight.

Choose Smart Diets 

Overweight adult dogs need to remove excess poundage healthily. Begin with exercise and reduce their treats. Swap out high-calorie treats with healthy snacks like carrots or watermelon. Reduce the meal servings by a ¼ -cup a day to prevent your dog from feeling hungry all at once. Always measure their food servings because it is easy to overfeed without realizing it. If the dog does not lose weight after a week or two on a diet, schedule a vet appointment. Some health conditions, like Cushing’s Disease, prevent weight loss.

Final Words

A great diet keeps dogs healthy and happy. A nutritional meal plan does not have to be difficult to prepare or expensive to provide. Studies show that the proper diet can help dogs to live up to two years longer.

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