Gorilla Max 31/25 Ultra Performance

Gorilla Max 31/25 Ultra Performance


CONTAINS THE MOST CALORIES: 600 Calories per cup. That’s more than any other dog food in the world. This High-Calorie Dog Food will pack on MUSCLE, boost GROWTH, and ensure your dog reaches peak physical condition.

LASTS LONGER THAN OTHER BRANDS: With 600 calories per cup, 31% Protein, & 25% Fat, your dog will eat half the food to meet their daily requirements. A bag of Gorilla Max lasts an average of 47% longer than other brands.

BETTER RATED: 5/5 Star rating from third party dog food experts.

NONE OF THE BAD STUFF: Made in the USA with ingredients sourced in the USA. 100% natural ingredients, NO fillers, NOTHING artificial. Just premium USA sourced ingredients.

NEVER RECALLED: Not a single recall from Gorilla Max since it starts (nearly 15 years ago).

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