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Maslow Standard Bowl, stainless steel Price: $14.69 (as of 07/23/2020 10:01 PST- Details)


Product Description

The Maslow Stainless Steel Standard Bowl is perfect for feeding and watering. Bowls are available in a variety of sizes and designs and are dishwasher safe. Size reflects true capacity.

From the Manufacturer

Bergan’s Stainless Steel Standard Bowl provides a clean dining experience for your pet. Durable stainless steel looks great in any home and is easy for pet owners to keep clean. The wide opening and wide base make this bowl perfect for food or water. All Bergan stainless steel bowls reflect the true capacity, measured in cups. This bowl holds 17 cups of dry pet food. Bergan products are designed to help you enjoy life with your pet.

Sold as “Maslow 88078 Standard Bowl, stainless steel, 17 Cups/136 Ounce (Pack of 1)” i.e. Customer receive “1 Bowl “, Size: 17 Cups/136 Ounce
Bowls are dishwasher safe
Available in multiple sizes to accommodate any pet
Offers durability and a variety of designs
Rust free, odor-resistant and non-chewable