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MEXVELL Dog Leash with Unbreakable Carabiner


Mexvell Dog Leash with Unbreakable Carabiner Perfect for Strong Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs

Mexvell Dog Leash is a dog leash of the highest quality, black and solid, secure, and top quality dog leash 6 ft long for dogs with maximum mass and pull.
Extra heavy-duty, perfect for outside, unbreakable and ideal in training.

The padded handle provides extra strength and quick control.
The design is specifically made to prevent pull, so if you buy such dog leash online, you are guaranteed to receive the best dog leash on the market.
The tough and durable material is well balanced with the price vs quality.
A perfect dog leash not only for large and medium dogs but also for pitbull or any other small strong dog.
Not only is it chew-proof, but the heavy-duty carabiner also will not let down in toughest situations.
D ring enables various additions to the leash and the thick, one-inch wide material provides a solid and respectful function.
Excellent for male and female dogs of any breed.
This dog leash has several signs which answer to the high quality, making it ideal for walking, running, and any other activity.
Every part of the product is reinforced by manufacturers, intended for extra control and extreme conditions.
Extra tough carabiner has heightened and durable structure based on an interlocking cross mechanism that will never open accidentally.

For the first times, the carabiner can be hard to open, because of the strong locking mechanism

Unfortunately, not all dog leashes are created equal.
That’s why we created Mexvell Dog Leash with Unbreakable Carabiner.

Mexvell Dog Leash made in Ukraine by Hand Manufacture Mexvell based in Kyiv.

Real 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Buy now Mexvell Dog Leash and make your walks with your dog more confident and comfortable for you both.

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ORIGINAL CARABINER FROM MEXVELL: The carabiner is hardened, solid, one of the best in the world market. Reinforced, zinc alloy carabiner will never open/unlatch by itself. Connected to the leash with a tough, solid welded ring at the cross-stitched section. The locking mechanism of the carabiner is loaded with a firm, hardened, heavy-duty spring that quickly tightens and locks in.

INTENSE CONDITIONS DOG LEASH ROPE: Made with strongest and durable materials to be used outside, black pure nylon, woven in small grain, making it tough, indestructible and light, easily qualifying as best dog leash ever. The double-layer nullifies damage and guarantees unbreakable and lifetime wear. At moments of sudden or constant pulling, immediately tightens, allowing for sturdy control of any dog without tearing or flexing.

COMFORTABLE AND TOUGH HANDLE: Reinforced, double stitching, cross stitch provides the highest reliability, allows to prevent pulling and stretching. Soft and comfortable padded handle with cushioned inside layer ensures the owner’s comfort and control, quick reaction during pulls and jolts for pitbull, rottweiler, and other muscled or extra size dogs, perfect for training.

DUPLICATED CROSS-STITCHING reinforces and powers the handle, ensuring absolute control in any forceful wear with immediate restraint. Hardy D-ring at the handle is perfect for attachments, such as another pet leash, muzzle, flashlight, doggy bags and other items.

CARABINER’s LOCK a hybrid between a dog leash carabiner and extra heavy-duty interlock used by professional workers. The sliding mechanism renders full coverage of the opening and the hook on all sides, securing and stabilizing the ring in place, guaranteeing unbreakable, complete and sturdy hold. Reinforced, durable, aggressive and thick metal will not snap, crack or deform under most intense, forceful and strenuous activity.

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