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9 Types of Bulldog Breeds

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Do you like muscular dogs? If yes, then Bulldogs might have been your favorite breed. Because of their aggressive nature, these large grumpy watchdogs were supposed to take care of the livestock and guard the houses and possessions in the 15th century.

However, all the breeds are not cranky and fighters. Some breeds are as sweet and lovely as the other dogs. The courageous dogs are, by nature, kind, loving, and easy-going. Some rare breeds are stubborn, like the American Bulldogs

Some people want to get the affectionate, athletic breed, while some look for intensely bred watchdogs to guard their belonging. Whatever your reason to get these lovely pets is, we have made detailed research on different bulldog breeds that will interest you. 

1. The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is the most common breed in the bulldogs, also known as the British Bulldog. They are supposed to be affectionate family pets. Most people keep ish bulldogs due to their friendly and sociable nature. However, these dogs are more prone to health issues.

Some breeds of English Bulldogs are likely to develop respiratory issues and eye problems. Moreover, Obesity is a common health problem in these dogs, so you should carefully monitor their weight and eating habits to avoid these issues. These dogs do not grow well in hotter climates, so avoid keeping them if you live in a humid or hot area.   

As far as the built and looks are concerned, they are hefty and dogs with wrinkled folds on the face. The weight ranges between 40 pounds to 55 pounds, with females having lesser weight than the males. The smooth skin coat is commonly found in solid white, off-white, red, and fawn colors. With a wider head and shoulders, this breed symbolizes determination and courage. The lifespan of these dogs is 8 to 12 years. 

2. French Bulldog

The French Bulldogs are sociable pets. They love to play and go outside, so they prove great companions in the morning walks. They mingle well with the children due to their playful nature and prove to be very responsive family pets.

The French bulldogs look quite like the English Bulldog because they have been developed from the English breed. These bulldogs are smaller in height than the English Bulldogs but are prone to health issues like the former breed, especially the flat-faced breed. Make sure that you hire a professional breeder if you cannot monitor their health appropriately regularly. 

If you are looking for a domestic dog, The French Bulldogs are the best companions because they are mild-tempered and friendly. They have a lifespan of 11 to 13 years. As far as the looks are concerned, these bulldogs have bat-like ears considered the trademark of this breed. They are alert and responsive but don’t bark much. That is why people are having children feel quite secure with them. They are adaptable and can live with short as well as long families. This breed likes humans and proves to be a faithful buddy.    

3. American Bulldog

American bulldogs are the most popular breed. They are known for their aggressive nature and grumpy looks. As far as the physique is concerned, they are big, muscular, and healthier than the other breeds. They are a suitable choice for pet owners looking to keep watchdogs. They are very active, alert, and agile. These loyal grumpy pets can protect you and your family very well. Moreover, they are very energetic as well. So, you will have to conduct rigorous training for them. 

These dogs are the descendants of the Old English Bulldog, which is now extinct. They help the farmers well with the farm work and protect the livestock. That is why these dogs are widely kept on farms and for games. However, these dogs are extrovert, sociable, and love to workout. They need an active dog owner who takes them to work out regularly.  

The American bulldogs have different types, and each type varies in appearance. The Johnson and the Scotts are the popular breeds of American Bulldogs. However, these dogs are not very adaptable and can’t live in a smaller apartment with you. They are not tolerant of very hot or freezing weather and are sensitive to changes. These bulky dogs love training, and it is quite easy to train them. 

4. Australian Bulldog

The Aussie Bulldog looks more like an English Bulldog. It was bred to find the heat-tolerant breed of the heat-sensitive English Bulldogs for the first time. This type of Bulldogs is friendly and Playful. They love to play games with children and can serve well as watchdogs. However, contrary to their looks, they are not fighters, and you cannot rely upon them to guard you and your family.   

The mid-sized breed is loyal and affectionate, with a square head and wrinkled folds across the nose. These bulldogs are healthier than English bulldogs. The breed is a cross between a British bulldog and a bull terrier. They are prone to health issues and deficiencies if not being treated appropriately. Make sure that you feed them the right food in the right amount. Buy a dog food made for active dogs because these dogs are very energetic and active.

They need socialization and training to grow well. They have a dominating nature, so it is important to socialize with the other dogs to learn to live with them. They are easy-going if trained appropriately. The breed is usually 18 to 20 inches tall and weighs 60 to 80 pounds, with females having lesser weight and height than males. These dogs are expected to live up to 10 to 12 years if their health issues are addressed adequately. 

5. Continental Bulldog 

The Continental Bulldogs are also known as Conti. They are relatives of the English Bulldogs and were first bred in Switzerland to find a more muscular and playful English Bulldog counterpart. However, they are not as large as English Bulldogs. The Medium-sized hefty dog is the outcross of an English Bulldog and the old English Bulldogge. They have longer noses and longer legs than English Bulldogs. The male weighs between 55 to 65 pounds, while the female weighs 45 to 60 pounds.

These dogs are adaptable and are not prone to health issues. They give birth to healthy babies naturally and live in small apartments. Even if you don’t have a large compound or play area, they are comfortable. Continental bulldogs are more of indoor lapdogs who are family pets. They are not sensitive to extreme temperatures and can go well in hot, humid, and cold environments.     

These pets demand regular workouts and exercise. Their lifespan is 12 to 14 years, and they can give birth to 9 puppies at a time. They have a smooth, short-haired coat that is quite easy to groom.  

6. Valley Bulldog

The Valley Bull Dogs are not commonly found. These Bulldogs were first bred in a Valley in Canada and reproduced by breeding an English bulldog and a boxer. They are playful and agile but a bit foolish at times. They have both the breeds’ characteristics and prove to be a suitable watchdog for protecting the live stocks. 

These dogs are adaptable and can live in a small apartment with you. However, they bark a lot, due to which people with families do not like them. However, barky nature can be controlled by rigorous training early. These dogs are quite sensitive to changes. They cannot tolerate extreme weather like a very cold or hot environment. The pet owners like them because they are great family pets. They are very affectionate and love to play. They are kids-friendly and dog-friendly, even if they don’t bother while interacting with a stranger. 

However, pet owners should consider these dogs because they shed a lot of hair and develop health issues like obesity. They tend to gain weight but are also easy to groom. So you can control the fact by regular training and grooming. These dogs are energetic and agile. They demand regular training from you, so you should give them a regular opportunity to exercise and workout. 

7. Mallorquin Bulldog 

The Mallorquin Bulldogs are also known as Ca de Bou, translated in English as the ‘’Bull Dogs’’. These bulldogs were first bred on the Spanish island of Majorca. The medium to large-sized dogs are muscular and tend to live independently. That is why they are not recommended for new and inexperienced pet owners. These dogs are not friendly to kids and other dogs. They are territorial and good at fighting.

These dogs shed a lot, so proper brushing is required to keep the shedding under control. However, they do not demand regular exercise, so you don’t have to worry about regular outside visits. These dogs require strict training because of their aggressive and territorial nature. They should be kept by experienced handlers to be groomed well.  

8. Campeiro Bulldog

They are also known as Brazilian Bulldogs. They are the relative of the Old English Bulldogs. These bulldogs are very witty and mindful and serve well in farms and rural areas to protect the crops. However, they are not friendly and playful, so you cannot keep them as a family lapdog.

As far as the built and appearance is concerned, they have a medium size with 60 to 80 Kg weight. The strong, bulky dog has a square body with heavy bones and a broad head. The tail is rather short. The ears are small placed high on the head. They have smooth short hair that is easy to comb. You can find the dogs in fawn, brown, and white coat colors. These dogs demand daily exercise from their pet owners. 

9. Olde English Bulldogge

It is an American breed that is derived from the English Bulldogs. These dogs do not have flat faces. They are muscular and athletic with bulky builds. They are very friendly and responsive. The determined dogs can guard you and your belongings very well and prove to be great companions. 

 This breed is muscular and medium-sized. The dogs are energetic, active ad love to play. They have large wrinkled cheeks and powerful jaws, symbolizing their bull-baiting nature. They look fierce and strong-willed, but they are very friendly around their family and kids. They can fight well with the intruders and guard your property fearlessly. These dogs have chewing habits, so they should be provided with bones and soft toys to satisfy their chewing habit.   

These dogs need socialization and obedience training in the early ages for grooming. The pet owners should be considerate because this dog can bite and growl when it feels good. Moreover, these dogs are prone to bloating because they have a habit of overeating. 

Wrapping Up 

Bull Dogs are lovely pets. They are the most faithful companions on the earth but need proper grooming and care according to their breed. Each breed has different characteristics and attributes, and it should be tackled according to its needs. So, pet owners must be aware of the type of breed before buying one. 

This editorial is our small effort to keep you informed about different popular bulldog types so that you can keep them appropriately. 

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