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7 Best No Pull Harness For Pitbulls And Bullies

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Dedicated American bully breed owners will tell you there is no better dog, and that their heart is their strongest muscle. While this is true, they are very strong dogs, and many do tend to pull on walks.

Having control of your bully is crucial; no one wants to be dragged around, and those who are genuinely passionate about the breed wish to exhibit a breed ambassador when they take their bully out in public. There are two essential steps to being in control: training and the right harness.

Here Are The Best No Pull Pitbull Harnesses

1. Babyltrl Big Dog Harness No-Pull Anti-Tear Adjustable Pet Harness

The babyltrl no-pull harness is perfect for pit bulls and bullies who pull. This harness is very durable and strong; the stitching is reinforced, and the harness clips lock for extra security. The straps are adjustable for a custom fit, so it will not be loose enough for your dog to slip out if fitted properly. A back handle helps gain control of your bully if they see a rabbit or squirrel. The fabric is also lightweight, breathable, and fast-drying, making this harness ideal for summer hikes where your bully might run through a creek.

2. Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest

The Big Dog Oxford Soft Vest harness is an excellent choice for a pit bull who pulls. The harness is designed to evenly distribute the pressure pulling creates on the dog to prevent choking, which is important for dogs who pull to prevent the collapse of their trachea. There is a strong handle on the back for easy control of your dog. It is lightweight and easy to clean. The harness has a sturdy D-ring for the leash to be attached, and the straps are adjustable for a customized fit. This harness is perfect for daily exercise.

3. Ruffwear Front Range Harness

The Ruffwear front range harness is ideal for bully owners who love taking their dogs on adventures and daily walks. I have personally used this harness for my bully and I love it. Combined with training, this harness was the perfect tool to gain control when she pulled. The front and bag leash attachment areas are helpful for training dogs not to pull. This harness is very comfortable for dogs to wear. It offers four points of adjustment to fit the harness to your dog perfectly. The website offers detailed instructions to help customers buy the right size for their dog and to fit the harness to their dog when they receive it. It comes in a variety of colors and while hand washing is recommended, I have washed this harness in a garment bag in my washing machine successfully without damaging it. A really nice feature is the ID tag pocket; there is a velcro pocket labeled “I.D.” where you can tuck your pit bull’s ID tags into the harness. This reduces the wear on the tags that they usually get banging together as your dog walks, and makes your walk a little more quiet and peaceful.

4. The Freedom No Pull Harness

The freedom no pull harness gives owners control of their dog from their back and from their chest, which is incredibly effective at discouraging pulling. The harness is designed to apply pressure on the dog when they pull in a way that discourages the behavior. This harness is also not bulky and has a soft lining for your dog’s comfort. A double-ended leash is included so that you will be ready to use the harness as soon as it arrives.

5. Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Dog Car Harness

Kurgo is known for making durable harnesses, and this true-fit harness is one of their best. This harness has a front and back ring for complete control of your dog. There are five points to adjust the harness, giving your pit bull a completely customized fit. The harness is lightweight, comfortable, and machine washable. All of the hardware is metal, and the metal nestle buckles are durable. A drawback is that these buckles can come apart if the harness is not properly fitted; always make sure the harness fits your pitbull perfectly before walking him or her in it. The best part of this harness is that it is perfect for daily walks and rides in the car. It is a car crash tested and comes with a seat belt loop; this harness would help keep your pitbull safe riding in the car if they wear it and are buckled into the back seat correctly. Instructional videos are available on the website for owners to watch.

6. LovinPet Large Dog Harness No Pull Dog Harness

The LovinPet harness is another good choice for bullies who pull. The reinforced stitching adds strength to the overall design to stand up to the wear created by pulling. The design of the harness is ideal for controlling a dog who pulls in general; the straps, chest piece and back piece evenly distribute pressure to discourage pulling, and the back handle helps owners gain control quickly if necessary. This harness is also recommended for owners who walk regularly in low light hours, as this harness has many bright reflective stripes incorporated into it to keep your dog safe. It is also economically priced if you are on a budget.

7. EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft Reflective No Pull Vest

For owners who like the simple and minimal design of the easy walk no-pull harness, this harness has a similar design but is stronger and more durable, which is a must for bully breeds. This harness is also available in large sizes, which is great for the bully breeds who tend to be largely chested. This harness also offers a thick grab handle on the back, which can help you gain control of your pitbull or help lift them into a car. The thick reflective stripe is an added bonus for owners who frequently walk their dog late at night or early in the morning. This harness also has a sturdy metal D-ring for a leash to attach to.

The Importance of Training

While the right harness can help, consistent training is not replaceable. Remember that a harness is a tool to accompany the training, not a replacement for training. Always make sure your dog knows that pulling is not acceptable on a consistent basis; you cannot ask them to heel occasionally and allow them to pull often but expect them to heel on command. If you allow them to pull as they please, they will disregard your attempts to make them heel.

Safety Considerations

If your pitbull constantly pulls, they should never be walked using only a collar, especially a choke collar. You may think that they would understand and stop pulling because of how smart they are, but they will not and they may seriously injure themselves. If a dog constantly pulls and is walked using a collar instead of a harness, they can crush their trachea, which is a serious medical event that requires immediate veterinary attention, and special daily concerns after that for the rest of their life.

Where to Get a Quality Dog Harness?

If you are searching for high quality, reasonably priced no-pull harness, they are available for purchase here at My Bully Shop.

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