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Everything a Pitbull Parent Should Know

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What’s more beautiful than knowing someone is waiting for you eagerly at home? Yes, of course, we are talking about dogs as adorable, impatient, loving, and impossible to ignore.

As puppy parents, we all make a few mistakes being inexperienced and lacking a few nurturing techniques. None of these mistakes are intentional, but there is always a way to get over them and take care of your dog without ignoring any issues. If you are a pet lover and planning to buy a Pitbull, then you have landed on just the right page.

Before buying any of the dog breeds, it’s essential to understand them and whether they are compatible with you or not? Pit bulls are quite protective of their people but extremely smart and friendly towards others too.

You can say it’s a high-maintenance breed, and your simple mistake may leave a negative impact on your Pit bull’s health. This breed of dog is quite controversial due to competitive behavior, but people love to adopt Pit bulls because of their loving and protective nature. By adopting professional techniques, you can calm their behavior by the age of 2.

The loving and friendly nature of the Pit Bull will melt your heart, and it will be a part of your home in no time. Here we are, with an ultimate parental guide you need to go through before adopting a Pitbull.

Personality and Temperament

Pitbull is an athletic dog that has a muscular structure and broadhead. They can be in different sizes, but most of them are medium-sized. They are also known as American Pitbull Terrier due to their crossbreed and, they are a smart observer. You can recognize them by their broad faces and tough appearance that is glossy and soft. 

There is a misconception about Pit Bulls that they are aggressive and not to be kept at home type of dogs. In reality, they are the opposite. They love socializing and playing with toys all the time as they are outgoing.

To make a Pitbull happy, one has to keep occupied with them in different activities, especially chewing a toy. If you love traveling, then Pit Bull is the perfect partner to make a journey memorable.

Due to a few complains and attacks by these dogs, there are several rules you have to follow, like making them wear a nuzzle. It’s advisable consulting a nearby shelter house to know about the rules and regulations of keeping a Pit Bull at home to keep them safe from any trouble. Their aggression and activity depend on the training by an owner.

Pitbulls are loyal and love to play with kids. Their personality is happening and full of energy that makes them suitable as a pet. Pit Bull male usually weighs from 45 to 60kgs while female Pit Bull weighs 45-50kgs.

Sometimes the behavior of a PitBull can be an issue; when around people who are noisy and unfamiliar. As they are also known as the fighting dogs so, train them to have self-control and never hit them. Keep them happy around you by offering toys when they achieve a training milestone or by giving them a favorite snack.

Due to the size and muscular structure, the personality of a PitBull may seem intimidating to many people, but once you engage with them, they will never miss a chance to kiss you.

They are highly intelligible with the capability of adopting training sessions quickly without losing their temper. Pit Bull is the kind of dog that loves to get around the owner, and they get upset when staying alone for a long time. The strong personality and confidence of the Pit Bull may sometimes leave a negative impact on the people.

How to Train Pitbull?

Training is a hard part when it comes to pets, and it all depends on your techniques. Pit bulls are smart and intelligent, so they will show obedience to you while asking for something from them. You will be surprised by the learning abilities of a Pit Bull, and they can perform each task rightly. Being a Pitbull parent, let’s get into the details of how you can train them effectively.

  • The pit bull will show more love and cooperation once they realize your commitment and generosity towards them. Avoid any punishment during a training session to keep them calm.
  • Pitbull hates laziness and boredom, so if you want them to respond to training, then keep them busy in activities. Play with them or engage them with other dogs to keep them active.
  • Participate with them in different activities to show them how to perform a specific task. If you want them to pick something, then first show them and then participate in the same activity.
  • They are social butterflies, so don’t forget to take them to the park to learn more from others. Monitor their behavior and stop the activity when they are scared or showing aggressive behavior.
  • Stay calm during the training, and you will see them getting better with time. As a parent, treat them like a baby who needs time to understand the concepts.
  • If your dog is getting aggressive, then find out the root cause first. Find out what makes Pitbull angry as it may connect to their past as well.
  • As a beginner, you can take help from any professional trainer to understand the style; and what appeals to them the most. You will learn to deal with their aggression and stubborn behavior.
  • Make them wear a leash because it makes them realize self-control, and you can always communicate with them easily. The leash will help Pitbull in getting focused on the task they are performing without being aggressive.

Diet of a Pit Bull

Pit bulls are food lovers and, they need lots of food to perform daily activities. It’s not essential to always buy food from the market because you can prepare food at home for them. They love proteins and, as long as you serve them different dishes consisting of meat, they will be grateful to you.

As a concerned Pit Bull, you must be concerned about their health and how preservatives can ruin the internal mechanism. Fresh homemade food will not just make them happy but active as well throughout the day. While preparing food for your Pit Bull, note down all the ingredients so, in case of any allergies, you can avoid that ingredient in the future.

Pit bulls are highly vulnerable to skin allergies; while buying a portion of food from the market, ensure it doesn’t have any element that can trigger symptoms. Pit Bull loves to eat meat such as turkey, chicken, grounded meat, fish, and beef regularly. Never add any spice or indigestible ingredient that affects their digestion. You need to understand the nutritional needs of your dog depend on their age and mechanism. Focus on preparing a well-balanced meal that should be fresh and doesn’t contain an allergic ingredient.

As we told you earlier that Pitbull loves to eat, but it also depends on their age. If your puppy is 12 weeks above, feed them four to five small meals in a day. After six months, reduce the meal to three times a day, but they should be enough to fulfill nutritional requirements.

It’s advisable to keep a food track to prevent overfeeding. They love food that contains around 30% of protein and 20% of fat. You can also feed them grain-based food once a day but once they are crossing the limit of 12 months, feed them on meat regularly.

How to Take Care of a Pit Bull?

The average life span of a Pit Bull is about 13-15 years. If you take good care of this breed, it can be longer. They look well-built and muscular, but they can’t bear compromise on their health and may develop severe health disorders.

  • To keep your Pitbull in an excellent physical condition, involve them in numerous exercises for boosting their immune system, and they stay happy all day.
  • Comb or soft brush them regularly to keep insects and mites away from their hair. Use herbal or baby shampoo to clean them and to prevent skin allergies.
  • Create a comfy place for your dog where they can feel relaxed and comfortable. Surround that place with their favorite toys included chew ones.
  • If you know how to trim a dog’s nails, do it at home with caution, or else take them to the vet for trimming and brushing. A vet will help you in learning a few techniques for handling them during this time.
  • Pit bulls are heat sensitive so when you are outdoors, ensure that your Pitbull is under the shade and having fluids to be hydrated. They are also reactive to cold results inflammation of the knees.
  • Never feed them with human medications due to adverse effects. It may result in other health problems, and your baby will be inactive.
  • Take them on a walk and exercise once a day. It must involve lots of running, hiking and jogging. It’s essential to burn calories to prevent obesity and inflammation.
  • They proved to be great family pets and love children; spend as much time as you can with them to make them calm and good boys.

Interesting Facts about Pitbull

When planning to adopt a Pitbull, there are some of the facts you should know about them. Train yourself to be a good parent for them to change their surroundings completely.

  • People may feel fearful of the robust structure and strong jaws of Pitbulls. They proved themselves extremely friendly and playful.  They will always be protective of you and will never leave you in trouble.
  • Pit bulls symbolize loyalty, protection, and bravery, and that’s why that during World War II, Pitbulls were chosen to serve with the US Army. They are alert and recognize their people very well.
  • The physical strength of Pitbull is outstanding, and they are known as super climbers. A pit bull has made a record of climbing a wall up to 12ft. Other breeds would never attempt this type of a stunt.
  • Pit bulls are emotional, and they never miss a chance, showing their love to the owner. For people who are already going through therapies, then no one is better than Pitbull. You can say they are therapy dogs.
  • They may act stubborn sometimes, but it’s their way of telling they are hurt. Pit bulls are loving and caring, so it’s easy to make up to them by offering their favorite food or playing something with them.
  • Pit bulls are hard workers, and that’s why they often get hired in search and rescue departments. Due to their smartness and a strong sense of smell, they accomplished tasks.
  • Pit bulls made a place on the cover of Life Magazine three times, more than any other breed. They can block out the pain, especially when they are focused on something.

Final Thoughts

Before you adopt Pitbull as a parent, ensure that you are ready to handle them like your own baby without quitting on them. It’s necessary to be a good human before bringing any pet to your place as they count on you emotionally for their needs.

Pitbull is one of the best four-legged pets you can have in a home that can shower you with love and will be your partner in every activity. They are smart, brave, and loyal to their owner that makes them aggressive sometimes towards others. Pitbulls make bonds quickly with family, mainly with children.

They love to spoil owners with affection, but they expect the same in return. Due to the several myths and false news, you must be thinking about adopting them, but we recommend you give them a chance to prove themselves as best friend for life. From their protective nature to playful habits, you will fall in love with everything. They will always show gratitude towards your presence by different actions.

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