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Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness



Gooby escapes free sport harness with its sporty look is ideal for dogs that like to escape their harness. It is made with lightweight neoprene material and patent pending escape free technology hugs the dog in the right places when he tries to escape. Escape free sport harness is machine washable and both the neck and the chest can be adjusted.

FOR SMALL DOGS – Escape Free Sport Harness is made for small breed dogs. This means that our largest size will fit a dog up to 35 lbs. In order to fully utilize the functionality of the harness, as well as the fit, we recommend measuring the largest part of the dog’s chest.
ESCAPE FREE- The harness reduces the space around the back making it harder for your dog to escape the harness by backing away during the walk. MAKE SURE THE HARNESS IS PROPERLY SIZED BY CHECKING TO SEE IF THERE IS NO SPACE AROUND THE BACK OF YOUR DOG WHEN THE HARNESS IS PULLED FULLY. INCORRECT SIZING WILL LEAD TO ESCAPING OF THE HARNESS.
SOFT AND PADDED – Neoprene material hugs the dog softly reducing the abrasions caused by other harnesses with rougher material.
ADJUSTABILITY – 4 Adjustable (2 on the neck and 2 on the chest) for a perfect fit
PATENTED DESIGN – Patented Escape Free frame (US 10,130,076 B2, US D798,508 S) reduces chocking as well as prevents the pup from escaping when backing out.