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Is The American Bully Considered An Aggressive Breed?

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American Bully has a bulky, distinctive look that many prospective pet owners might find charming. However, these animals also look intimidating and have a reputation for being tough. You may wonder whether the bite of a bulldog is as bad as its bark and if these dogs are really as aggressive as they seem.

While dogs are known as man’s best friend, any dog has the potential to display aggressive behavior in the right circumstances. This is true for the American Bulldog too. Understanding the temperament of the American Bulldog and the needs of this particular breed can help you lessen and control any aggressive traits a bulldog might display.

About The American Bullies

American Bullies, also affectionately called Bullies, are a strong, loyal breed, and there is a lot to love about these affectionate pups with tough exteriors. On the whole, most bullies are sweet and gentle giants. They can get along well with people of all ages and enjoy human contact and socialization. These dogs like exercise, stimulation, and attention.

On a physical level, American Bullies are sizable pooches that grow large and have a lot of power in their stocky frames. They are typically between 60-120 pounds and are around 20-28 inches tall. It is always important to consider whether you have enough space and strength for a large dog like this.

Why Do They Get A Bad Rap?

American bully puppy sleep

Perhaps because they are strong and look tough, Bullys are thought of as mean or aggressive. This also might be a viewpoint developed by those who didn’t have the right temperament to handle these dogs. While not aggressive by nature, Bullys need the right kind of owners to be happy.

American Bullies often get hot with too much heat and do not need huge amounts of exercise, but they also are not content to sit around all day. A daily walk might be necessary along with playtime and mental stimulation. Like many dogs, they can become bored and destructive without enough to do, which could lead to chewing and barking. This might also be part of why they have a bad reputation.

When looking for toys to get your bulldog’s attention, Kongs and Nylabones are good options. There are size options to satisfy large dogs, and these toys are durable enough that they can be subjected to repeated chewing. Additionally, bullies do well when trained in an activity. This could include swimming, guarding, tracking, or weight-pulling.

Strong Personalities


As big dogs who can be stubborn, bullies can be a lot to handle for those who aren’t ready for this breed. Like many dogs who possess intelligent minds, they might think they know best and want to do things their way. This means they need patient owners who can take charge and show that they are the boss. The willful, dominant behavior displayed by bullies might be another reason people think they are tough, but an owner who is ready to handle this smart, stubborn dog should be able to win their dog’s heart.

While the American Bully can seem obstinate and forceful, you have a loyal companion for life once you bond with your dog. When a Bully finds its family, he or she loves these people and is happiest with them. This means a bulldog doesn’t want to be by itself the majority of the time and needs lots of time with an owner or owners. Destructive behavior can rear its ugly head when this dog gets lonely.

When Aggression Happens

As mentioned, any dog can exhibit aggressive behavior in the right circumstances. For the American Bully, this behavior might occur if the dog feels fear or the need to protect its territory. As loyal dogs, they may also want to protect their owners. Some bullies like strangers while others do not, and bullies may act protective towards an owner when around new people. However, bullies are more likely to show aggression when interacting with other dogs or even cats.

Being intelligent and calm, Bullies usually aren’t quick to anger or short-tempered. This is why they are actually good dogs for families with children. bullies also typically have high tolerances for pain, so kids are less likely to accidentally hurt these canine companions. This means that bullies are less likely to be a source of aggression, but bullies may respond in kind when treated with aggression and may not back down from a fight.

Preventing Aggression

Training and socialization from an early age go a long way towards limiting bad behaviors from a bulldog. This may involve interaction with humans and other animals so that a bulldog can learn proper behavior. Training classes or trips to the dog park may help. Figuring out why a dog is aggressive is also important. For example, some dogs guard their food and treat while others might act out because of anxiety. Aggressive behavior can often be dealt with when addressing the source of this behavior.

When training a Bully, a training collar or training remote may help you establish dominance so that you can teach your dog how to behave. Due to their smarts, American Bullies are typically quick learners. This means that they can learn appropriate behavior when put in situations where they interact with people and other dogs.

With Young Bullies

puppies of all breeds require a lot of work, but many people wish to create a lasting relationship with a dog at a young age. It also helps that puppies are adorable. When getting an American Bully puppy, you can ensure it gets the right socialization early. However, it is important to keep in mind that puppies usually have more energy than older dogs.

With Bullies, these pups have all the excited energy of any other young dog but also have lots of strength. Rowdy, eager bulldog pups that do not know their own strength can break things or potentially hurt people without meaning to, so a grown bulldog may be a better fit for some people.

With Older Bullies

When getting an older dog, there are already habits and behaviors they have learned. While this can bring some challenges, getting an older dog has its upsides too. When adopting an older Bully from a shelter, it is more likely you will be prepared for what you are getting.

This is because a shelter or previous owners can tell you about the dog’s temperament and possibly any health concerns. Some bullies may have trouble ignoring an instinct that tells them to chase cats while others might not like dogs of the same sex. Be sure to ask for information like this when adopting a grown bulldog.

Bullys Can Make Great Pets

While Bullys look tough, most American Bullies have an everlasting supply of love and loyalty to give to the right owner. Problem behavior like aggression is less likely to occur when providing a bulldog with the kind of home it needs. Make sure this is the right breed for your personality, interests, and lifestyle. If this breed works for you, a Bully may be the best dog you ever have.


The American Bully is not an aggressive breed by nature. They are a loyal, protective and loving dog who enjoys being around people. It’s important to find the right breeder for your family if you’re interested in owning one, The American Bully should not be confused for an attack dog – it would only turn on another animal when protecting its family from harm. The American Bullies temperament makes them one of the top breeds used for therapy work!

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