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Gorilla MAX Protein Muscle Supplement

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Size: 30 Servings


Gorilla Max is a muscle building and health supplement for all dogs over the age of 12 weeks. This product is veterinarian designed and approved and meets all FDA and AFFCO standards. This amazing product will help you get the best from your canine and also helps with digestion and protein consumption.

Gorilla Max contains revolutionary nutrients and is one of the most talked-about dog supplements on the market today Many working-class dog breeds use this supplement from law enforcement canine’s and shows dogs to champion breed winners. This supplement will add muscle and size to your dog as well as a whole host of health benefits.

Bully Max is the makers of high-quality dog vitamins, which focus on health and canine muscle building.

The company holds high standards for all of its products. Gorilla Max is the top line supplement from Bully Max. There are 20 grams of protein in every single premium serving. This product can also be used by all dog breeds over the age of 12 weeks.

Gorilla Max Most Asked Questions Can Gorilla Max and Bully Max Be Combined For Feeding? Yes, both products can be used with regular feeding of your dog’s diet. Does Gorilla Max Make Dogs Aggressive or Change Them In Any Way? No, Gorilla Max does not change your dog’s behavior. Can Only Pit Bulls Use Gorilla Max? No, Gorilla Max is for use in all dog breeds. Does Gorilla Max Use Any Steroids? No, it contains no steroids or anything harmful to dogs and is all-natural. Does It Take Long To See Results? Positive results are seen within your dog in about 2 to 3 weeks’ time. Also when the product is stopped the results will not be lost. You will keep seeing pleasant results as long as you use the product. How Do I Give My Dog

Gorilla Max? You mix it with your dog’s current feeding. For dry food, you can add a small fraction of water.

Helps build canine muscle mass
20 grams of protein in every serving
Increases canine strength
Raises the dog immune system
Improved overall health & living