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The Truth About The English Bulldogs

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English bulldogs are typically known for their low-endurance, sweet disposition, dependable and predictable nature. They are the sweetest and the most loyal companion dogs that everyone is bound to adore and fall in love with. 

These wrinkly faced, bow-legged pets are currently one of the most cherished hounds in the world. If you are also thinking about purchasing an English bulldog, we have all the necessary information that you must acknowledge before adding this thick sweetheart in your family.

All About The English Bulldogs

English bulldogs have the ability to get along with almost everyone that crosses their path, and so they can make themselves comfortable with any kind of family. This breed is the most loyal among all. English bulldogs can make a strong bond with kids and are also easy enough for pet lovers who want to enjoy a simple lifestyle with their furry friends. 

Though their underbite and large jaws may give you a hint of distress or sadness, they are incredibly playful, silly, and more comical than the other breeds out there. Their playful, joyous temperament and adorable wrinkles are sure to turn people’s heads no matter where they go! 

History Of English Bulldogs

At first, English bulldogs were bred for bull-baiting, mostly in England. They were first mentioned in the studies of literature during the 1500s. English bulldogs have established their features like large head, sturdy frame, and outsized jaws due to their participation in strenuous doings and activities.

The breed’s structure remained almost the same until the enactment of the Cruelty To Animals Act in 1835, which later banned different forms of cruelty to animals such as bull-baiting etc. 

English bulldogs have shifted themselves from a fighting dog to a show dog, and now they are finally finding their way into the world. Today, they are being bred to be more kind, gentle and spirited pups to be an excellent family pet.

However, physically they still look a lot like their ancestors and occasionally show the same revolting behavior to their owners.

Attributes Of English Bulldog

Appearance of English Bulldogs

These dogs are considered hefty little powerhouses, thanks to their distinctive crablike waddle that executes extraordinary power, strength, energy, and stability. English bulldogs have a large head that is spherical in shape; their nose is very short and gives a more flattened appearance to the face.

The eyes are usually quite dusky, wide, and set low over the forehead at the frontal plane. The muzzle is faintly upturned and black; the lower jaw protrudes out over the upper jaw while exposing the lower incisors, contributing to their comical grin. 

English bulldogs have plump and pendulous lips, their cheeks are round and jut sideways. They have thin ears that are small and slanted forward like flaps to surround the forehead.

The neck is thick and short, whereas the shoulders are very muscular, gigantic, and wide. English bulldogs have a deep chest, barreled back, and rounded hips. Their short tail is thick and is either screwed or straight.  

Their stocky, short legs have a good muscle definition to them; they are bowed or splayed out near the elbows to give a strong posture. 

Most of the English bulldogs stand at around 16 inches tall; the female breed weighs about 50 pounds, while the male breed usually weighs 54 pounds.

Another distinctive feature of English bulldogs is their loose skin (with heavy wrinkles and thick folds), textured coat, and different color patterns (piebald,  solid white, fallow, fawn, brindle, or red).

Personalitty of English Bulldogs

English bulldogs make wonderful family pets. They are most loving towards children, babies, and actively seek human attention. They still have the courage that was initially propagated in them for bull baiting, which means they also make for fantastic watchdogs.

The best thing about English bulldogs is that they do not need a yard; they are low-endurance animals and only require a reasonable amount of exercise or playing per day. They boom very well in moderate climates as they have a tendency to overheat and experience breathing issues in hot weather or get easily cold during wintertime. 

These dogs are typically loud breathers; they may snore, pant, and even drool while they sleep. English bulldogs are mild shedders and do not need a lot of maintenance or grooming. However, the owners must wipe the wrinkles over the face frequently to avoid skin infections or other health problems. 

Grooming And Care

Due to their mild shedding and flat coat, English bulldogs have little to almost n grooming needs. The owner is good to go with regular baths and frequent brushing sessions. You can use a short bristled brush every week to keep the coat looking shiny and lustrous. 

While some pet lovers believe that English bulldog’s wrinkles are endearing, others don’t consider them as cute as others. However, regardless of this belief, their wrinkles do require upkeep and maintenance to some extent.

The pet parents can simply wipe up their dog’s facial creases with a wet towel twice every week to keep them clean and germ-free.  If not cleaned properly, the folds can house bacteria and other microorganisms, which may become a health concern for your pup. 

Oral or dental hygiene is also very important with English bulldogs due to their flat jaw. Apart from giving extra attention to their teeth cleaning, the shape of an English bulldog’s head is of concern. It may lead to some undesirable traits such as drooling, wheezing, and snoring.

Temperament of English Bulldog

Some of the most horrid behavioral qualities of English bulldogs include aggression and stubbornness. Also, they can be extremely territorial to their meals, which is why early weaning is the primary key for training.

For the most part, these dogs are known for their friendliness, chill nature, and loyalty. They can spend their entire day snoozing on your furniture but also love to play when given attention. Tug of war is their favorite game; they also love to chew on toys, so give them as many as you want!

Trainingof English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are crowd-pleasers, even though they are very strong-willed animals. The biggest misapprehension about this breed of dogs is that they are very hard to train due to their stubborn and aggressive nature, but it is not true! 

While they are not the best when it comes to performance within the training ring, they are capable of learning things very fast. Once they have a good understanding of the commands and directions given to them, they can get trained quickly without much hassle. 

Most of the English bulldogs learn fast when their owners make things fun for them. They must include positive reinforcement, repetition, and plenty of treats for encouragement. Apart from training, these dogs are known to be very independent with problem-solving qualities without needing help from their owners. 

Feeding English Bulldogs

Just like other breeds, English bulldogs are also susceptible to becoming obese and overweight. Therefore, it is important to feed them just enough to maintain their thick and strong build without any exaggeration.

Another thing to note here is that English bulldogs drool a lot, especially after having a meal, so watch out for the possible situations.

Activeness/Vigor and Noise 

English bulldogs can gain weight very quickly, so frequent exercising and lots of physical activity is a must. Routine brisk walking along with a high-spirited game of tug of war can be great for the dog. Remember to look out for stairs, water, and hot/cold temperature.

High temperature and too much heat doesn’t do well with English bulldog’s short snouts and may cause overheating. And while they are great swimmers, deep water can get in the nostrils and increase the drowning chances. Lastly, their shoulder-heavy bodies make it hard for them to go up/down the stairs, and your dog may tumble, so watch out for these factors. 

English Bulldogs Cost

Purebred English bulldogs are quite expensive; their price may range from anywhere between $1000-$4000 depending upon the authenticity of the breeder. Make sure that the breeder practices the BCAs breeder code of ethics with gentle and healthy breeding of the dogs.  

The reason why English bulldogs are highly expensive is because of their mating and birth process. 

Some Solid Facts About English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs Were Originally Bred To Fight Off Bulls

The temperament and physicality of English bulldogs lie in their gruesome history, and more importantly, how this breed is so distinctive. They were initially bred for the barbaric sport of bull-baiting, where they were trained to attack bulls. During this time, some particular characteristics were produced into them like:

  • Shifted weight to keep the center of gravity around the neck to help avoid spinal damage during fights with bulls. 
  • Their legs were kept short and lower to the ground intentionally to prevent them from being thrown around by the bull’s horns.
  • They have a short muzzle for easy breathing while biting onto the bull during the sport. 
  • Underbite was shaped in a way to provide more gripping power over the bull’s nose. 
  • Innate stubbornness was heightened to keep the English bulldog holding onto the bull despite being in pain. 
  • Skin folds around the face and eyes were kept to keep the eyes safe during the fight. 
  • Wrinkles and loose skin prevent major organs from flesh wounds and injuries.  

English Bulldogs Barely Escaped Extinction

Once bull baiting was banned in the United Kingdom, English bulldogs were suddenly not needed by the people. It looked like their days were only numbered when some dog lovers saw potential and started the breeding process again to have more gentle and kind dogs in their homes. Many remaining English bulldogs were also brought to America and Germany, where they started working as herding dogs.

English Bulldogs Are Commonly Delivered Via Cesarean Section

The selective breeding of English bulldogs can cause serious physical differences and complications during birth. Years and years of breeding has caused their breed to be delivered via C-section. A cesarean is required mostly because their heads are too big to fit through their mother’s birth canal.  

English Bulldogs Are Independent Dogs

English bulldogs have a personality that is friendly, calm, and courageous.  Their independent nature is the most unusual thing about these dogs. They are not only self-sufficient but also very determined, thus a lot less dependent upon the owners as compared to other dog breeds.

English bulldogs have the confidence to solve problems on their own without needing a human for guidance, the way other dogs do.

Not Expert Swimmers So Keep Them Away From Water

Dogs and water makes an amazing duo, but sadly not with English bulldogs. If you love going to sea or have a pool in your house, know that English bulldogs are not a huge fan of water, nor can they swim expertly like other breeds. 

Keep it in your mind that English bulldogs are short-legged and muscle-bound pets so they may sink in like a pebble in the water. Even if you do take them out for swimming, keep a watchful eye on them to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

If your dog also enjoys water and shows no evident signs of water aversion, be sure to purchase a good-quality doggie life vest for their safety. 

England Adores English Bulldogs

Many people in England simply adore and love English bulldogs, which is why they are even considered as “the national breed”.

During WW II, England was mostly represented as solid, and tough-looking English bulldogs. 

Requires Ample Encouragement To Stay Active

English bulldogs can be quite lazy; they can sleep for more than 22 hours if you let them be! 

So, if you want your dog to come jumping around every time you enter through the door, know that it is time to shift your dog’s paradigm.  English bulldogs do not need a lot of exercises to stay in shape; only 20-40 minutes per day are more than enough for them.

However, you might still need tough love, lots of treats, and enthusiasm to coax them into playing and exercising. 

Fifth Most Popular Dog Breed In America

Each year, the American Kennel Club publishes a list of the most famous/popular dog breeds in America. For so many years, English bulldogs are way up the charts and not plan to give this spot to any other breed anytime soon.

According to the latest surveys and studies conducted in America, English bulldogs are the fifth most popular dog breed within the country. Behind them, we have German Shepherds, Labs, Beagles, and Golden Retrievers.

Even this year, the English bulldogs have managed to secure the top position in the list of most popular dog breeds in Los Angeles and New York. 

They Are The Most Popular School Mascots

Among all the dog breeds found in the world, English bulldogs are the only ones most frequently seen as school mascots, especially in America. More than forty universities around states have named their sports team and athletes after this breed. 

Many English Bulldogs also serve as corporate mascots for a famous manufacturing company called Mack Trucks. The company has adopted many English bulldogs and is now keeping them as their corporate symbol since 1922. 

English Bulldogs Are Brilliant Skateboarders

In spite of their bull-baiting history and purpose of origin, today’s English bulldogs are not reflected as the most active or athletic breed among all. However, they do have a secret talent that not a lot of dog lovers know about!

Many English bulldogs have gained massive fame and popularity for their amazing skateboarding abilities. Some of the biggest names in English bulldog skating include Vegas, Tillman, Chief, Tyson, and Bazooka, but there are so many more. 

English Bulldogs Are Best For Novices

English bulldogs are an ideal option for all those people who are going to be a first-time dog owner and a full-time pet parent. As a beginner, it is important to know some of the highlights of this breed.

English bulldogs are easily adaptable to different circumstances thrown at them. As a pet owner, if you are active, they can easily enjoy a good amount of playing and exercising with you. However, if you are lazy or boring, they can stay at their default temperament and remain sedentary for as long as they want.  

Generally, these dogs are stress-free, affectionate, and very easy going. They are the only breed who can enjoy long hours of napping and sleeping without getting anxious by your presence or absence like other dogs. 

If you have long working hours, English bulldogs are your way to go! Long walks, ample playtime, frolicking, and demand-for-attention are not a part of their lifestyle, so you don’t have to feel guilty or sad about not giving them enough time and staying at your office until very late. 

People with apartment life can significantly enjoy the company of an English bulldog. They are never bothered by their surrounding noises and even constant knock on the door.  Also, they do not bark overly or need a backyard to romp in.

English Bulldogs Are Very Expensive

Their overall cost balances the freedom to have an English bulldog with their easygoing and independent nature. Expect a price tag of $1000 on an average from a reputable breeder and additional expanse on a daily basis to keep them clean, healthy, and happy.

Financially they are expensive because most of the English bulldogs are not able to connive or even give birth naturally. They have inaccessible reproductive organs, so they are usually bred via artificial insemination. If somehow the female English bulldog gets pregnant, she is more likely to have a C-section due to small birth canals. 

On a personal basis, their eye cleaning, wrinkle washing, and brushing also require great personal expenditure from the owner. 

English Bulldogs Can Run

While English bulldogs spend most of their time enjoying their sleep, eating, and being social, their bodies are bred and designed in a way to be aggressive and protective. An English bulldog can reach up to a speed of around 15mph, which is a lot for such a small size. 

Bad Gas

English bulldogs have horrible gas, so keep this weird fact in mind before adopting or buying one for yourself!

Which English Bulldog Is Suitable For You

In this article, we have given you a compressive overview of English bulldogs with their general information and facts. So now it is time for you to do some self-inventory before making a decision.

If you are energetic, always on the go, need a new physical challenge every day, and wish to have a furry little friend with you to cope with you, then English bulldogs are the breed you should opt for!

However, even if you are a laidback, lazy, somewhat attention giver pet parent, can easily give to temperament and enjoy quiet relaxation, then these wrinkled, short-legged, and amiable English bulldog are your best option. 

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