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Training Secrets For Bully Breeds

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How To Train American Bully Puppy

The term “bully puppy” can describe several different dog breeds. Among the dogs that are considered to be Bully Breeds are:

The breeds that are considered to be bully dogs have distinct characteristics. All of these dogs descend from Molossers, which were bred as working dogs for daily chores, to protect property, and to protect livestock. The dogs all had short muzzles, short, pendant-type ears, and were very muscular. The Molosser breed originated in Greece.

Despite their reputation, bully dogs are very loving and have an easygoing nature. They’re highly intelligent and very protective of their owners. They’re wonderful companions and are great with children. Some people refer to them as nanny dogs because of their protective nature.

Bullies typically have an affectionate nature and are fun-loving dogs. These dogs are very agile and active. Although some bullies like to lie around, they all need physical exercise and mental stimulation. They require at least 45 minutes of exercise each day. Bullies have a natural prey instinct and are more motivated than some other breeds to chase fast-moving objects, so training is essential.

When Should American Bully Training Start?

Living with a well-adjusted Bully Dog means starting with the basics and teaching a few simple commands. Dogs who are intelligent and eager to please their owners can be trained no matter what age they are, but the earlier you start, the better behaved your dog will be. When you first bring your puppy home is time to begin bully training.

When you begin training your dog, choose a quiet place where there won’t be a lot of distractions. Use a leash and best dog collar that will fit your dog comfortably without hurting him. Bullies are dominant dogs even as puppies, so it’s essential to choose a leash made of a durable material that won’t break. You should always keep your dog leashed during training periods, especially in public places.

Professional trainers agree that the secret to successful American Bully training is using rewards and positive reinforcement. Here are some of the bully training secrets the professionals use to train Bully Breeds.

Important American Bully Training Tips

1. Learn to anticipate how your dog will react in all kinds of situations and avoid situations that make your dog feel uncomfortable or scared.

2. Don’t let people or other animals invade your dog’s space if it’s stressful for him.

3. Learn your dog’s body language. You can tell how your dog is feeling by his facial expression, posture, eyes, and how he’s holding his tail.

4. The more playtime you and your dog have together, the more your dog will love and respect you. Dogs see play as a reward. It’s been shown that people who play with their dogs regularly, communicate with, and understand them better.

How To Use Clicker Training

Clicker Training is one of the most effective ways to train dogs and works exceptionally well with bully dog breeds. The training method uses a clicker or other sound to achieve the desired behavior. Bullies are extremely intelligent, and clicker training allows them to use their intellect to figure out what their owner wants.

One way to begin clicker training is to tell your dog to look at you or watch you while using the clicker. The dog gets a treat when he obeys your command. This exercise is an excellent way to get your dog to focus on you and is great for bonding.

Precise timing is essential when you use the clicker method. If you praise your dog too early or too late, he’ll be confused about why he’s being rewarded. As you become used to the clicker method of training your dog, your timing will improve. It’s essential to focus on your dog and watch what he’s doing when you praise him.

For example, if you tell your dog to sit while using the clicker and he obeys, you immediately offer a treat, so your dog knows exactly why he’s being rewarded. Verbal praise at the same time you reward your dog with a treat reinforces the positive behavior.

Training Through Socialization

As soon as your Bully puppy has had shots, it’s time to begin socialization. Expose your puppy to different situations, so he feels comfortable with people and other animals in various environments. Take your puppy to pet-friendly stores and restaurants. Walk around the mall, so he gets accustomed to other people. Go to a dog park. Let your puppy meet adult dogs that you know are friendly. An excellent way to socialize your puppy is to enroll in a puppy training class.

How To Crate Train Your Dog

Dogs love to have their own space where they feel safe and comfortable. Crate training is one of the best training secrets of bully owners and an excellent way to teach obedience. The crate should never be used as a form of punishment. A crate is a place where the dog can rest and feel relaxed. The crate should be large enough so your dog can move around comfortably and be constructed of materials that allow him to watch what’s going on.

Put a soft blanket in the crate. A few toys, some water and a bit of food should be in the crate to encourage the dog to go inside. A dog shouldn’t be forced into a crate. Let your dog explore on his own. Once the dog feels comfortable, feed regular meals near the door of the crate and when the dog feels secure, inside it with the door open.

When the dog feels secure, the door can be closed after feeding. Let the dog remain in the crate with the door shut for five minutes, then increase to 10 minutes. Gradually increase the time that the dog is inside the crate until he feels comfortable enough to sleep in the crate at night.

Points To Remember About American Bully Dogs

One of the most important lessons your bully dog will learn from you is trust. When your dog feels comfortable with you, he’ll know that you’ll protect and take care of him. When your dog has proper training and a lot of positive reinforcement, he’ll look to you for guidance and will know what’s expected of him.

For Bully Breeds to have a better reputation, people need to be informed about what beautiful dogs they are. Owners need to start training their bully dogs as Puppies, so they know what’s expected of them. If people are educated about these dog breeds, they can be accepted for the loving, family dogs they were meant to be.

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