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  1. That’s good to know that American Bullies are so easy to train. My husband and I have been thinking about getting one to be around our kids, but we need something that will cooperate with our training style.

    1. I have one he’s 50lbs. He’s 8 months. He’s house train and kennel train. I keep him in the house. When I leave he goes with me. He sits up in a seatbelt. He’s my baby. His name is Raymond. He also choose which can food he wants. Also he loves Purina dog chow. He love kids. Loves to play tug a war.

  2. Recently adopted 8 month american bully, lovable, friendly, great around kids, I enjoy him so much he just wants to be hugged, brushed with lots of attention, plus not a big barker..

    1. Don’t ask the landlord to figure out the facts – present them to him or her. Cities are getting rid of the ban fast, and maybe a more”pitbull” friendly neighborhood would be best until this person who is ignorant about dogs gets the logic through their heads. Any landlord can prevent whatever he or she wants to, regardless of ban – just something to keep in mind. Good luck!

  3. I have a beautiful 4 year old male whom I’ve had for two years going on three. We rescued him from a foster. He’s my first American Bully but not my first bully breed. I had two female Pit Bulls before him…I thought they were the best dogs ever… Until my American bully boy! He’s the most loving, sweetest, loyal baby I’ve ever had. And when I say baby that exactly what he thinks he is. He’s 70 pounds of pure muscle and he’s my lap warmer! I love it… Oh and here’s way smarter than I am, he gets anything he wants… Even after I say, not this time..lol

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