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Red Nose Pitbull: Interesting Facts You Should Know

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This article will tell you a few facts about Red Nose Pitbull, which you should know before getting it.

A dog is known to be a man’s best friend, and that stands true. Ever since the human race started having dogs as pets, they have proven their love and loyalty for humans. With hundreds of dog breeds globally, it gets tough for people to decide which one to get. Every dog has a different temperament, deciding what sort of relationship it has with its owner.

American Pitbull Terrier is a breed that has a negative stigma attached to its aggressive history.

The Red Nose Pitbull Terrier is an American pit bull terrier that has a red noseand red coat. It has all the traits that an American pit bull terrier has with a red nose. Red Nose Pitbull  has been infamous due to its role as a fighting dog in bloody sports. Thanks to this dog’s breeders in recent times, they have eliminated that negativity from its temperament.

The ferociousness of this dog is long gone, and now it has become one of the friendliest dogs ever. It has a soft heart hidden underneath its masculine body. The tough looks are nothing but deception because, in reality, it has a friendly and mellow nature.

Interesting Facts About The Red Nose pitbull

Like we stated above, the looks of this breed are deceiving. Like the American bully looks aggressive, but it happens to be extremely friendly and gentle. It was notorious for attacking, and some people still get petrified to see it because of its strong jaw and muscular body. People don’t realize that these dogs need proper training and attention to make them friendly and social.

Red Nose Pitbull is brilliant and highly trainable. They will turn out the way you train them. Interaction with outsiders and other animals is essential for them to respect and be gentle with them. Training dogs like this is important because their attitude and life highly depend on it.

Wrong training makes this breed aggressive and hostile. They may harm others if they are trained that way. This is the reason canine experts recommend starting training this breed when they are young puppies.

This breed has a lot of myths and misconceptions attached to it.

1. Red Nose Pitbulls Can Lock Their Jaws

This myth has been making rounds for ages. People believe that this breed is highly dangerous because they can lock their jaws when they bite. This myth is one of the reasons why people avoided having this breed as a pet.

Back in the days when dog fights were held, Pitbulls were trained to fight and win. They would hold on to their target and would not let it go. People confused it as locking the jaws. They did not realize that they were trained to tackle their target this way.

This is False!

Red Nose Pitbulls or any Pitbull has no locking mechanism in their jaws. Their jaws function the same way, just like any other breed. This breed has been examined thoroughly and proved to have the same jaw as any other dog breed in this world.

Experts did not find any evidence for the existence of the “locking mechanism.” The Red Nose Pitbulls do have a strong and muscular body along with a powerful jaw. But, their structure is no different from any breed. In fact, other dogs have stronger jaws than the Red Nose Pitbulls like the Rottweiler.

2. Red Nose Pitbulls Are Vicious

This breed’s notorious image is because its ancestors made it infamous, and it got known as a vicious animal. Not every owner is a good person and good to the pets. Some people who think of this breed as vicious make them pets and treat them unethically.

They are made to live against their nature and requirements. Their owners abuse them; they are starved, beaten up, and in some cases, chained up outdoors no matter how hot or cold it is. These circumstances would make any dog vicious.

Treat Them Nicely!

If you cannot provide necessities to your pet, there is no point in keeping it with you. You cannot keep abusing your pet and then expect it not to turn on you or anyone else. This breed is not vicious until you make it one by abusing it. Red Nose Pitbulls are not dangerous.

They are very friendly and can be social if they are trained the right way. Give them a proper diet, take them out for a walk every day, and make sure they are loved. Even if you don’t want to keep your dog indoors, make a dog house for it, and give it a proper home to live in. They can’t say it, but they have needs just like humans.

3. Red Nose Pitbulls Have More Bite Pressure

This is another myth about Red Nose Pitbulls with greater bite pressure per square inch than other breeds. This is one of the reasons why people are afraid of being around Red Nose Pitbulls.

The controversy of the Red Nose Pitbulls having more bite pressure has been making rounds ever since. Tests were carried out to check what PSI The Red Nose Pitbulls have, and the results were shocking.

It Turned Out To Be A Myth!

The tests carried out to measure the Red Nose Pitbull’s PSI showed the result of 235 lbs. PSI is the lowest for a domestic canine. Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic carried out a comparative test between a German shepherd, a Rottweiler, and a Pitbull.

The test recorded the highest pressures from the three breeds, and it turned out that the Rottweiler had the highest PSI with 328 lbs. results GSD scored 238 lbs. Pitbull had the lowest count with 235 lbs. If anyone argues that the Pitbulls have more bite pressure, show off this test.

4. Are Red Nose Pitbulls Aggressive?

Red Nose Pitbulls have always been misunderstood for being violent and hostile. Just like every human has a different nature, every dog has different traits, and aggression is a trait that varies from breed to breed. The Pitbull chain has always been known for its intimidating looks and nature.

Though it has a small body compared to other breeds, people still find it intimidating because they did not find them friendly enough until recent times. The title of being aggressive comes from their ancestors, who were used in blood-splattering fights. These fights used to happen between the 1800s-1900s.

Red Nose Pitbulls Are The Most Friendly Dogs

Red Nose Pitbulls are pleased dogs, just like any other Pitbull. They love to be around children and love to play with them. They are just like any other Pitbull when it comes to temperament. They can fill up your heart with love and care.

They have aggression associated with them because they were trained to be aggressive. But since the dog fights were banned, the breeders made sure that they train the dogs well.

It is a Happy Dog

This dog is the happiest in the world. They are highly playful and can warm up your heart with love. They love to be around children and can be perfect babysitters.

They will give you such a warm welcome when you come home after a long day. You will love to have this breed in your home because they brighten up the atmosphere with their positivity.

They Are Not Dangerous At All

This dog will not attack you unless it is provoked or you feel that they are in danger. They are not dangerous to be around, and they will never show aggression towards strangers and other animals if they have been trained well.

They will only react when they feel any danger towards their family or be trained to be aggressive.

5. Are Red Nose Pitbulls Dangerous?

This myth has gained a large amount of attention from people. People started to believe that Pitbull was only bred to be a fighting dog and not kept as a pet or a family dog. Since this breed was specially bred and trained to participate in fights, this myth started making rounds fighting, the only thing this breed is good at.

This breed was only bought by people who wanted to make money by participating in those fights. Because of this stigma attached to it, no one else bothered to try to have it as a pet unless there was a ban on the dog-fights.

This Breed is Highly Intelligent

This myth stands false because Red Nose Pitbulls are highly trainable and intelligent. This dog will grow into anything you want it to be. It is one of the most versatile canines in the world to perform any task its owner wants it to do.

They can excel in any job you assign them. They are extremely obedient and love to please their owners.

Teach your Red Nose Pitbull to fetch Your Keys, and it will do it for you. Tell it to grab the remote control for you, and it will do it. The key is to train this breed rightly. If you keep a positive environment for it, it will turn out to be a happy and obedient dog.

6. Red Nose Pitbulls are Hyper and Active

This breed is highly active and playful. They have a lot of energy in them, which they have to utilize positively. If they are not given a platform and exercise to take out their energy, they will most likely get frustrated and agitated.

They will start harming your belongings like your shoes or furniture. But no matter how frustrated they feel, they will not harm any of the family members. They are big attention seekers and will do anything to gain your attention.

Play With Them

If you are a laid-back person, then this breed is not for you. You have to get active and get off your couch if you want your Red Nose Pitbull to be happy and healthy. You have to show the same amount of energy and zeal to make them feel happy. Chalk out your dog’s daily routine and follow it religiously.

Exercise is an essential part of your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Let your Red Nose Pitbull go out in an open space and let it run as much as it wants. Take them out for a walk daily; that, way they will be able to familiarise themselves with the outer world and other people.

Bring accessories and toys for your Red Nose Pitbull.

Every breed in the world has the habit of chewing. It requires proper training of the dogs to keep them away from chewing your belongings. For that purpose, there are plenty of accessories and toys available at pet shops and departmental stores. You should invest in some of those accessories so that your dog stays busy while you are at work. A few toys which you can get for your dog are:

  • Chewy flavored bones
  • Balls
  • Ring toys
  • Frisbee
  • Rope tugs
  • Chew sticks

These toys and accessories are a great way to keep your dog busy for a while. This helps in utilizing its energy and fulfilling its desire for chewing. Veterinarians also recommend such toys as it helps in keeping their teeth strong and healthy. Check the toys’ hazards before giving them to your dog and get those toys that do not carry any hazards.

7. Red Nose Pitbulls Are Special Pitbulls

Another famous myth is the Red Nose Pitbulls are a special type of Pitbulls. Some breeders tend to charge more for this specific feature of the dog. It is not a rare feature of Pitbulls that should make them worth more. It is the nature and performance of Pitbulls that make them worth a price tag.

A specific color coat or nose color does not decide the worth of a dog. However, some unscrupulous breeders tend to sell these breeds at higher rates and make huge profits out of them. These breeders are the ones who spread this myth so that innocent people can fall prey to it and end up paying them more for a regular feature.

Red Nose Pitbulls Are Not Special

Pitbulls come in different colors of nose and coats. That does not make any specific colored Pitbull special. All colors are of the same value.

A Pitbull’s nose can be blueblack, or red. It does not make a Red Nose Pitbull expensive or the other colors defective. If you plan to get a Red Nose Pitbull, but you don’t wish to spend a fortune on it, you need to look for other breeders who are not over-charging. It is always better to do your research before leaping, getting a Red Nose Pitbull.

8. Red Nose Pitbulls Are Stubborn

This is another misconception about this breed that they are stubborn and rigid. People who are terrified of this breed do not put in the required effort to train this dog. As a result, the dog gets frustrated and acts rigidly. It is not the dog’s fault but the owners’. All canine clubs emphasize the training of the dogs.

Punishing this breed when they have not been trained well its not fair. Grueling and aggressive dogs will have adverse effects on their mental health and your relation with them.

They Are The Most Easy-going Breed

The whole Pitbull family is extremely easy-going. The breeders recommend starting training at a young age when they are still a puppy. This breed is highly emotional. Getting harsh with a Red Nose Pitbull will break its heart. Their emotions are very similar to those of humans.

A Red Nose Pitbull will fall in love with you at the moment. It realizes that you are its family. As they are very emotional and seek attention, they will act irrationally if they don’t get their share of attention from you. You might feel like dealing with a 4 years old child who is unable to control his emotions.

Make them feel loved.

This point is of utmost importance. As much as this breed is lovable, they will feel everything you do. They decipher every word coming out of your mouth. If you think a bad tone won’t hurt them, you are mistaken.

Prepare yourself for a silent treatment if you scold them. Show them care and shower all your love onto them, and they will be yours for the rest of their lives. Show excitement when they see you after a long day.

They wait for you as much as your family waits for you. Value their emotions and make them feel loved in every way you can.

9. Possessiveness is Another Trait

Red Nose Pitbulls are generally possessive about their owners and family. They find it hard to share their owner with any other pet. They want the undivided attention of their owner. They feel irritated when they feel neglected.

They will not act out when a new family member starts living in, but they will definitely feel insecure when a new pet is around. Having a new pet at home if you have an adult Red Nose Pitbull might not be a good idea. You should avoid getting a new pet for the safety of both animals.

Make your Red Nose Pitbull Social

Making your Red Nose Pitbull social is critical, especially when you are a social person. Make sure you expose your Red Nose Pitbull puppy to numerous experiences, normalizing going out and meeting people for it. Let your dog interact with other animals at a young age.

Start training your pup from an age as young as eight weeks. They are quick learners and adapt to everything quickly. Make your guests give treats to your dog so that it gets familiar to them.

10. Red Nose Pitbulls Are Healthy

Red Nose Pitbulls have a great muscular body and great health. People think that this breed cannot get sick as it has a strong and brawny frame. Just because they look healthy does not mean that they cannot get sick.

This breed is prone to certain diseases even though they have a strong immune system. As they age, they tend to get sick and experience the illnesses resulting from old age.

They Need Proper Check-ups

They need a proper diet to stay healthy. They need regular visits to the veterinarians to timely address health issues. If you think your dog is not active and feels down, don’t think it will better itself. It would help if you took your pet right away to the doctor. Some of the common diseases which these breed experiences are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cataract
  • Allergies
  • Heart problems

Make sure you get all the vaccinations done on time. Vaccinations are essential for dogs as well, just like humans. Regular check-ups and timely diagnosis of issues will keep your dog healthy and will make it live long.

Summing It Up

Pitbulls have always been a controversial breed, no matter what color their nose or coat is. They still manage to be the favorite breed in various parts of the world despite their controversial reputation and the negative stigma of aggression. We have tried to bring some myths and facts to your knowledge, which you should know if you plan to get a Red Nose Pitbull.

The key to having a good relationship with your dog lies in training. We cannot emphasize enough how important the training is in your dog’s life. You need to keep the training positive. Motivate your dog to perform the way you want. Appreciate it and use positive reinforcement.

Try to avoid being harsh with your dog. They are animals, and they might take time to learn. You have to be extremely patient with them for your sanity and your dog’s well-being.

If you don’t want your dog to turn out aggressive, start training from a young age. As they are extremely energetic, they require adequate space. If you have a small house, make sure you take out your dog daily for exercise to utilize their energy.

This dog is what you are going to make it. Ensure that you are doing justice to your pet by giving it everything it requires.

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