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Premium Deer Antler Dog Chews



Your dog will enjoy chewing on this premium quality


Deer antler pieces from Texas. Our antlers are 100% natural. No added chemicals or preservatives. Antlers are odor-free.

Long-lasting chew toy. Cleans dogs teeth, does not splinter or chip. You will receive 1 lb. of deer antler pieces.

Compare our prices to individual pieces sold in pet stores. You will pay close to $60 per lb. in retail stores!

Buy from us and SAVE!! There are 3-4 pieces per pound. If you order 1 pound, you will receive 3-4 pieces. If you order 2 pounds, you will receive 6-8 pieces and so on. Please take an antler away from the dog if it becomes small enough to swallow.

ANTLER MAN hand selects, cuts and trims each antler before it goes out.

Genuine ANTLER MAN Premium Quality Deer Antler Pieces – Dog Chew Treats – Sold By The Pound
You will receive Whitetail and/or Axis deer antler pieces.
There are approx. 3-4 pieces per lb. Each piece is approx 6″ – 7″ long.

ANTLER MAN antlers are a natural source of essential minerals such as Calcium, Glucosamine, Iron & Potassium
Made in Abilene, TX