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How To Build Your Pitbull Muscles In 3 Steps

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Do you want your pitbull to gain muscle mass?  Read the extensive article below to know the strategies to help your dog develop more bulk. 

There are two solutions to make your pitbull muscles. You can either build their muscles or make them fat.  You don’t want them to get fat as obesity is one of the most common dog health-related problems.  Lack of exercise and an inappropriate diet can cause this. 

Building your dog’s muscles will not only make them strong but active as well. Building muscles in Pitbulls consists of a proper diet and exercising intensity cardio training. Let’s discuss them one by one:

How to Make Your Pitbull Muscular

An over-fanatic dog owner can cause damage to the dog without knowing if he is ready for such vigorous exercises.  Overtraining a young puppy or dog can lead to permanent damage to joints and muscles. Strenuous activities of any kind should be kept on hold until the dog is at least one year old. 

Know that they need plenty of time to rest and play before starting muscle training.  Always give a brief thought to your dog’s training if he is suffering any injury, or discuss the plans with a professional vet if you are unsure about your dog’s health aspects. 

The Three Steps

1. Feeding Regime And Proper Diet

Many people believe that 80% of muscle building can be done in the kitchen, which applies to dogs.  A diet rich in protein alongside premium dog food and high-quality dog supplement is crucial for building muscle mass and giving your pet that strong look you desire. 

Your dog’s diet must consist of 40% carbohydrates,  40% protein, and 20% fat on a routine basis.  You can feed your dog six small meals per day to help them get into an anabolic muscle-building state while ensuring they are getting the best diet possible. 

To achieve the best results, follow this pattern and put your dog in that required anabolic muscle-producing state. 

  • Meal 1 (9:00 am) – First, measure the amount of food your dog should eat in a day by following the suggested amount on the food bag.  Now break this amount into 4 parts and feed the dog accordingly.   At 9:00 a.m. Feed one by fourth of the suggested amount of food with any food supplement underuse. 
  • Meal 2 (12:00 pm) –   Give one piece of  boiled chicken or  fish ( 16 ounces for adults and 12 ounces for puppies)
  • Meal 3 (2:00 pm ) – Give one by fourth of the recommended daily amount of food. 
  • Meal 4 (4:00 pm) –  Give half a piece of boiled chicken or fish (10 ounces in weight). 
  • Meal 5 (6:00 pm) –  Give one by fourth of the recommended daily food with any food supplement. 
  • Meal 6 (9:00 pm) –  Feed one by fourth of the suggested amount of food.

2. Exercising

While diet is one of the key factors in building your dog’s muscle mass,  you should incorporate different exercises in your dog’s routine as well.  Performing different activities such as weight pulling,  running up the hills,  and playing with spring poles can help their muscles grow stronger.  These activities are delightful, so your dog will not see them as a workout but as a game.  It is important that you first introduce the diet plan before starting the training.  This step is important to consider as it might risk damaging the dog’s muscles. 

You can also introduce other activities such as weight sleds and weight vests when needed. 

The best thing about these exercises is that they help your dog’s muscles tear apart.  When it happens, they repair and rebuild themselves.  With the help of a nutritious diet, they rejuvenate themselves bigger and stronger than before.  This is how they build their muscles. 

You can also utilize it to keep your dog active by keeping a spring pole in your backyard.  If your dog has the drive for it,  he will work for hours playing and hanging from the pole while getting ripped during the process.

3. High-Intensity Cardio Training

If you want to build muscles in your dog,  make sure you avoid long hours of cardio activities and long walks.  These intense activities can burn your dog’s muscles quickly instead of forming them., Always stick to the cardio exercises, including running up steps, bleachers, sprints, and running up hills for short durations, A strenuous cardio workout for only 10 to 15 minutes a day is sufficient for a pit bull. 

Alternatively, you can use weight vests while performing these workouts to intensify the exercises. By following these three steps in keeping in mind your veterinarian’s advice,  you can surely make your pitbull bulky and muscular in no time. 

However,  make sure that you both enjoy the process instead of considering its imposition.  Never skip any of these steps or begin training without introducing the recommended diet first, as it can be very dangerous and damaging to your dog’s health.

What Are The Causes For Being Underweight

There are many common reasons for your pitbull being underweight.  Parasites are one of the most common causes of underweight in dogs, especially Pitbulls.  Many parasites such as roundworms,  hookworms,  whipworms, and giardia can impact your pet’s capacity to absorb and use the nutritional value of the food they are consuming.  They might also harm your dog’s appetite. 

These parasites are often very hard to detect.  A pet may contract them before birth or while nursing from a carrier mother.  If parasites affect your dog’s health,  check for other symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting,  coughing, dull coat, wheezing, and distended abdomen. 

Pet parasites are contagious, and some of them can also spread to your family members through contaminated water or via the oral route.  If you think your dog is getting parasites,  get an appointment with a veterinarian right away to get the best treatment for the dog.  Once your dog is fully treated, you can start 3 step muscle-building process.

Build Your Pitbull Muscles Slowly And Then Opt For Gradual Progress

Bodybuilders do not start muscle building by bench pressing 500 pounds a day.  They have to start the process with lighter weights and then work their way up to the heavy ones.  The trick here is to improve the weights bit by bit each day or each week.  Doing so enables them to challenge their muscles constantly and produce more muscle mass.  This same unusual and progressive game plan applies to your dog.  It is the best way to help your pitbull gain more muscle mass. 

This method is effective and helps prevent your dog from muscular strains and injuries that may occur if you want your dog to try too many things too fast. This point is significant for people working with young dogs as their bodies are not mature enough to handle the stress. 

Do Not Overdo The Natural Form Of Your Pitbull Breed

For the most part,  it is doubtful that you will make your pitbull an anatomical fanatic with massive muscles for his body.  Before starting the three-step process, you need to keep your dog’s breed in mind, so you don’t exceed its natural form.

Many pet owners try to bulk up their dogs like Pitbulls as they are physically imposing breeds and can tolerate the additional mass efficiently.  But,  bulking them up beyond their tolerance level is not a great idea.  Because this breed is built to be lean and long,  your pet may develop certain problems if you force them to carry too much extra weight around. 

Warm Up And Cool Down Your Pitbull Suitably

For bodybuilders, it is essential to stretch their muscles before going for an intense cardio workout,  a long run, and lifting weights.  Similarly,  it is also crucial that your dog warm up his body slowly before starting the strenuous exercises.  It will help them better their eventual performance and avoid getting injured or strain their muscles. 

Many people train their dogs to their word, but it is impossible.  If nothing helps,  you can encourage your pet to hold onto his back legs and keep his paws on your chest to stretch a bit before exercising. 

Also,  try to give your pitbull a little soothing massage on his major muscle groups before an intensive workout session.  Doing so may help improve blood flow to such areas and facilitate better fluid movement.  It is also wise to gradually cool down your pet at the workout session’s end.  You can do this by going on a casual stroll immediately after the exercises.  The walks don’t have to be long, but they must give your pitbull’s body a chance to calm down before he starts playing again.

Some Good Exercises To Bulk Up A Pitbull Dog

It can be a little challenging for pet owners to devise different ways to work out their dogs.  Pitbull lacks the thumbs required to catch a barbell, and they don’t have the attention span to take part in a spin class.  So you have to tap into your pet’s instincts to bulk up their body mass. 

Let’s discuss some of the best exercises that work better for Pitbulls than other dog breeds. 

  • Pulling And Weight Dragging

It is an activity that includes fitting your pitbull with a harness linked to a heavyweight.  You can allow your dog to walk in the forward direction and drag the weight behind him. 

Many Pitbulls adore this activity as long as you carry it out safely with proper training and equipment. 

  • Weight Vest Activity

Weight vests are perfect for improving the resistance your pitbull feels when walking around.  They allow you to adjust the capacity of the weight in the vest.  You can start the exercise slowly while adding only five to ten percent of your dog’s overall weight. 

With time, you can keep increasing the number of weights according to your veterinarian’s guidelines. 

  • Swimming

Another great exercise to work out every muscle group of your dog is swimming.  Many dogs love to take dips in swimming pools, but you have to be sure of their safety.  Please do not allow your pitbull to swim in deep currents or areas where you cannot reach for them.  Invest in a high-quality dog life jacket to get additional security;  also, consider buying a boat ramp or pool ramp to help your dog come out of the water safely.

  • Treadmills

If your dog is not frightened by a piece of motorized equipment,  you can use a doggy treadmill to train your pitbull. Doggy treadmills do not just enable your dog to walk for miles from the comfort of their house but help them build the resistance level or degree of incline for effective muscle development.  However,  make sure that you constantly supervise your dog on treadmill time and keep his safety as a priority in your mind. 

Final Thoughts

There you go!  These are some primary steps to take if you want your pitbull to have a perfect muscular body.  While growing muscles will not occur overnight, you and your dog must be patient and observe these three steps regularly without leaping any of them.  Your dog will surely have a well-defined muscular body that you will cherish for the rest of the time.

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