General Dog Information

What’s more beautiful than knowing someone is waiting for you eagerly at home? Yes, of course, we are talking about dogs as adorable, impatient, loving, and impossible to ignore. As puppy parents, we all make a

dog muscle anatomy

If you own a dog that is quite playful and energetic, you know how important it is for them to have physical activity. The speed and poise dogs have while running around is something remarkable enough,


Bully breeders in America tend to be urban and young. But despite being passionate about the breed, many of them do not possess the same passion for dog breeding. Breeders are known to make many mistakes.

bully is not aggressive breed

American Bully has a bulky, distinctive look that many prospective pet owners might find charming. However, these animals also look intimidating and have a reputation for being tough. You may wonder whether the bite of a

American bully price

If you’re a dog lover who’s in the market for an American Bully Price? There are some things you need to know about this breed before an average price can be discussed. The American Bully was bred