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How To Choose The Right Harness

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Dog Harness Reviews / How To Choose The Right Harness

If you have a pitbull, you want to make sure that you’re getting all of the right gear for them, and that can be a little difficult for some. It means a whole lot of research in most cases, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Instead, you can take a look at the information we’ve got right here, and before you know it, you’re going to have everything you need to pick out a great harness that your dog is going to like, and you’re going to be more than happy to use.

Types of Harnesses for Big Dogs 

The first thing you want to take a look at is the different types of available harnesses. Each type of harness is designed to do things a little differently, and each one will offer you some different benefits and drawbacks. The main idea is that you need to know what you expect from the harness to work from there. But let’s take a look at the two standard types and just what they can do for you and your pup.

Standard Harness

The first option is what’s considered a standard harness. When you’re looking online or in a store, these are the ones you’re likely going to see most frequently. These will help distribute the weight of the lead that you use across the chest and back, which helps avoid pressure areas. On the other hand, it’s effortless for puppies or a full-grown dog to pull you around with this type of harness. That’s definitely not such a good idea when you’re talking about a pitbull simply because they’re so strong and solid on their own.

No-Pull Harness

If you have a dog that likes to pull you around (or try to at least), then-No a Pull harness might be the best way to go. That’s because of the way it’s designed and how it applies pressure. First, it actually tightens a bit when your dog tries to pull you, applying a little pressure under their front legs. This helps them to realize they shouldn’t pull but makes sure that you don’t have to worry about choking them with too much pressure around the neck. These harnesses can create pressure points, however, so make sure you’re paying close attention.

Sizing Your Harness

Next, you need to make sure that you’re looking at the right side of the harness. Just because the harness you’re thinking about says it’s designed for American bulldogs doesn’t mean that it’s going to fit yours. The truth is, you could end up with a harness that’s too big or too small because you didn’t measure your dog. The most important part you want to measure is where it fits around their ribcage. This is where you should get a precise measurement and make sure that the dog harness you’re looking at can be adjusted to the right size.

You also want to make sure that the harness you’re getting adjusts well around their ribcage size. If your harness shrinks down to just as small as your dog or extends to only as large as your dog, you could be setting yourself up for some problems. You want a harness that they can grow into, but you don’t want your dog to be right at the bottom edge either because you might find the harness is a little too big. With a standard or a no-pull harness, this can cause pressure points, irritation, and other problems for your dog over time.

Easy Fitting

Next, you want to make sure that the harness you get will be easy to put on your dog. Remember, they’re not necessarily going to be happy about that harness (definitely not the first few times), and that means you probably want something easy for you to get on and off of them. Clips are generally easier than any straps you have to slide through or any buttons (though you won’t find much with buttons unless they’re snaps).

You may also want to look at harnesses that you have larger openings for the legs and head, so they slide over or around much faster. After all, you want to be able to get that harness on, get it hooked, and get off and running, right? That’s only going to happen if you can get your dog to settle down enough to put the harness on at all. The right clips, clasps, and more will be able to help you do all of this, and then you can snap on the leash and get ready to walk out the door.

Reflective Accents

If you think you even might go walking at night, you absolutely want to make sure you have reflective accents on the harness you’re getting. These might not seem important if you’re the type of person who always walks during the day, but they can still be a good idea. Reflective strips or patches make it a lot easier for other people to see your dog, even when the weather seems bright and sunny. And when there’s rain or clouds in the sky, or it’s just starting to get dark, those strips are going to make sure that you’re both safe walking down the side of the road.

These accents don’t necessarily have to come on the harness that you choose. There are plenty that you can buy as stickers or patches, and you could then attach them directly onto the harness yourself. It’s up to you how many you want and where you want them, but having at least one on each side is going to be a good idea. Even if your dog is large and you think everyone must be able to see them, keep in mind that when the conditions outside are less than stellar, it’s easy for people to miss anything.

Clip Style

There are actually three different styles of clips that you can find for a dog harness, and these are called a leash, front-clip, and back-clip. Which one is the right one for you and your dog will be up to your specific situation, but you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at each one. A front-clip harness is designed to give you the maximum level of control over your dog, keeping them from getting too far away from you or getting too much control over your movement (and theirs). On the other hand, they could tangle, and they aren’t necessarily ideal for a more strong-willed dog.

Back-clip harnesses are the more comfortable one for your dog. Not to mention you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble getting your dog to let you put it on them, which will be an added benefit. On the other hand, you’re not going to have as much control, and your dog may be able to get a little bit of a head start on you. Finally, leash harnesses are designed to let you lead them, and you may actually not need a harness with a leash but a collar instead.

Extra Padding

With an American bulldog, you’ll find that your dog doesn’t really have a whole lot of padding of their own. These dogs are generally pretty muscular, and they have pretty short coats. While this is beautiful and the dogs amaze themselves, it means that the harness you buy could irritate if you’re not careful. A harness with plenty of padding can compensate for the tiny fur or another padding that your dog will have between the fabric and their own skin.

By getting a harness that has added padding, you’ll also be able to add a little bit of style to their look and make sure that the harness looks pretty cool. Just make sure that the padding is going to be soft and comfortable and that the material of the harness itself isn’t going to rub against them in the wrong ways. We’ll take a look at a couple of the popular materials for harnesses in just a minute, but for now, know that you want to pay attention to how your dog is doing and react quickly if you notice problems.

Harness Material

A Leather Harness can be great if you want to make sure your dog looks absolutely amazing at all times. Not only that, but the Leather Harness is going to be softer and will make sure that your dog is more comfortable and better protected from different types of irritation. These types of harnesses will be more expensive, and they take a decent amount of treats, however. That means you’re going to need time, and you’re going to need specialty products that will allow you to clean the harness and get it ready for the next time. It will need to be cleaned extensively whenever it gets dirty, and it should be wiped down every time you use it.

On the other hand, a nylon harness will be less expensive, and it’s also going to make sure that you can clean it quickly and easily. That’s great if you have a dog that really likes to get in the middle of things they shouldn’t (like mud and dirt) or if you live in an area that has a lot of dust and dirt flying around. These harnesses should be wiped down after using them, but they won’t need as much overall care as a Leather Harness would.

Keep it Comfortable

Okay, so your personal comfort is not going to be as important as your dog’s comfort level, but you want a harness that you can feel good about using. You want something that you’re going to like putting on them and that you’re going to like walking around with. If the clip for a leash isn’t convenient or your dog doesn’t seem to like the harness, or even if it doesn’t look all that great, you’re not going to like it for yourself, and that’s important to.

Take a look at different harnesses and see what kind of style really fits your personality. You might find something that has fun colors or a slightly different pattern. Or maybe it has a slightly different style that works better for both of you. Whatever it is, you want something that you’re going actually to use, and that’s going to depend on both you and your dog. Just make sure you’re paying attention to all of the different features associated with your harness.

Just Use it

The most important thing about a harness is that you use it. Get that pitbull harness on your dog and get them out there, running and playing. A harness will keep them safer when you go for a walk or even when they play outside, so make sure you have something. You might even be surprised at just how much it can improve their temperament and get them doing what they’re supposed to do. Your harness will take away the first layer of trouble that this strong-willed and stubborn dog can offer. And you’ll find a sweet, lovable, and playful puppy underneath.

Choose What’s Best for Your Dog

No matter what kind of harness you’re looking for or how big or small your dog is, the most important thing is that you find something your dog and you can be comfortable with. A harness will be an important part of your dog’s life because you need it to teach them. Whether you use a Leather Harness covered in reflectors or a nylon harness with a front-clip design, you’re going to find all kinds of different benefits to the different options out there. Your pitbull harness needs to get the job done, and how it does that will be up to you.

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