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Tri-Color Bullies: Facts, Pros and Cons

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Tri bullies are a unique breed of American bullies that are distinctive due to their looks and coat colors. The coat of these beautiful pets has a three-colored pattern. The colors on the coat are clear and distinctive, and the base color may range from Black, blue, lilac, and chocolate. The base color of the coat largely depends upon their genes. The amazing color patterns differentiate them from the rest and make them popular among pet owners. 

Are Tri-color bullies different from the other Bullies? 

Yes, but only on a physical basis. The only difference between the tricolored and single-colored American bully is the color of the coat. There is no difference in behavior or personality. These bullies are the same as the other bullies, i.e., friendly and playful. They are the best companions like the other dogs and will definitely get you a compliment for your aesthetic sense. 

Causes of the tri color coat 

The unique Tri-color coat pattern in American bullies depends upon a few factors. To understand the cause of this amazing color combination, you need to understand the factors influencing the dog’s color coat. The main components that influence the dog’s coat color are melanin, formed by combining two pigments, i.e., Black and red pigment. Agouti (A) gene series locus is responsible for how the pigments combine to form the color coat. 

The customary coat patterns result from the tan point alleles, while the other patterns are formed by the other alleles in the Agouti gene series locus. The other alleles are;   A, which produces Dark black pigment, which is the most dominant color in the skin coat, while AY causes the yellow color in the skin coat.

Breeding Tricolor American Bullies 

Breeding tricolor American bullies need you to ponder a few considerations if you want to produce an anticipated color and coat pattern. You can also get a tricolored offspring even if both the parents are not tricolored, and one parent carries a recessive gene. This is because the recessive gene hides in the gene pool and may arise unexpectedly in the successors.  However, if you want to produce a tricolored pet, you must considerately match two of your favorite tri-color American bullies to give birth to the pup with your desired color coat. 

However, your major concern while breeding the American bullies must be their health, and the color concern should come after that.

Why are the Tri-color American Bullies Rare? 

The Tri-color bullies are uncommon because people usually do not like to raise them. This is due to the misconception that these breeds are mixed. Pet lovers usually prefer purebred animals, and this breed of dog is considered a mixed breed. That is why the breeders do not try to produce them. Moreover, some people do not even like their colors. This, too, becomes the reason for their rarity. In the end, the only thing that determines the choice of a pet depends upon one’s aesthetic sense. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much do the Tri-color American Bullies cost?

This is the most common question by most pet owners, but this is difficult because the answer depends on various considerations, like pedigree, quality, health, bloodlines, etc. However, the average price ranges from $2500 to $5000. Moreover, the bullier the dog is, the greater its price will be. We suggest that the pet owner make sure that the breeder they will deal with is legitimate and has produced other known breeds. 

  1. What colors the Tri-color bullies have? 

The Tricolor bullies come in a lot of colors. To name some, there are Black Tri, Blue Tri, Champagne Tri, Lilac Tri, and chocolate tri that look extremely stunning. 

  1. Is this necessary that the parents of the Tricolor offspring are of the same breed? 

It is also possible to produce a tricolor offspring even if one of the parents belongs to the other breed.

  1. What is the main difference between the Tricolor American Bullies and other dogs? 

The Tricolor American Bullies are like the other American bullies. The only difference is the coat color that differentiates the breed from the rest. Their skin color is composed of pigments forming different color combinations and color patterns containing three colors. Besides, this breed is the same as the other breeds in temperament and behavior. 

  1. Can you breed your Tricolor American Bullies to produce your desired colored offspring?    

Yes, the most interesting Tricolor breed facts are producing your favorite colored offspring by matching the two tricolor bullies. However, your first concern should be the health of your pet instead of color concern. 

  1. What is the behavior of the Tricolor American Bullies? 

Tricolor bullies have the same behavior, temperament, and conformation as the other dogs of the class. They are aggressive and playful; however, they are very tolerant of strangers and children as well.  

  1. What is a Ghost Tri Bully?

In these types of Tricolor bullies, the Tan points are not very visible. These points sometimes darken as they age.                                                

  1. Can there be a Champagne Tricolor bully?

It is a very controversial topic because such a dog is not considered tricolored. The tan points are not expressed in this color coat, and the color coat ranges from pale yellow or pearl-colored.

Final Words

All in All, the American Tricolor bullies are a rare and unique species of bullies that look beautiful. These playful bullies are a choice of most pet owners with a different aesthetic sense.  

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