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The BULLYMAKE Turkey leg is designed for the heaviest and most aggressive of chewers. It has a smokey-hickory flavoring which will drive your dog absolutely wild and keep their attention for hours on end! This toy is perfectly crafted with various textures and surfaces to give your dog a mouthfeel they crave. The Turkey Leg is made in the USA and tested against the toughest chewers. Discard after reasonable wear. Always monitor your pets during chew time.

Made for the POWER CHEWER – all textures and materials crafted for the Turkey Leg are designed for aggressive chewers to love.
Designed for dogs that weigh 15 lbs – 150 lbs. This product is flavored with a hickory meat flavor!
Made in the USA – Tested in the USA – Designed in the USA!

BULLYMAKE is a manufacturer of the toughest dog toys and treats.
All nylon products will show moderate wear and tear. Always monitor your pets during play time.