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Top 5 Bestia Collars For American Bullies

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There are several reasons why you may put the extra time into finding the right collar for your dog. You may feel essential a higher priority on the look. Or perhaps you simply want a collar that won’t break apart when your American bully decides to pull. Regardless of the reason, My Bully Shop strives to find the best product for your dog in every aspect. Having the best collar for your American bully is key to keeping both you and your companion safe.

What Are Bestia Products?

At My Bully Shop, we only trust a select few when it comes to our clients. Bestia is one of those brands that we often recommend because of their attention to detail. They sell several collars specifically made with bully breeds in mind. More muscular dogs often need a hefty collar to make you and your dog safe. We’ve taken the liberty to sift through an assortment of products, picking out the top contenders to help make the best choice for your dog’s next collar.

What to Look for in a Bully Breed Dog Collar?

Before we can reveal the highest quality collars for your bully breed, we have to identify what qualities give a dog collar that extra appeal. Keep these aspects in mind while finding the right collar for your dog, even if they’re a young bully breed.

Quality: When purchasing any product for a bully breed, it is important to consider all of the materials used. We generally recommend PU leather with rings that are made with chroming. This will ensure that your dog is securely fastened. Bestia is known for their leather collars to combat a powerful puller.

Durability: One fact about large dog collars is that they are not always the cheapest. You don’t want to cash out every time that your dog tears through the cheaply made leather. Always make sure to invest in a durable product from the start.

Comfort: You could spend all of the money in the world on your dog product collar, but it wouldn’t be worth it if your trusted companion is uncomfortable. Padding can be a beneficial feature in your next bully product.

Ease of Use: Collars are intended for both you and your dog. The truth of the matter is that some dog products are made with only Fido in mind. Extra rings and places to fasten a harness or leash attachment will make walking your bully breed all that more comfortable.

Cost: Some of us need to consider the price of the item in our budget. At My Bully Shop, we try to offer the best products for their cost so that you get the best bang for your buck.

Now that you have some background on what to look for in a large dog collar

Here are our top picks from the Bestia products.

1. Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Studs

• This collar is made entirely from 4 mm of thick genuine leather.
• The inner lining contains additional soft cushioning for added comfort.
• Handmade from high-quality materials, this collar is designed to last.
• Fits large breeds such as Pitbulls, Bul, dogs, and Rottweilers.

Cost: This bully dog collar is sold at around $60 on Amazon.

Our Conclusion: The unique studying around the entirety of the collar makes for a flashy piece that is durable, comfort, table, and long-lasting. We do not recommend it for owners with dogs who like to pull.

2. Bestia Rocky Studded Dog Collar

Bestia Rocky
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10/23/2022 03:38 am GMT

• Owners can personalize their dog’s collar through three different colors.
• With seven different sizes, this collar can fit French Bulldogs or Pitbulls.
• The leather is 100% for a durable product.
• This collar is both comfortable and lightweight with added padding.

Cost: This collar is also priced at around $60 for a handmade product. You can also find it on Amazon with various sizes and colors.

Our Conclusion: We like the comfort aspect of this collar with reinforced leather. This product is ideal for small or medium-sized bully breeds without being too heavy.

3. Bestia Spiky Dog Collar

Bestia Rocky Studded
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11/18/2023 11:27 am GMT

• Suited for smaller dogs or collar fits a neck size from 7.9 to 13.8 inches around in length.
• The leather used is 1 inch wide for a lighter and durable product.
• This collar has a patented cushioning that is soft and comfortable.
• It is fitted with 1/2 inch short spikes to protect your dog.

Cost: This cushioned dog collar is listed at around $30 on Amazon for a European-made, high-quality product.

Our Conclusion: This product is ideal if you have a small breed dog or a growing bully breed puppy. It is made with genuine leather and a padded fit to increase durability. puppies can benefit from having a spiked collar while learning the ropes.

4. Bestia Maximus Silver Big Dog Harness

• The size of this harness can fit anywhere from medium-sized dogs to extra large breeds, including Bull terriers, Boxers, Bulldothreegs, and Bullmastiffs.
• This harness’ core is constructed from German buffalo leather to improve durability and quality.
• The chest region is fitted with three plies of soft cushioning for additional comfort.
• You can choose between a black base or a tan color, each of which sports metal detailing that is nickel plated.

Cost: Although a bit pricier, this dog harness is made entirely out of genuine leather. It can be found on Amazon at about $90.

Our Conclusion: This Bestia product is among one of our top choices due to the level of comfort and hardiness included. This harness is ideal for any bully breed owner who wants to avoid any stress when a leash is hooked up to a collar.

5. Bestia Maximus Genuine Leather Dog Collar

• This collar is designed for larger dogs with a width of 2.5 inches.
• Made entirely of buffalo leather, this product is durable and long-lasting.
• The inner cushioning is 2.5 inches of soft leather for additional comfort.
• This product has a buckle and D ring, each of which is 2 inches in width for a reliable attachment to the leash.

Cost: This bully breed collar is priced at $69 on Amazon. It comes in either black or brown with finely detailed rivets.

Our Conclusion: The Maximus Genuine Leather Dog Collar is among our most recommended products from Bestia. It is comfortable and durable with a thick layer of high-quality buffalo leather. This collar also adds a level of security for you as the owner as the D rings are heavy-duty.

Wrap It Up

Bestia offers a line of reliable, long-lasting dog collars. At My Bully Shop, we look for the best quality so that you and your bully breed are safe and comfortable. Each of these products is worth the investment and meets our criteria for a sturdy dog collar. Whether or not you are shopping for a puppy or a giant American bully, your trusted companion should be fitted with a durable and safe collar.

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