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6 Best Dog Beds For Big Dogs

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Owning a dog and providing it with some food is not enough. It is your responsibility to look after your pet dog’s needs and comfort like you have ever done for your baby. And most importantly, if your dog is aging, he would demand more attention and care. So, you should provide your dog with a cozy and comfortable bed on cold nights rather than a cold ground sleeper.

But it may be a hefty task to choose one of the best beds for big dogs as we have hundreds of brands in markets claiming themselves to be the best. This definitely places you in a dilemma. But no need to worry anymore because we have got your back. Here in successive paragraphs, we have added our top picks and mentioned all of the features to help you get an all-rounder dog bed.

Dog Beds For Big Dogs list:

Let’s move forward and see what we have got for you in this detailed review. 

1. Big Barker Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large & Extra Large Dog Breeds 

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort and large bed for your large breed dog, then there will be nothing better than a Big barker pillow top Orthopedic bed. It is significant enough to provide your dog with entirely sufficient sleep. It is constructed using a three-inch layer of H45 foam. It is then sandwiched into two layers of H10 foam that add extra comfort to your dog’s slumber. Overall, this 7-inches bed also has a 4-inch foam contoured on one side, which will be perfect for providing your dog extra comfort for placing the head.

This dog bed is perfect for those big breed dogs suffering from arthritis and hyperplasia type diseases. It comes with an excellent warranty, and the company will replace it any time you feel it is flattening or becoming thin. Most interestingly, it is machine washable, and you can go for an easy cleaning process. This means it is significant for providing your dog with a full hygienic atmosphere. Plus, you are also able to provide your dog with full medical assistance. Its microfiber cover and multi-colors are all-rounders for giving an aesthetic look.    


  • It is very durable and finely built.
  • Suitable for those dogs which are having arthritis
  • Easy to wash and clean in machines


  • It may not be for digger dogs.
  • It is a bit expensive.

2. Dogbed4less Jumbo Orthopedic Extreme Comfort Memory Foam Pet Bed Pillow

A mixed shredded pillow foam bed for large dogs is always the most comfortable option for dogs’ bedding. And in their kind, this jumbo orthopedic dog bed is perfect to go for if you own a large breed dog. The internal foam is covered and secured with an inner waterproof cover to give it a longer life and comfortable usage. It is perfectly designed while keeping durability, reliability, and pets’ comfort as the top priorities. Besides comfort, orthopedic assistance is also the top reason for buying this excellent quality large dog foam bed.

Mix memory foam is several times heavier and more reliable than that of standard quality stuffing of dog beds. It promises not to flatten or become uncomfortable over time and makes sure to stay for a more extended period. Along with this, a zippered cover is also added to the package of your dog bed. You can easily clean its outer cover in few minutes only. The outer cover is stain and wrinkle-proof, so we think it is perfectly acceptable for your messy pet. You can also wash the outer cover in the machine and get an instant new look of the bed.  


  • Perfectly fine and waterproof construction
  • Mix memory foam will not flatten or become thin.
  • Machine washable outer cover.


  • Maybe it becomes ripped off with dogs nails

3. Casper Dog Bed

Are you in search of an exceptionally high-grade bed for your extra-large breed dog? Then it would be best if you went for the Casper dog bed at the first moment. Its microfiber blend material is compelling enough that it will prevent the ripping and tearing of your dog’s bed no matter how the dog uses it. Excess material is used on the topsides to provide extra comfort for your dog with digging in, and sleep will be worth it. Pressure-relieving memory foam is the perfect invention for those dogs who are suffering from back hyperplasia.  

Foam bolsters are added for extra support on all four sides, allowing your dog to place its head and get an entirely comfortable and exceptional sleep.  If you are feeling any spots or stains on the outer cover of your dog’s bed, then you can smoothly go for machine washing and get a new look at Casper’s dog bed. Plus, if you look at some stains after this, you have full permission to use an enzyme to get those stains off. Overall this slobber-resistant bed is perfectly acceptable to give your dog a luxurious sleep.


  • Foam bolsters for additional comfort.
  • Easy head placement
  • The cover is exceptionally durable.


  • Many people have complained about its stiff foam.

4. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed – Snuggly Sleeper

Are you looking for a larger orthopedic sleeper for your giant breed dog? But still unable to choose the most suitable one? Then no need to worry because you have got Barksbar Gray orthopedic dog bed. It can be a perfect choice for medium to extra-large dogs. It is perfectly engineered using high-grade materials to prevent rips and tears. It will provide extra comfort and medical assistance to older dogs with bone and back problems like arthritis and hyperplasia. An extra soft polyester cover is added to the package that will provide comfort, remain for a more extended period, and give you a worthy buying experience. 

This luxurious bed for large dogs has a foam base that means additional comfort and support. After this, your dog will have reduced joint pain and improved health overall. Padded rim cushions provide extra comfort for your pet’s neck. Your dog can place his neck on those inflamed cushions while sleeping. Also, it is perfect for the ailing necks of dogs. Moreover, if you are a home décor enthusiast, then it is a perfect choice; its quilted design provides excellent aesthetics to your room. Plus, a non-slip rubber pad is present at the bottom to prevent slipping.

Overall this easy-to-clean bed is a must-buy option. You can easily clean the durable cover of this big dog bed in seconds.


  • Comes with a great design to provide extra comfort
  • Has an aesthetic look
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip bottom rubber cover


  • The bedding cover is prone to get damaged.

5. Furhaven Pet – Plush Orthopedic Sofa

Among all of the large breed dog beds, the Furhaven pet dog bed marks a prominent spot overall and is one of the best beds for big dogs. This one is an all-rounder for those concerned with the budget and the comfort of their pet at the same time. This jumbo-size bed comes with an extra comforting construction. This 4.5-inch thick egg-crate foam is entirely made for aged dogs.

Those dogs facing aging issues like bone problems should have one of these beds to get extra comfort. The base is made using water-resistant poly-canvas so that the bed remains intact for a more extended period.

It comes with an extra soft and soothing yet durable sleeping space. Plus, excellent quality stuffed bolsters are present to add comfort and provide additional support to your sleeping dog. You have an opportunity to choose a suitable size, as this bed has three sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large. This bed is so much budget-friendly that you can quickly go for the extra-large size as well. However, if you are a styling enthusiast, this aesthetic looking pet bed will add an attractive look to your living room. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Have supports for neck placement on three sides
  • Has a good-looking design


  • Color fading is noticed

6. eLuxurySupply Dog Bed – Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed for Dogs

With the great thickness and exceptional quality built, this big dog bed marks a prominent point in dog beds.  Its gel-enhanced foam is perfectly fine for orthopedic usage. For aged dogs, this bed is definitely the recommended one. A hundred percent waterproof cover is added to protect the internal gel-enhanced foam. This foam and the additional thickness are specially designed to provide your dog with luxurious sleep. You have the full opportunity to remove the cotton cover and wash it in a washing machine.  

Most impressive of all, replacement covers are also available for this comfortable and best bed for big dogs. Its foam is of outstanding quality, due to which it remains intact and in shape for a more extended period. An additional zippered cover is also added to the package to keep the inner cotton cover safe from damage and stains. This big dog bed’s most exciting and breath-taking feature is its 100% money-back guarantee. As a whole, we would say that you should go for this bed if you are conscious about your big dog’s health and comfort.


  • Comes with extra soft gel-enhanced memory foam
  • Replacement covers are also available
  • A waterproof casing is present
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Dogs may tear the top fabric easily

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q-Is memory foam a good option for dog beds?

Yes, definitely memory foam is perfect to be in the stuffing of your large dog bed. And we would say it is the main thing you should look after durability. There are several benefits of going for a memory foam bed for your pet dog. 

Your dog will get a luxurious and comfortable sleep.  The memory foam can mold according to the body shape of your big dog. Having memory foam may be one of the features of the best bed for big dogs. Along with this, if your dog is old and has a disease like arthritis, then this bed will be a perfect option for your dog’s comfort. 

Hip dysplasia, arthritis, and painful joints can get better than before if you provide your dog with a memory foam bed for sleeping.  

Q-What’s better, orthopedic or memory foam dog beds?

It is impossible to answer this question accurately because it depends on your priorities. But as we have told you, memory foam beds are all-rounder for big dogs, and the most popular material is memory foam. Also, orthopedic beds are made using some amount of memory foam.

So it’s all up to you which one is suitable for your dog and which one meets your budget. Both of the beds will provide you with exceptional results, especially if you own an old dog. 

Q-What’s the considerable difference between orthopedic foam and memory foam?

Being to the point and talking in easy language, we would like to say that actual memory foam is the different type of orthopedic foam. However, not every orthopedic foam is made using memory foam, but most of them contain it.  

Orthopedic foams are suitable for aged dogs with body aches because of diseases like arthritic back hyperplasia and joint deformities.

Q-How thick should a memory foam dog bed be?

No hard and fast rule is present in choosing the thickness of your dog’s bed. But most commonly, dog beds that are frequently available have a thickness of 4 to 5 inches. But if you want to invest a hefty amount, you would get good quality foam with more thickness. The thicker the bed, the cozier it will be.

Final Words

If you are a parent to an aged and big dog, he must have some deformities in joints and body aches, as it is a noticeable age factor. So, it’s your responsibility to take good care of your dog’s ease and get one of the best bed for big dogs. In the paragraphs mentioned above, we have tried our best to make your quest to get a big dog bed easier.

We hope we remained helpful to you and got what you ever wanted for your pet. Don’t forget to share your reviews about us. Plus, we are here for you if you have any additional queries about dog beds.

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