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How To Teach a Dog to Come: The Fastest Way!

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Teaching a dog how to come when called can be one of the most important commands for any pet owner. This guide will show you how to train your pup simply and effectively, with tips and tricks along the way!

It is important to train your dog to come as early as possible. Puppies are more eager to learn and typically respond better than older dogs, but all dogs can be taught this command with patience and consistency.

Before beginning the actual training process, both you and your dog need to understand the basic concepts behind:

The Basics of How To Teach a Dog To Come

Once you understand these basic concepts, it’s time to begin the training process. Like all good things in life, this isn’t easy or quick. It takes patience and consistency on your part, but once learned will benefit you both for years! We recommend starting with step one below:

Choose Come Command

The first step when teaching a dog how to come is the command. While there are several different ways you could go about doing this, we recommend starting with ‘come’ or ‘here.’ You can use another word if you have one that works better for your pup, but it needs to be something they will recognize as instruction and not just random noise!

Once you have decided on which term to use, make sure every family member uses it from now on, so everyone reinforces training together.

Talking in a higher-pitched voice while using this command lets your pet know you mean business and aren’t playing around! Dogs respond more quickly when they hear a clear, consistent command.

Now it’s time to put this into action!

The Leash

A leash is an important tool for training your dog on how to come. When you have it in your hand, it should remind your pup that they need to listen and obey. If they are off exploring or playing with a buddy, give them a quick tug on the leash which will help refocus their attention back on you.

Make sure not to yank too hard, though – this can scare dogs and make them less likely to listen in the future. A light pull should be enough to get their attention and let them know you want them by your side.

Now use the leash as a reward when they come to you after being called. A few tugs are a great encouragement for them and will help make the training process more effective!

The Reward System

A reward system is a must-have for teaching dogs how to come. It’s not only how your pup gets positive reinforcement during training time – but it can also be used throughout their life as an incentive for good behavior.

Don’t worry about what kind of treats or rewards you give your pet at first; focus on giving something small that they like immediately after bringing them back every single time, no matter how long it takes! They may try making a break towards freedom as soon as they see you reach into your pocket – but if you don’t give in and let them off the leash, they’ll learn how to come faster than ever!

The Commands

Once your pet has begun learning how to come when called regularly, it’s time for step four – using their name. This is where things get tricky; dogs will naturally start paying more attention once hearing something like ‘come here pup’ or ‘let’s go doggy,’ but adding their name into the mix makes everything even harder!

Only use this command if they are completely focused on you and not distracted by anything else. If they happen to be looking at another human (or dog) nearby, make sure all eyes are back on you before saying their name.

If they come when called, make sure to give lots of praise and a tasty treat! This is the final step in how to teach a dog how to come – getting them so used to responding that it becomes second nature, no matter what’s going on around them.

Now that you know how to train your pup how to come when called, be sure to put these steps into practice regularly. Like anything else in life, this will take time and patience but is well worth the effort for both you and your furry friend!

Remember always to be patient when teaching your dog how to come. It may take time and practice, but eventually, they will learn to respond consistently! Consistency is key to training success – so make sure you use the same terms and commands every time. And don’t forget the rewards system – giving something small and tasty after they’ve successfully followed your command is a great way to keep them motivated.

What Is A Reliable Recall?

A reliable recall is when your dog comes to you every time you call them, no matter what they do. This can be a difficult behavior to train, but it is well worth the effort for both you and your furry friend!

Dogs that have mastered how to come when called are less likely to run off or get into trouble – making everyone’s life much easier. By following these simple steps, you can help ensure your pup becomes a master of this important command.

Recall Training: Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t repeat yourself: if your dog doesn’t come when called, wait until they are focused on you before trying again. Repeating yourself will only confuse them and make the training process longer.
  • Use a leash: having your pet on a leash during recall training is key – it not only helps keep them close by but also gives you more control over the situation. If they start to wander off or get distracted, give them a quick tug to refocus their attention back on you.
  • Reward eye contact.  As soon as your dog makes eye contact with you, give them a treat or verbal praise. This will help ensure they are paying attention to you and not getting distracted by anything else going on around them.
  • Use their name: once your pet has learned how to come consistently, start using their name in combination with the command. Only do this if they are fully focused on you – if they’re looking at another person or animal nearby, wait until all eyes are back on you before saying their name.
  • Be patient: as with any other behavior, teaching your dog how to come when called takes time and patience. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t seem to be getting it right away – just keep practicing regularly and remain consistent in your commands
  • Never punish your dog for coming to you.  Even if they come to you while in the middle of bad behavior (like chewing on something they’re not supposed to), never punish them for coming. This will only make them scared of coming to you in the future and could potentially damage the relationship between you and your pet.
  • By following these simple steps, you can help make sure your pup becomes a master of the recall command – keeping them safe and out of trouble! Remember to be patient and consistent when training, and don’t forget to reward your furry

Happy Training!

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