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Buckley Trainers Dog Treats



Flavor Name: Peanut Butter

Product Description

At Buckley, we believe big things often come in small packages. Like Buckley Trainers. Each small, moist treat is the perfect reward for your dog. They are low in calories but are big in flavor. Next time you want a guilt-free treat to reward good behavior, give some Trainers. You’ll both be glad you did!

From the Manufacturer

Grain and Gluten-Free

The grain is a common filler ingredient that can cause allergies and be harder to digest for dogs. Buckley Trainers don’t have any grains or gluten for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Perfect for Training and Motivational Rewards

They’ve got a small size and great flavor that dogs go crazy for!

Less than 4 Calories Per Treat

With only 3.15 calories per treat, you can feel good about feeding our grain-free Trainers for any occasion! If you want an even smaller treat, they are easily breakable into two!

Hold Shape in Your Pocket or Purse

Buckley Trainers are easy to keep in your pocket for quick rewards whenever your dog deserves them.

Wheat, Corn, and Soy Free

We don’t use wheat, corn, or soy in Buckley Trainers. Our complete and balanced foods contain everything your pet needs nutritionally, and none of the things they don’t.

Treat Your Dog to a Life of Adventure

Dogs sniff everything. They have an insatiable urge to get outside and explore their surroundings. And it’s that adventurous spirit that inspires us humans and pushes us to try to keep up. That’s why we encourage everyone to get out there with their buddy and walk a little farther, climb a little steeper, fetch a little faster, and just experience a little more.

USA Made – Buckley Products Are Made Proudly In The United States Of America.
Perfect Training Treat – Buckley Semi-Moist Training Treats Are The Perfect Training Treat For Any Size Dog!
Low Calorie – Only 4 Calories Per Treat!
Grain And Gluten Free – Made Without Grains Or Gluten For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs.
Healthy & All Natural – Made Without Artificial Preservatives Or Flavors.