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10 World’s Largest Dog Breeds

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Most people like the giant dog breeds and consider them a perfect pet for the family. Especially the young ones love to have large dogs as pets. Some dog lovers like to have tiny dogs, but most prefer to get the biggest breeds.

However, large dogs need more space to live, more food, and care than small ones. Moreover, the large dogs with different ranges, sizes, colors, and nature are no doubt worth buying. No doubt, the biggest size is the sign of perfect for the large breeds. There are so many dogs worldwide, but here are the few largest dog breeds with different specifications.

1. English Mastiff

It is a large dog breed that belongs to the ancient Alaunt. This breed is considered as the ancient type whose ancestor exists 5000 years ago. The dog comes with a huge body, a large skull, and a square-shaped head. However, in terms of weight and mass, it is the largest dog. Old English Mastiffs is the other name of this dog. These dogs are shown in the shelters or rescues. Moreover, they are 27-35 inches tall with 200-300 pounds of weight.

It is the biggest breed in terms of height and weight. No doubt they make great pets and the perfect addition to your family. Despite making them pets, some people also used them for protection, military work, and security purposes. These dogs have drooling issues slightly, so before adopting them, make sure you don’t have any issue with it.

Are you looking for big dogs with loving nature? This one is for you. They are easy to train and friendly. It is necessary to take them for exercise or any stimulation; otherwise, the mastiffs will get bored. Moreover, if you have the oldest people at home or living with small children, it might not be a good decision to have a mastiff. They snore loudly and shed heavily. One has to train them properly socially and physically; otherwise, they won’t respond well.

2. Great Dane

Great Dane makes good pets due to the docile nature and gentle behavior. One can keep them for their security and protection as well.

The average lifespan of this breed is 8-10 years.

To choose this dog as a pet is a total joy and fun instead of a headache. But due to the large size, weight, and extra care requirements, you must not take them lightly. This dog is tall as 32 inches taller than most people when standing on their two legs.

These powerful giants are a sign of elegance. Their coat comes in different patterns and different colors. But black and white with the harlequin patchwork are considered as the best one. It is considered the largest breed by the American kennel club.

They have a German origin and are produced by the cross-breeding of English mastiffs with iris wolfhounds. It is 28-39 inches tall and weighs around 100-200 pounds. They have a strong figure and are covered with short hair. These dogs share physical affection with their owner and are considered friendly.

The great Danes are gentle required proper care and training to act adequately around kids and older adults. However, if you have not trained them, they will become frightened or aggressive towards any new person.

3. Russain Black Terrier

This breed is a military dog created before world war 2. It was created by crossing the 17 different breeds and can be trained perfectly for any working purpose. Moreover, their height reaches up to 30 inches with a weight of 130 pounds.

However, their coat is dense and thick that protects them in the cold winter nights. Due to this, the dog works perfectly in cold climates without any hassle. These are the large muscular dog breeds with an excessive socialization nature.

Their energy level is incredible, and they love playing around all the time due to their great stamina. However, they become sedentary when living indoors, but the moment they go out, the energy is restored in them. 

4. Dogue De Bordeaux

It is also known as the oldest French mastiff breed comes with high power and a muscular body. They have been used for different purposes, including pulling carts, guarding, or carrying heavy objects. It was originated in the 14th century from southern France in a city named Bordeaux. It is a balanced dog with a large body.

They have a massive head and thick body set with straight legs and tail thick in the beginning. It comes with a weight of 99-110 pounds and height from 24-27 inches.

The dog has a soft and short coat and comes in different colors. However, their life expectancy is shorter as compared to the other large breeds. These dogs are sweet yet sensitive and show loyalty to their owners. One has to provide them the high-quality food and keep in mind their weight before giving an excess of food.

They can easily adapt the indoor living and shows great affection with the family. No doubt the dog drools and sheds as well. However, due to the great skin folds, this breed is at higher risk of dermatitis so before keeping them as pets make sure to take them for vaccination and treat them well.

5. Leonberger

Leonberger is another largest breed produced by the cross between Saint Bernard, newly found land, plus Pyrenean mountain dog. This is the giant dog breed with a fluffy ball-like appearance. It is originated from Germany and share a resemblance with the lion.

Their body is covered with strong muscles and has medium to large bone size. Furthermore, the chest is broad enough and a well-balanced head. The dog has a water-resistant coat and has short hair on the limbs plus a muzzle.

However, the outer coat is straight and flat. They are available in different colors. These are healthy dogs due to the strong body but might be affected by the hip dysplasia occurring in most large breeds. The owner will make great relations and give them a good company like a best friend.

However, one has to take them for exercise, give them attention as well as space. They show great affection and kid-friendly as well. However, the drooling potential is less than the other large breeds, but the shedding rate is higher.

This dog has a good energy level but needs proper care while training. The size of this dog is 25-31.5 inches with a weight of 120-170 pounds. Furthermore, Leonberger’s average lifespan is of 7 years.

6. Tosa Inu

This is the gigantic fighting dog created by the matting of Japanese breeds with the European ones. They are sometimes referred to with the name Japanese mastiffs. This dog comes with a 32 inches size and having weighed 130 to 200 pounds.

However, they have such cute faces, wrinkled foreheads, with sad brown eyes. Don’t forget they were mainly made for the fighting purpose but not are people aggressive. Additionally, the dog has a strong body with a muscular body. If you choose this dog as a pet or for any other fighting purpose, make sure to give them adequate training. Never get harsh with them; otherwise, it will have a bad effect on their behavior.

7. Newfoundland Dog Breed

This dog was not bred for the guarding purpose. The main purpose of their origination was to help the fishermen haul the nets and lines from boats. Due to this, they start loving swimming and are considered superb lifeguards as well. They perform perfectly in water sports, and they get an edge in water due to the webbed feet. However, this dog’s size is 27-29 inches with a bodyweight of 45-70kg. They are available in different colors, including brown, grey, black, and white.

This dog has a water-resistant coating and a large muscular body. Furthermore, the breed is calm and docile, which makes them a great pet. They are considered the perfect working dogs and share loyalty with their owners as well. However, the other name for this breed is the gentle giant. This dog has a sweet temper and acts friendly with the family.

Moreover, they are also kid and strangers friendly unless they feel nay threat. Their drooling and shedding potential is high, so the owner has to tolerate it. Due to high intelligence, they are easy to train. They love to play and have a good energy level. The average life expectancy of newfound land is 8 to 10 years.

8. Irish Wolfhound

This is the sighthound dog breed that originated in Ireland. They were mainly originated to chase down the wolf’s pack and used for guarding and hunting purposes. It was brought to Ireland back in 7000BC.

However, this breed’s primary purpose was hunting, but now they make great pets due to the intelligent and quiet nature. It is the tallest dog with a height of 30-32 inches and has 140 pounds of weight. Furthermore, the dog has remarkable power and comes with a rough coat.

These breeds are introverts and reserved, that means don’t worry. It will never cause any destruction in the house. No doubt they create a strong as well as loyal with the family. The next amazing thing is they don’t drool or shed so much compared to the other large breeds.

They are intelligent but take time to learn new things. Furthermore, you can keep them with the kids at home without being worried about anything. The average life expectancy of an iris wolfhound is 6-10 years.

9. Scottish Deerhound

This breed is the largest one and considered the royal dog of Scotland. It was bred to hunt the red deer easily. However, they share similarities with the greyhound. They are covered with rough coating and heavy bone. It was originated 1200 years ago. However, now these dogs enjoy the long walks, running, and playing.

Moreover, they show affection with humans or, say, with the pet owners but do not live appropriately inside the homes or with other pets. Furthermore, for those who have enough power to meet their needs, show care, and give adequate time, this breed will be a loyal and loving companion.

Moreover, they shed more but do not have high drooling potential. They are not easy to train you to need to give them time to learn any new thing. No doubt these dogs have a high potential for playing, superb energy level, and need exercise as well.

10. Komondor

This the eye-catching dog with the mop-like coat and originated in Hungary. It was mainly bred to guard the livestock and property. However, this breed is declared as the national treasure for Hungary. They can reach at a size up to 13.5 inches with a weight of 130 pounds. However, due to their guarding nature, you can keep them inside. No doubt they come with a polite and calm nature, but still, due to their built-in guarding behavior keeping them inside the apartment will be a hassle.

Moreover, they make great pets and need moderate exercising daily. They stay good with the children and family without putting them in any trouble. Training them is easier and never puts you in hassle. However, due to guarding nature, you need to keep active all the time. Furthermore, the breed requires care and exercising as well. They shed and drool but not as much as compared to other largest dog breeds.


In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 largest breeds of dogs. We provide all the details related to the above. However, if you are looking to buy a dog for your protection or keep a large dog as a pet, choose anyone from the above. No doubt all the above-mentioned breeds can make excellent pets and best to use for security. 

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